This is a complete list of the Top 10 Best Blogging Sites in 2024 – exclusive free & paid blogging platforms (2024 edition).

Blogging is the best career choice for those who wish to quit 9 to 5 jobs and live a boss-free life on their own terms.

There are many Indian bloggers working as full-time individual bloggers and making a luxurious living out of blogging.

👉 Starting a blog in 2024 is not rocket science. With the availability of so many blogging platforms in India, you can make your blog site live, bring traffic and start earning money through it.

In this post, I am listing with you the 10 best blogging sites in India – some of them are free and others are paid platforms.

Let’s go.

Top 10 Best Blogging Sites In 2024: Free & Paid Blogging Platforms

Here’s the summary table of top blogging platforms that you can use to create a blog and make money in India.

WordPress.orgWorld’s no. 1 free blogging platform for bloggers in India
ZyroPowered by Hostinger, another useful software for blogging
StrikinglyA freemium blogging site for creating stunning websites and blogs
WixIndia’s best blogging site for building business websites
SquarespaceA well-known blogging platform for bloggers and entrepreneurs
MediumMost popular medium to create blogs and websites
WeeblyAnother oldest free blogging platform and website builder
Blogger.comGoogle’s official blogging site for creating 100% websites
LinkedInSimilar to Facebook and Twitter social sites
Tumblr A highly utilized blogging platform in India

1. WordPress.Org (My Personal Favorite and It’s 100% Free) best blogging sites is 100% free blog platform

WordPress.Org is one of the most popular blogging sites in India. As of 2024, it is reported that close to 44% of websites on the internet have WordPress installed on it.

According to the belief of industry-leading WordPress experts, this best blogging platform WordPress will soon cross the 50% mark.

Speaking in general, WordPress is a CMS (content management system) by which you can manage your blogs easily without the knowledge of coding.

Features Of WordPress

  • Approximately there are more than 70 million blog posts have been published on websites that are under WordPress blogging platform.
  • According to KWFinder, the query WordPress is searched more than 3 million times every month.
  • Those who are working as WordPress web developers used to earn $50,000+ yearly
  • Websites that are installed WordPress CMS dominate the SERP results as almost overall 2.28 billion pages in SERP results are WordPress platform blog posts.

In fact, Wordpress is one of my personal favourite blogging platforms in India list, not just myself, there are millions of other bloggers worldwide who have created a blog on it.

Below are some reasons why WordPress is the most recommended software for blogging.

100% Free & User-friendly

The WordPress blogging platform is available for free to use for creating blogs and websites.

To start with WordPress, all you need is to choose a web hosting provider and install it followed by a very few steps.

Although, you can go through my guide on, “How To Start A Blog in 2024” tutorial to create a WordPress blog the right way.

One-Click WordPress Installer

No matter what web hosting you choose, whether it may be big fishes like Bluehost, Hostinger or even some small hosting companies in India, all of them offer a 1-click WordPress installer for users to start a blog site.

Safe And Secure

Maintaining your blog’s safety and security is the biggest concern to get rid of hackers.

WordPress is a highly secure platform that cannot be easily hacked easily. Additionally, you can add extra protection to your blog using free security plugins like Wordfence.

Unlimited Functionalities Via Plugins

There are 1000+ plugins available in the market to easily add any functionality you want to your WordPress blogs.

And there is no such need for coding works to be handled to use these plugins as well as the platform.

Price: 100% Free.

👉 Follow my guide step by step to build a blog on WordPress, then increase your site traffic and start making money online.

2. Zyro (Free + Paid) – Powered by Hostinger

zyro best blogging sites
Zyro by hostinger – a famous blogging site

Zyro is Hostinger’s very own product available for both free and paid. Zyro is actually a blogging platform and a website builder to develop your blogs and eCommerce stores in no time.

Founded by Hostinger, Zyro has pre-made 1000+ SEO-optimized templates. You can choose the Zyro templates according to the category of the blog.

