This is a super solid list of legit HostArmada Alternatives – a new kid in the web hosting industry.

In this post, I’ll:

  • List out the 7 best web hosting that you can use instead of HostArmada
  • Show you how each of them compares to HostArmada
  • My personal experience with each web hosting

So if HostArmada doesn’t fit your needs, check out the competitors’ list below to find your best web hosting.

7 Best HostArmada Alternatives in 2024

HostArmada Alternatives Summary

BluehostBest WordPress HostingLearn More
HostingerCheapest, Fast & ConvenientLearn More
A2 Hosting20x Fast Hosting SpeedLearn More
HostgatorEasy To Use & ReliableLearn More
GreengeeksBlazing Fast & Eco-FriendlyLearn More
HostpapaFast, Supportive & Eco-FriendlyLearn More
DreamhostQuick, Reliable & SecureLearn More

Let’s expand the list above and discuss how these can be good alternatives to HostArmada.

1. Bluehost

Best Overall – I personally used, tested and reviewed since January 2020 (still using).

bluehost review

In my opinion, Bluehost is one of the best HostArmada alternative hosting in the market.


Because it offers a wide range of hosting services and features, including:

  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Domain registrations
  • Email hosting
  • And lots more

And each of them is super solid.

In fact, you can get started with Bluehost just at $2.95/mo, which is a very low price compared to HostArmada.

RECENTLY: Bluehost rolled out a free migration service with each web hosting plan from 23rd April 2020.

bluehost wordpress migration service

That’s the big point to note, why we have listed Bluehost in the 1st place in HostArmada alternatives list.

Other reasonable points to place the first is:

  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Up to 70% insane discount (view deal)
  • Unlimited storage & bandwidth
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Advanced cPanel (control panel)
  • 24/7 experts support
  • 30 days money-back policy

In short, Bluehost is helpful if you are looking for WordPress hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Bluehost vs HostArmada

In my opinion, HostArmada doesn’t begin to compare to Bluehost. They’re even not close.

For example, Bluehost takes millions of google searches worldwide (see below Google trends data taken on November 2020).

bluehost vs hostarmada google trends

There’s also the fact that Bluehost is WordPress officially recommended web host. That said: it’s the most search name in the web hosting industry.

bluehost wordpress hosting

There’s another important factor to consider is COST.

  • HostArmada starts at $3.99/month
  • Bluehost starts at $2.95/month.

If you are serious about blogging and want to spend money on good web hosting, Bluehost and HostArmada are both excellent options.

But in terms of HostArmada alternatives, Bluehost definitely comes out on top.


Bonus: Sign up for Bluehost 36 months hosting tenure and get up to 70% instant discount + free domain name + SSL certificates inside.

2. Hostinger

Best Overall, Runner-up: Quality wise an excellent alternative to HostArmada in 2024.


Hostinger claims to have “the lowest cost web hosting provider” in the market.

It is one of the most popular web hosting in the market. And for a good reason: it’s REALLY good.

Without a doubt, Hostinger has the features you’d expect from a website hosting company, like:

  • Lowest cost – starts from $0.99 per month
  • Free domain for the first year
  • Unlimited websites hosting
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • 24/7/365 days of tech support
  • 1 month long money-back guarantee

In my opinion, Hostinger is probably the closest alternative to HostArmada out there (both in terms of feature quantity and quality).

Hostinger vs HostArmada

Seriously, HostArmada isn’t even in the same universe as Hostinger.

And I’m not just talking. It’s the fact that Hostinger takes 3-5x more searches than HostArmada.

See HostArmada vs. Hostinger search comparison report inside Google Trends.

hostinger vs hostarmada google trends

Even if Hostinger has more searches, the important factor to consider is COST:

  • Hostinger starts at $0.99/month (48 months billing) – apply coupon code WPBLOGGING101 and grab an 8% EXTRA discount.
  • HostArmada starts at $3.99/month (annual billing)

It means, that if you want to go with Hostinger, you probably need to sign up for 48 months of hosting. 

Otherwise, it will cost you nearly $2.99 per month, almost near HostArmada yearly plan.

If you have a large budget, I’d still probably go with HostArmada. But in terms of price value, Hostinger is my first choice.


Deal Alert: Our readers can claim up to a 90% insane discount on Hostinger hosting when paid 48 month bill. The deal is valid only for new customers.

3. A2hosting

Another affordable alternative to HostArmada web hosting provider.


Even though it’s getting a little dated, A2hosting is still one of the top WordPress hosting companies worldwide.

But it’s not quite at the level of its two main competitors: Bluehost and Hostinger.

The main issue with A2hosting is that it doesn’t give free domain registration, while HostArmada does offer a free domain.

Besides, A2hosting has tons of helpful features like:

  • Unlimited SSD space & transfer
  • Free automatic backups
  • 99.9% uptime commitment
  • Free & easy site migration
  • Turbo (up to 20x faster)
  • 5x more resources
  • Speed optimized WordPress
  • Easy money-back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew support

While HostArmada and A2hosting are continually rolling out improvements, A2hosting can be your next hosting service in 20242025 because of its popularity.

A2hosting vs HostArmada

In terms of prices and features, A2hosting isn’t a bad HostArmada alternative.

HostArmada has many of the same features as A2hosting. But I don’t think it’s as good as A2hosting.

