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WPBlogging101 is your complete resource for starting, growing, optimizing and monetizing your blog. We’ll show you how to blog with WordPress, successfully, from start to finish and earn passive income like a pro blogger.

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Harpreet Kumar, Founder Of WPBlogging101

I’m Harpreet Kumar, a professional blogger, affiliate marketer, and WordPress expert. I passed 12th and started my blogging journey in 2016 with zero experience.

Launched this blog back in 2016 with a different name, I rebranded it as WP Blogging 101 on December 17th, 2019.

Throughout this blog, my mission is to educate people to build a professional blog & make money from the internet via free tutorials, ideas, guides and resources required for WordPress and blogging.

And above all: my personal mission is to help you succeed, and I deeply value every single person I’ve met through this blog.


Recommended Tools

Tools are the backbone of any great blog. Here at WP Blogging 101, we have assembled a list of recommended resources to help new bloggers identify the best tools available.

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