With the help of these ready-to-use templates, you can easily make your blog go live in less than an hour.

Currently, they have pre-made easily customizable websites themes ready to import in 15+ different categories.

Is Zyro Worth It? Features & Benefits

You may have a question as Zyro is more of a website builder, can I be able to create a website with a blogging function using Zyro?

The answer is Yes. Zyro offers blogging functions. That’s the reason, I have placed it as a 2nd opinion on the top 10 best blogging sites in India list.

You can create blog posts, manage categories, edit posts, add media images etc. So, undoubtedly, Zyro can be one of your best sites for writing blogs in India.

Who Should Choose Zyro?

Zyro can be the best blogging platform if you are planning to create a blog to write more and more content on it.

It is additionally also best for those who want to launch eCommerce stores along with blog pages on it to promote the products via blog posts via affiliate marketing.

Zyro has some fantastic templates for eCommerce stores and so many features for eCommerce stores such as catalogue management, inventory management, payment options, shipping options etc.

So, it’s an out-and-out best platform in India for creating online stores along with blogging functions.

But if you need unlimited customization, then Zyro is not your cup of coffee, and you definitely start a blog with WordPress or some other Indian blogging site (we are discussing it later below).

Zyro plans come with a free domain name for one year, free managed cloud hosting services as well as so many other features.

Price: Free |  Paid plans start from $1.99/mo with unlimited free web hosting

3. Strikingly (Free + Paid)

strikingly best blogging sites
Strikingly – a popular freemium platform for blogging site 2024

Strikingly is another freemium blogging site in India that lets you create stunning websites from scratch.

Almost the same as Zyro Strikingly is also a website builder to seamlessly develops websites with its own drag-and-drop builder features.

There is a simple blog section offered by the platform Strikingly to let the users of the blogging platform in India create an unlimited number of blog posts.

Every blog post you create using Strikingly blogging platform gives you a separate post page URL which is a great option for better search results.

When you sign up for Strikingly, no matter whether you choose a free or paid plan, you will get to use the platform-managed cloud hosting server to host your blogs.

The limit is that with a free plan, you cannot use custom domains on it. Instead, you will be provided with any domain name of your choice along with

Best Features Of Strikingly

Strikingly blogging platform some built-in super cool features, as below:

Signup Forms, Live Chat, User Registrations & Newsletters

Do you want to create signup forms? Or a live chat window? Or a user registration form? Strikingly get you covered with all the built-in features.

Also, you can easily collect your audience’s emails by adding the Strikingly newsletter feature for free.

Website Analytics Dashboard

There is no need for any third-party analytics support. Strikingly covered all.

As, Strikingly itself provides a super easy built-in website analytics dashboard to go through the website statistics such as visitors, page views etc.

SSL Certificates

When you add your domain name to Strikingly, the HTTP version of your domain will be automatically converted into HTTPS which is a secure way of showing your users that your website is safe to browse.

Apart, there is a simple blog feature with all the blogging functions enabled to run a blog smoothly with Strikingly platform.

Price: FREE | Premium plans start from $8 per month for up to 2 websites.

4. Wix (Free + Paid)

wix best blogging sites
Wix – India’s best blogging site 2024

One of the finest blogging sites in India, Wix is offering the best features to users for more than one and a half decades.

Wix was founded in 2006 with the sole intention to offer users the best no-coding website creation experience.

The drag-and-drop functionalities offered in the Wix blogging platform are easy to handle. You can do unlimited customization of your choice with the help of drag-and-drop blogs.

Like most of the 10 blogging sites in India on the list, Wix also offers too many built-in features.

The best of Wix built-in features is SEO tools, Facebook Ads, Social Media Post and Email Marketing.

Wix Features And Pros & Cons

All the features help you in so many beneficial ways to boost your Wix blog site’s SEO performance.

The Best Part Of Wix (Ultimate Benefits)

All the websites and blogs that are created under Wix platform are mobile-friendly as the platform itself uses technology to automatically convert all the sites into a mobile-friendly version.

