This is an in-depth review of Bluehost India vs Bluehost US comparison. It will help you choose the right web hosting for your WordPress site in 2024.

In this review tutorial, I will compare both web hosting providers in terms of:

  • Popularity
  • Best features
  • Plans and pricing
  • Lots more

So, before you open out your wallet and pay hard-earned money for any hosting, read this free head-to-head Bluehost India vs comparison article.

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So, are you ready to see whose the best WordPress hosting is, “Is it or

Let’s check out.

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Bluehost India vs Comparison 2024

bluehost india vs bluehost com

On the left corner, we’ve Bluehost India, which is a localized version of [Bluehost USA]. And the right corner, I put Bluehost US, which is the leading hosting provider globally.

There is no doubt Bluehost USA is one of the best web hosting providers in the world. Plenty of bloggers and affiliate marketers prefer to use Bluehost web hosting services compared to other hosting companies.

But for India, Bluehost has launched it’s local server named

Since both hosting options offer excellent services, you might become confused about choosing one of these hosting options i.e. Bluehost India or

And, I believe you are in the situation. That’s why you’re here for reading Bluehost India vs comparison.


So, are you ready to find your best web host?

Let’s dive into comparison by introducing the company itself.

What is Bluehost India?

bluehost india

Bluehost India is a localized hosting service for Indian users, powered by Bluehost US (an Endurance International Group – EIG company).

It is essential hosting because it is undoubtedly a part one best web hosting provider on the internet. I recommend especially, when you need a tech support assistant in Indian languages.

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What is

bluehost or Bluehost USA s one of the oldest web hosting lists, founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah, in 2003.

It steadily grew & become one of the most searched WordPress hosting companies worldwide. Even itself listed its WordPress hosting.

bluehost wordpress hosting

I have already reviewed this hosting in detail in a separate article. You can read my honest review here.

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Bluehost US vs Bluehost India – Which One is The Most Popular?

Whenever I write a review or comparison article, at first look at user statistics based on Google searches.

Now, let’s see who wins in Bluehost India vs Bluehost US battle on the basis of user searches in India.

First, I compared hosting on Google Trends (see our data report taken on November 15th, 2020).

bluehost india vs google trends report
bluehost india vs google trends report

Then, I log in to my Ahrefs account, search for similar queries, and it displayed the results shown below.

bluehost india vs ahrefs report
bluehost india vs ahrefs report

? Winner: If you look at user search volume, Bluehost US wins the batter compared to Bluehost India in Indian religion.

Bluehost USA vs Bluehost India Features Compared

Now we are in our main section of Bluehost India vs comparison. In this section, I will compare both companies’ features or benefits.

There are many features you should take into account while checking out a hosting provider. But in my experience, below are the most relevant for shared hosting:

Ease of Use

Both companies has almost similar cPanel-based solutions with a lot of common features (e.g., FTP accounts, a file manager, email accounts and PHPMyAdmin).

You can even enable Cloudflare (a popular CDN) easily with both cPanel without technical knowledge.

? Winner: Both have an easy-to-use cPanel system, and they are pretty intuitive.


Storage is an essential factor to take into account while buying a hosting plan. Because, if you choose a hosting plan with enough storage, make your site load fast.

In Bluehost India vs, both provide similar SSD Storage as their storage drives. I suggest, picking the basic plan unless you are planning to upload loads of HD images and heavy videos.

? Winner: Both have the same storage features. If you need a lot of space, avoiding the basic plan is a better decision.

Domain + Subdomains + Parked Domains

With both hosting providers, you’ll get a free domain for the first year, and then regular renewal prices will be applied.

However, you need to pay a bit extra money when you buy or renew a domain with Bluehost USA compared to Bluehost India.

You can create as many subdomains as you need. You’ll also be able to park unlimited domain names with all your plans.

? Winner: Pretty similar, Bluehost India wins as it offers domains at fewer prices than

SSL Certificates

Website security becomes an essential part of WordPress blogging in 2024. The good news is both of these companies are careful about it.

With any web hosting purchase from Bluehost India and Bluehost US, you get free SSL Certificates for unlimited websites and blogs.

? Winner: Both offer free SSL (via Let’s Encrypt) and HTTP/2. Nothing to complain about here.

Email Accounts

Bluehost US & Bluehost India come with unlimited email accounts with unlimited storage.

The only difference is that the basic plan allows for creating 5 email accounts and 100MB of storage. Rest of the plans offer unlimited accounts and space.

? Winner: Both offer similar email features. Again, there is nothing to complain about here.

Server Location

One of my favourite thing about Bluehost USA is that they have data center locations all over the world. I have not much information about it as they have hidden this information.