For example, in my user search report in Google Trends, A2 Hosting is much bigger than HostArmada.

a2hosting vs hostarmada google trends

The main issue with HostArmada is that they charge more money for the same hosting services compared to A2hosting. 

And in my opinion, you’ll get much more by hosting your website on A2 Hosting.


Deal Alert: Grab a 60% discount on A2 Hosting purchases. No special promo code is required to get this offer.

4. HostGator

Best HostArmada alternative for shared and cloud hostings.


Next up, let’s take a look at HostGator.

Unlike some of the other HostArmada alternatives listed here, HostGator isn’t just a super reliable web hosting, but more than it.

So, what makes HostGator great?

First up, its shared hosting packages are right around average for building WordPress websites or blogs.

In other words: your WordPress site can be perfectly optimized. But to rank pretty well in 2024, you still need to write 10x content.

Plus, HostGator does have a few excellent features, like:

  • Starting at only $2.75/mo
  • Free domain (one year)
  • Free SSL certificates
  • One-click WordPress installer
  • Free website transfer
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 45 days refund policy

So yeah, HostGator is one of my favourite web hostings. And even I had purchased its Cloud Business Plan in 2018.

hostgator cloud business hosting payment

HostGator vs HostArmada

Similar to A2 Hosting, HostArmada can’t be competitive with HostGator in search volume.

hostgator vs hostarmada google trends

The features themselves also aren’t nearly as solid as HostGator.

For example, HostArmada hosting’s price starts from $3.99/mo with 15 GB cloud SSD storage, whereas you can enjoy unlimited storage on HostGator just at $2.75/mo only.

This is super helpful if you want to start a WordPress blog with minimum money. So it’s clear that HostGator is overall a better option than HostArmada. 


Deal Alert: Enjoy saving sweeter than cake with HostGator coupon code (up to 65% off on a business plan).

5. GreenGeeks

A less known, still powerful competitor to HostArmada hosting.


Our 5th alternative to HostArmada is GreenGeeks.

GreenGeeks is a fast, secure, and eco-friendly host. It comes with all the impressive features that you expect from a good hosting company, such as:

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited websites hosting
  • WordPress installer & updates
  • 4x performance
  • 300% green energy match
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

The only drawback with GreenGeeks is, it doesn’t offer a free domain like HostArmada. Besides, granted, this is great web hosting.

GreenGeeks vs HostArmada

Like I said above, GreenGeeks hosting plans have no free domain feature. Otherwise, it owns quite rich features.

If I had to compare GreenGeeks and HostArmada based on features alone, I’d definitely go with GreenGeeks, for its minimal cost – starts from $2.95/mo (almost 2/3 cost compared to HostArmada).

greengeeks pricing

So, if you want a HostArmada alternative with a list of similar features (excluding free domain name) at less cost, I recommend trying GreenGeeks.


6. HostPapa

Another cheaper but good alternative to HostArmada web hosting company.


I’ll cut right to the chase:

HostPapa isn’t bad web hosting at all.

But it’s entirely at the level of its main competitor Hostinger (mentioned above in the #2 position).

Instead of a bunch of integrated features, HostPapa is actually 1 utterly different benefit.


None of the above HostArmada alternatives offers this service. Yes, they do offer domain transfer but paid.

Apart from free domain transfer, you can enjoy:

  • Up to 70% instant discount on first purchase
  • Free domain registration
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • User-friendly control panel
  • 400+ free apps inside
  • 1 month long money-back guarantee

So yeah, HostPapa fulfils your website hosting needs. And make using this host much more valuable.

HostPapa vs HostArmada

To be clear: HostPapa is far better compared to HostArmada in terms of user reviews, and features.

The main problem with HostArmada is that you can’t buy unlimited storage under the shared hosting section. 

To be honest, it’s not a good option if you planned to upload big-size images or videos on your website.

On the other side, when you choose to host your site on HostPapa, it gives you unlimited SSD storage under Business and Business Pro plans.

hostpapa pricing

In fact, you get 100 GB of SSD storage with its Starter Plan, which is 2.5x times more than HostArmada Speed Reaper Plan (the expensive one).

hostarmada pricing

The final conclusion is, HostPapa is the winner in HostArmada vs. HostPapa battle. 


7. DreamHost

Another good competitor to HostArmada is recommended by WordPress.


The last but not the least competitor to HostArmada is DreamHost.

Unlike some of the other web hosting options, DreamHost isn’t good as it looks.

So what does this make this list of HostArmada alternatives?

It’s because DreamHost is another WordPress officially recommended web hosting provider like Bluehost and SiteGround.

dreamhost wordpress hosting

In other words, if you are looking for WordPress optimized hosting, you definitely need DreamHost.

DreamHost vs HostArmada

DreamHost has many of the same features as HostArmada.

For example, if you look at DreamHost prices, it’s almost near to HostArmada hosting prices.

dreamhost pricing

They both technically have the same features and services. But one is way better than the other. If you ask me to pick any, I would love to pick HostArmada.


Final Thoughts On HostArmada Alternatives (2024)

There you have it: 7 best HostArmada alternatives or competitors.

Now I’d like to hear your take:

Are there any web hosting here that I missed?

Or maybe you have a question about the similar web hosting to HostArmada?

Either way, leave a quick comment below right now.

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