There are some best tools on Wix blogging site in which you can develop your online store as well to sell products.

The Bad Side Of Wix (Disadvantages)

As mentioned in the title of the segment, Wix offers both free and paid plans.

The worst part about the free plan is that your blog will be displayed some advertisements of Wix choice as you do not get control over that.

So, if you are worried about such ads displaying without your permission on your Wix blog, a paid plan can be your only option.

I have gone through some of the available templates in the Wix templates store, it’s astonishing and their designing options are just huge.

Price: FREE | Paid subscription charges a minimum of ₹80/mo and beyond.

5. Squarespace (Free + Paid)

squarespace best blogging sites
Squarespace – the oldest blogging site

Another oldest blogging platform on the list, Squarespace, came into existence in the year of 2003.

The website builder cum most popular blogging site in India already hosted millions of websites worldwide.

No matter whether you want to create personal sites, brand websites, blogs, portfolio sites etc. Squarespace is the best option to try and decide.

The website builder company is offering users a free trial account without the need for a credit card.

Blogging With Squarespace

Blogging is fun with Squarespace. There are so many exclusive website templates available to showcase your blog.

Right after creating your website in Squarespace, you can then add your blog page where you can easily customize the layout and design of your blog.

After the successful blog page creation, you can write blog posts, publish the articles to your Squarespace blog and promote it on different methods to gain search engine results page attention.

Sell Services Online Via Squarespace

If you want to sell services online, Squarespace is one of the best blogging sites after WordPress (we mentioned at the top of this list).

They have some exclusive web templates to develop service-selling-oriented websites and exclusive tools to promote the sites to gain orders.

There is a built-in feature called Schedule Appointments. It’s a type of feature, you can easily add to your service website, make edits accordingly and publish to let your customer make online bookings of your services.

On the Squarespace official website, they have added some best resources of websites that are developed with Squarespace, you can refer to those resources and create better websites.

Price: Paid plans start from $16 per month (save 30% Annually on an annual subscription) for one custom domain, unlimited bandwidth, and a lot more.

6. Medium (Free) best blogging sites
Medium – 100% free Indian blogging platform

Unlike other popular blogging sites on the list as most of the sites are working as website builders, Medium is a pure blogging platform.

Next to WordPress in the list of top 10 blogging sites in India, I would say Medium is the second most famous free blogging platform among Indian bloggers.

Starting your blogging journey is easy with Medium:

  1. Signup
  2. Activate your account
  3. Login
  4. And start writing of your choice.

There is no designing kind of stuff with Medium platform. Every medium blog will look almost similar in structure.

Medium is somewhat like a social media blogging platform as you can follow like-minded people in the network and others may follow you as well.

Medium is actually the best blogging site to write your ideas and your stories than for professional blogging.

Here are some pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages respectively) of using Medium.

Medium Partner Program To Make Income

There is a partner program concept in Medium by which you can join as a member and get rewards when your writings are read by other Medium users.

You can choose which blog post from your Medium blog should be available for a paid program and make income.

Limited Customization Option

You have very less customization options in Medium as you are able to design your blog page with colours, fonts etc.

Speaking generally, Medium is one of the best blogging sites to earn money in India with the availability of its partner program.

I would say Medium is the best choice for Indian bloggers who are just practising blogging. You can write as many articles on Medium and see how it performs.

The best platform to improve your consistency level and writing skills. After you feel confident, you can move forward to a self-hosted platform like WordPress and start your blog as a professional blogger.

Price: FREE.

7. Weebly (Free + Paid)

weebly best blogging sites
Weebly – A website builder & free + paid blogging site

In the lineup WordPress, Wix, Medium etc. Weebly is also one of the top most famous blogging platforms in India.

Weebly website builder is the best solution for small business websites and eCommerce stores to sell products online.

You can also add a blog section to your Weebly websites to create beautiful blog posts and publish them on the internet.

The blogging platform is available in both free and paid plans. The paid plan starts from just $6 a month which is more affordable and value for money.