On the other side, Bluehost India carries data center location in India only. Their main base in Mumbai, which is primarily located for redundant connections in every part of India.

? Winner: has established data center locations worldwide. This is a clear win for

Site Migration

WordPress migration service is an essential part of choosing a web hosting, especially if it’s the first time for you.

Bluehost US does offer free site migration service limit to one website. For additional sites, you’ll need to pay an extra fee.

But Bluehost India doesn’t have any migration service either unless you pay. This is a big drawback of choosing this hosting.

? Winner: Since Bluehost US has a free site migration facility, even to one website. This is worth buying. So, Bluehost US is the winner here.

Tech Support

The support is probably the most important aspect when choosing a hosting provider.

When I look at Bluehost India and Bluehost US support page, both offer 24-hour support via phone, email (ticket) and live chat.

Moreover, their support has always been friendly to users, and most of the time given solved customer problems.

? Winner: I’d say both are the winner here as their support is almost similar.

Other Benefits comes with $200 marketing credits, when buying a web hosting plan (excluding basic and plus plan). In addition, Blue Sky is another part of this hosting provider.

Coming to, there is no such type of marketing offers, and Blue Sky services are available right now.

? Winner: Overall has more features. But it’ll depend on your needs. In my opinion, Bluehost US is the winner here. vs Plans Pricing Comparison

When it’s comes to hosting plans, both companies have almost simple plans. The services Bluehost global version charges a bit more than hosting prices.

I wouldn’t go in deep for plans and pricing, as I have already reviewed it in my Bluehost pricing tutorial separately.

Here, I will compare their shared hosting plans and pricing as both hostings known for these services in 2024.

Bluehost India Plans & Pricing

bluehost india pricing
  • Basic Plan: Starting at Rs.199/mo (60% OFF) then Rs.499/mo on renewal
  • Plus Plan: Starting at Rs.299/mo (55% OFF) then Rs.679/mo on renewal
  • Choice Plus Plan: Starting at Rs.349/mo (62% OFF) then Rs.919/mo on renewal (recommended)
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Bluehost US Plans & Pricing

bluehost plans pricing
  • Basic Plan: Starting at $2.95/mo (67% OFF) then $8.99 per month on the renewal
  • Plus Plan: Starting at $5.45/mo (50% OFF) then $10.99 per month on renewal
  • Choice Plus Plan: Starting at $5.45/mo (63% OFF) then $14.99 per month on renewal (recommended)
  • Pro Plan: Starting at $13.95/mo (41% OFF) then $23.99 per month on renewal
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? Winner: Bluehost US is the right choice for you and saves you money in the long run as it includes free migration service + less developer fees + $200 marketing credits.

FAQs On Bluehost US & Bluehost India Hosting

Here are some frequently asked questions (with answers) about these super popular web hosting companies.

Is Bluehost India worth it?

Yes, Bluehost India worth investing money, especially for blogging on WordPress in India. It gives you the best uptime and supreme loading speed.

In addition, you get a flat 60% discount from our special link. You can also review the list of Bluehost India coupons and discount deals for May 2024.

Is Bluehost US worth buying?

I big YES. Bluehost US is worth buying as it’s the best web hosting globally. Even on this blog, I put as my first recommendation to start a WordPress blog.

Besides, you can use my special link to buy hosting from Bluehost at 67% off price or read the complete coupon code & discounts offer article.

Which is the best among Bluehost India vs WordPress hosting?

Both hosting providers have their own features and benefits. Bluehost India includes pretty awesome services for various platforms and budgets, which is extremely well-optimized for Indian traffic. also comes with many features better than Bluehost India. You can pick this, hoping if you need a hosting server capable of handling worldwide traffic.

What are the best alternatives to Bluehost?

There are tons of good alternatives to Bluehost out there. But compared with good uptime, features and prices, I strongly recommend Hostinger, HostGator, HostArmada, and A2hosting.

Bluehost India vs And The Winner is

While comparing both web hosting providers, I took lots of factors into account:

  • User Searches
  • Hosting’s features
  • Plans and pricing

I believe until now, you’ve already found who is the best web hosting among and But if not, and want me to pick ONE for you.

Choose Bluehost India, if you:

  • Searching for fast loading hosting in India.
  • Don’t have a Credit Card or PayPal account to make international payments.
  • Need customer support in Indian languages e.g. Hindi.
  • Planning to build a website for targeting Indian traffic primarily.

Choose, if you:

  • Need the best hosting uptime and speed globally.
  • Want to target worldwide audiences.
  • Want to enjoy free WordPress migration service.
  • Looking for free marketing credits.

Now It’s Your Turn

And now it’s time to hear from you; which hosting do you choose when it comes to Bluehost India vs battle?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Your thoughts will help other readers decide better by viewing real user reviews.

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