Did you test Bluehost 30 days money-back guarantee or refund policy?

I know you didn’t.

Here is why…!

You never got a reason to cancel Bluehost account, right?

Actually, I also don’t but my habit is to experience everything before I recommend a product. I do a proper test and once I am satisfied, I write a transparent review on the respective product.

That’s why I have written Bluehost review earlier to show you, how Bluehost values your money.

Bluehost has never ended features and services such as $100 free marketing credit, 1 free domain name, SSL certificates, 30 days money-back guarantee policy etc.

But, most of the time, I heard people saying, Bluehost (perhaps all other hosting websites) account cancellation department promises to refund 100% money back. But when we apply for hosting account cancellation, they make excuses, delay in replying, waste our time too just to over refund policy period.

Does it, make sense?

Yes, it is, that I thought of testing out how effective Bluehost 30 days money back guarantee is.

So. in this article, I will be sharing how I tested their refund policy by asking customer care to cancel Bluehost account and get my money back within 2 days.

So let’s get started:

On recent Black Friday deals, I bought Bluehost Plus plan (1 year) for testing their new features and services and set up a WordPress blog on the domain I registered with them and finished writing 5 articles within 17 days.

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Next 6 days, after never writing a single word on that blog, I got an idea, why not to test Bluehost 30 days money back guarantee by asking the cancellation department to cancel my Bluehost account.

Actually, the main reason behind this cancellation was, most of the people negative opinions like most of the companies make it really difficult for users to cancel their accounts. I thought, why not to try self and share own experience.

However, Bluehost account cancellation department in USA and offer to cancel account over a phone call at number 8448536296.

You can call USA number using Google Voice for free, that’s how I called.

I called on 8448536296 and it gets connected with Mac (customer executive), another side. Here is what was conversation gone between us:

Mac: What is your domain name?

Me: ……..com

Mac: Your registered Email with us?

Me: ………@gmail.com

Mac: What are your last 4 digits of Password?

Me: ……….

Mac: Alright, I have sent a 6 digit verification code on your Email, kindly provide me with that code.

Me: 483638

Mac: Thanks for the information. Before I proceed to cancel your account, let me know, do you want to keep domain name or cancel as well?

Me: Will I get a full refund for cancelling domain?

Mac: No, Bluehost refund is not applicable to registered domains.

Me: Ok I would like to keep my domain.

Mac: Alright, please wait for a while I proceed for account cancellation.

Me: (waiting from 25 to 30 seconds for his reply)

Mac: I have cancelled your account. You will get the full refund within 4-7 working days.

Me: Thanks (and disconnected call)

This conversation ended up within 10-12 minutes to request for cancel Bluehost account.

And on the next day (within 24 hours) I got a full refund from Bluehost.

Note:- Receiving account cancellation refund may be late or earlier depending on or your payment method while sign up.

According to Bluehost refund policy page, if payment mode via:

Credit card: Refund can take up to 8-10 days.

PayPal: Refund will be processed within 24 hours of account cancellation.

Hopefully, I had paid through PayPal, so got it immediately within a day.

Conclusion – Bluehost 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Bluehost stick to their promises to customers. That’s why they are recommended hosting by WordPress. Remember, you can’t ask for Bluehost refund after 30 days of the purchase date.

Did you face any difficulty while cancelling Bluehost account? Share your opinions with us throughout the comments section.

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  1. By following your steps, I got refund from Bluehost. Thanks sir

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