Bluehost Free Trial

In this guide on Bluehost trial, I will show you to sign up for Bluehost hosting and use their services free of cost for 30 days. Meanwhile, here you will explore:

The real truth about Bluehost free trial access

How to get a Bluehost hosting plan at the lowest cost (save up to 70% today)

FAQs on Bluehost services

And lots more…

bluehost free trial

This is a detailed tutorial on Bluehost Free Trial (updated for July 2024).

I believe, you must be quite curious to know if Bluehost offers a free trial or not, which is why you ended up here. So, you can set up your WordPress website with Bluehost free of cost.

Don’t worry! In this guide, I am going to share each and every small piece of information about the free trial for Bluehost hosting plans.

Let’s get started.

Bluehost Free Trial 2024: “Secret” Way To Activate It

First things first! Does Bluehost have a free trial? The short answer is No. It doesn’t.

But don’t worry, still, you are able to get it done for yourself – just you need to follow up steps mentioned in this tutorial.

This is true: Bluehost doesn’t offer free trial web hosting accounts but they provide 30-day money-back guarantee as per their refund policy on all hosting plans.

bluehost money back guarantee

Follow hosting plans are covered in Bluehost refund policy:

  • Shared hosting plans
  • WordPress hosting plans
  • VPS hosting plans
  • eCommerce hosting plans
  • Dedicated hosting plans

You can use this link to buy hosting from Bluehost and test the service for the next 30 days. (this link also carries up to 70% discount on regular rates, which means, you can get a special offer from WP Blogging 101 community).

Before the money back guarantee period ends, you can follow these easy steps & get your account deleted (this way you can enjoy Bluehost free trial for 1 month) or continue using it (if you are satisfied with your purchase).

This makes sense that Bluehost hosting solutions are risk-free in terms of service to a certain extent.

Why Bluehost Doesn’t Officially Offer A Free Trial?

You might be wondering why Bluehost free trial account is not available when so many other hosting companies like Cloudways have these benefits.

The are several reasons behind it. But the first main reason is, that “Bluehost truly believes in delivering the best quality and excellent hosting services with their top-notch customer support“.

And offering a free trial feature to customers is something what Bluehost sales team feels would be over-promoting their branding.

The 2nd reason is that Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting platforms today – and thanks to their friendly customer support, unmatched uptime, and excellent loading speed.

Overall I say, providing an official free trial would be something like over-selling for Bluehost.

So, the best way to test Bluehost hosting is, you sign up on Bluehost website, get a hosting plan and cancel your account within 30 days of the purchase date.

How To Sign Up For Bluehost Hosting?

It’s super easy. Just follow the guide below step by step and get your Bluehost hosting account ready in the next few minutes.

Step 1: First of all, click here to visit Bluehost hosting pricing page and choose your plan.

bluehost shared hosting plans

Step 2: Claim a free domain (100% free for the first year).

bluehost free domain

Step 3: Enter your personal details like name, email, address, country etc. and select desired extras like SEO Tools Start.

bluehost package infomation

Step 4: Choose a suitable payment method, accept terms & conditions and complete your purchase.

bluehost payment options

See, how easy to buy Bluehost hosting. Meanwhile, you can follow the further steps to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting here.

Next up, let’s see how you can cancel your hosting account to enjoy Bluehost free trial indirectly.

Bluehost Account Cancellation Guide

Note: Bluehost offers 30-day money-back guarantee. So, make sure to cancel your hosting account before the refund policy ends. Otherwise, no money will be refunded.

I assume, you already have a running WordPress website on Bluehost, but are not satisfied with the service. In such a situation, you should definitely delete your account and get your money back.

But before you proceed, please make sure:

  • your backup of all your websites, blogs, databases, email accounts, files etc.
  • you confirm that your site is already migrated to another hosting provider.
  • that cancelling your hosting means all files will be deleted permanently.

Now, go through Bluehost account cancellation process.

The easiest way to request cancelling your account over the phone call is to contact the sales team at 888-401-4678 (US only) and international customers can visit to see the phone number country wise.

Another method is via visiting Bluehost cPanel > Account > Renew > Do Not Renew and describing the reason why you want to leave Bluehost.

Once the request is processed and completed, your Bluehost account will be cancelled immediately.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few most asked questions and answers related to Bluehost hosting trials and services.

How can I start Bluehost free trial?

Bluehost hosting trial allows you to try their services for 30-day with a paid plan. It means, you have to buy a hosting plan from Bluehost using this link and then you can use that service for 1 month.

How to cancel Bluehost account trial?

You can cancel your account with Bluehost over the phone call or via contacting the sales team at 888-401-4678 (US only). International visitors can visit to see the phone number for their religion.

Is Bluehost worth paying for?

A big YES. Bluehost is worth every penny you spend on its hosting purchase as well as other business services like email hosting, free domain registrations and SSL certificates.

Although, here at WP Blogging 101 I strongly Bluehost when it comes to starting a WordPress blog – as it’s one of the top-notch web hosts on the internet and recommended WordPress hosting by itself (source) among the top 3 hosts.

Does Bluehost offer month-to-month hosting?

No. Bluehost doesn’t deal with monthly hosting plans. Even, the maturity of popular web hosting providers on the internet doesn’t have month-to-month hosting packages.

What are the best alternatives to Bluehost hosting?

Undoubtedly, Bluehost (review) is a super awesome web hosting company and you can get their hosting services as low as $2.95 per month (selecting 36 month billing cycle is the perfect choice as it let you get rid of higher renewal prices) only.

In general, if you hunting for a replacement, then Hostinger, Cloudways and HostGator are the best options. Meanwhile, you can also check out my tutorial on Bluehost alternatives for more exposure.

Final Thoughts On Bluehost Free Trial (Secret Revealed)

There you have it: The real truth behind Bluehost trial account, and how to get it even without having it in reality.

Meanwhile, you are entitled to claim a special discount of 70% on Bluehost hosting purchase, if you sign up as a new account using the button below.

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While summarizing this tutorial, I would like to know, in the end, if this guide was on Bluehost free trial was:

  • Good
  • Bad
  • Or something between

Either way, whatever is your experience, please share some words in the comment box below.

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