Here are some key benefits of choosing Weebly.

Easy To Use Editor

Drag and drop functionality is what you will get in the Weebly to design Weebly blogs of your own choice.

The Weebly editor is very simple. Even a beginner with zero website-creating knowledge can easily work on Weebly editor and develop beautiful websites and blogs.

There are so many drag-and-drop objects available in the Weebly editor. You just drag the object from the toolbar and drop it into the page wherever you want.

Drag and drop features become easier for those who are struggling with the coding part when it comes to developing websites.

We must be thankful for the idea behind the drag-and-drop feature.

Weebly Mobile App

Another best part about the Weebly blogging platform is that it is available in the form of a mobile application. This application is available to download for free in both Apple and Android app stores.

So, with the help of the mobile app, you can work on your Weebly blogs and websites just on the go. Managing your website from Weebly mobile app is very easy.

Price: Free | Paid memberships start from $5/mo if choose to pay annually.

8. (Free) best blogging sites – powerful free blogging site by Google

You may already be familiar with the blogging platform, is Google’s very own blogging platform.

Blogger is one of the oldest blogging platforms, which is why I couldn’t resist myself adding it to the list of top 10 blogging sites in India.

During the initial phases when the concept of blogging came into existence, was the most considered blogging platform to create blogs and make money from Google Adsense.

You can create blogs using your existing Gmail ID and start publishing posts. is still in 2024 with no technical experience.

Below are some pro-minded features: Themes

At present, there are 50+ easy-to-customize themes available on Also, there is a Layout option in the Blogger which you can find on your left side dashboard.

You can click the layout option to customize your blog structure. You can add, remove or edit gadgets to your blog pages.

Gadget Options provides a list of some super gadget options that you can include anywhere on your blog.

Some of the most used gadgets are Adsense, Featured Post, Page Header, Image, Labels, Text, Popular Posts, Logo, Contact Form etc.

You can use any of the gadgets on your blog website to design a look more beautiful and eye-catching.

Earn From Google Adsense

You can easily connect your blogs to Google Adsense and check your Adsense earnings straight from the dashboard.

Comparatively, with other free blogging sites in India, is a great option to make money from Google Adsense.

Price: FREE.

9. Linkedin (Free)

linkedin best blogging sites
Linkedin – a social media network as well as the best blogging platform

Linkedin is a similar social network site to Facebook, and Twitter but can be highly utilized as a blogging platform to publish blog posts and promote business services and products as well.

There are many popular Indian bloggers already using Linkedin as a blogging platform to make it the most beneficial one.

Linkedin is the best platform to meet like-minded people. When you post content on LinkedIn, possibly there is a chance that your posts will get more exposure.

Linkedin is totally a free platform to create your account and post your articles.

Linkedin Pulse

Linkedin Pulse is what acts as a publishing platform.

You can post unique articles to your Linkedin account. There are possibilities that your blog posts may get featured on the Linkedin daily and weekly news segments.

If it happens, your blog posts will get maximum exposure and so, your brand will easily reach thousands of targeted audiences.

How To Publish A Blog Post on Linkedin?

It’s easy.

Sign in to your Linkedin account. Under your profile page, you will see an option called Write an Article. Just click on it.

Input the article title on the title field, add content to the post, add images, videos, internal links, and external links to the post and lastly hit the publish button to make the post live.

Whether you publish blog posts to your self-hosted blogs or free blogging platforms in India like Linkedin, ensure to publish quality posts.

So, be careful to post at least articles of around 1500 to 2000 words with full quality. It may drive you to better results.

Price: Free.

10. Tumblr (Free + Paid)

strikingly best blogging sites

Tumblr is another popular blogging platform. You can use Tumblr as both social networking and blogging platform.

Tumblr has more of a younger audience as the social networking platform cum blogging site has to offer huge features for Young bloggers.

Talking about Tumblr’s social networking features almost works as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. You can share statuses, post photos, and videos to Tumblr and get likes, shares and comments.

Tumblr is another side, a blogging platform, you can publish blog posts with titles, tags, body content, images, videos, links etc.. to make them a properly looking blog posts.

Customize Your Tumblr Blog

You can design the Tumblr blog with some available customization options. There are themes available.

Just install a theme of your choice and customize the elements in the theme to make the look better.

Tumblr does offer both premium and free themes. Tumblr platform is also available to use for both the free and paid options.

When you opt-in for paid Tumblr plans, you can avail ad-free browsing experience.

If you want to create a blog not just for publishing articles but also for adding some social network features, trying a Tumblr blogging platform is an ideal choice for you.

Price: Free | Paid plans start at $4.99/mo onwards.

How To Choose The Best Blogging Platform?

Congratulations, you just finished reading the 10 best blogging platforms in India listed in the blog post.

Now your task might be to choose one perfect blogging platform among the 10 to start your blogging journey to earn money in India in 2024.

If so, this section helps you choose the best blogging platform.

The blogging platform you choose to start a blog in India should be affordable, reliable, and easy to use and give you more features and control to design your blog of your own without involving much in coding tasks.

When you compare one with the other in the list, you will find WordPress as the best blogging platform on the list. Even my best pick in the entire list of blogging platforms would be WordPress CMS.

👉 Follow my guide step by step to build a blog on WordPress, then increase your site traffic and start making money online.

FAQs About Famous Indian Blogging Sites 2024

What are the top 10 blogging sites in India for 2024?, Wix, Weebly,, Medium, Squarespace, Tumblr, Strikingly, Zyro and Linkedin are currently the top 10 blogging sites in India for 2024. The list may change if some other platform performs better than the above said.

What is the best free blogging platform?

At present, WordPress is the best blogging platform for starting a blog in 2024. Whether you want to go with a self-hosted blog or blog directly with WordPress platform, WordPress installation is totally free.

Which are the best paid Indian blogging sites?

Zyro by Hostinger and Wix are the best paid Indian blogging sites. Especially, Zyro offers a hell lot of features as you will get a free domain for one year, hosting solutions, easy drag and drop features and many more.

How should I decide which blogging platform to choose?

When you are in need of a blogging platform to start a blog in India, take a list of some good blogging sites (maximum 3 to 4), you can take from the above list.

Then compare one with the other, see the features, and pricing and then choose which blogging platform seems best.

What does a typical blogging tool cost?

Depending on the feature the blogging tool cost may vary. You can get a good theme like Kadence Theme by WP for around $60.

The same with plugins and other blogging tools. If you want to afford SEO tools, you may have to spend around $10 to $200 a month. In the end, it totally depends.

How good are blogging platforms at SEO?

Almost all the blogging platforms listed above are good at SEO levels. Every blogging platform offers different tools to add SEO functionalities and boost traffic in search engines.

In general, Wordpress is one step ahead with all. Effective SEO WP plugins like Yoast, All-in-one SEO, and Rank Math play a key role in WordPress blogs to make the blog perform well in search results.

Which blogging platform is best for making money fast?

Undoubtedly, WordPress is the best blogging platform in India to make money fast. You can kickstart your WordPress blog in less than 10 minutes and start working on it to make money faster.

Which blogging platform is best for beginners?

For self-hosted blogs, WordPress is best for beginners as you do not need to worry about coding stuff and it’s free to install. If you want to try blogging on a free platform, try Medium.

Final Thoughts On Best Blogging Sites in India (2024)

There is nothing bad in trying all the above-listed best blogging platforms yourself and deciding which one suits best for your blogging career in India.

But, if you want to save your precious time by getting recommendations for the number one blogging platform on the list, go with WordPress and get your blogging site online today.

To start a blogging career and make money out of it, self-hosted blogs are always better to start with.

So, to create your blog live, get your hosting account at any of the industry-leading hosting providers such as Hostinger, Bluehost, or A2 Hosting and install WordPress app and start publishing blog posts and make money online.

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