Do you really need to learn, “How To Buy Bluehost Hosting?“.

YES, it would be best if you have it. And I bet you will realize it after reading this tutorial.

You may be thinking I am joking. Because purchasing Bluehost hosting (review) is so simple – all we need to do:

  1. Visit
  2. Select a hosting plan
  3. Choose a domain name
  4. Create an account
  5. Finally, complete the purchase

And that’s it. Then, what’s special about this tutorial?

Believe me, this tutorial is worth reading. I admit buying hosting from Bluehost is an easy process, but not as simple as it looks.

There are so many points to know before paying your hard-earned money for this service.

So, basically, this article is not only cover the topic, of how to buy Bluehost hosting. But I will teach you which addon, or service you should include, or not in your bill.

This makes our Bluehost tutorial meaningful. Now, let’s see what you need before purchasing web hosting from Bluehost.

Requirements Needed For Bluehost Hosting Purchase

buy hosting from bluehost

Here’s what it takes to buy hosting from Bluehost:

  • Email ID: Make sure you have an active email account ID (Gmail account preferred).
  • Credit Card or PayPal Account: Bluehost accepts payments via Credit Cards and PayPal accounts. Keep ready at least one out of both payment methods.

Bonus: Signing up for Bluehost hosting through any of our links gives you 63% instant discount on all new accounts. All links have included coupon code inside.

How To Buy Bluehost Hosting? 8 Easy Steps

Just follow the below-mentioned instructions, and you’ll be able to buy a hosting plan from Bluehost in the next 5 minutes.

Step 1: Visit

The very first step to buying hosting from Bluehost is to click on this special link to visit the official Bluehost website.

Once the page loads, click on the Get Started button to move to the next step in this how to buy Bluehost hosting guide.

buy hosting from bluehost

Remember, our link has included a special promotional deal inside.

Here’s how it goes!

Bluehost costs $3.95/mo onwards. But if you use our special link, the price reduces to $2.95 per month (eligible on 36 months of hosting tenure).

Step 2: Select A Hosting Plan

The 2nd step is to select a web hosting plan among Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro plans.

bluehost pricing
  1. Basic Plan ($2.95/mo) is the lowest priced web hosting package. It gives you hosting usage access for up to one website with super speedy SSD storage.
  2. Plus Plan ($5.95/mo) comes with unlimited website hosting features. Besides, Spam Expert & 365 Office features are the prime benefits of buying this plan.
  3. Choice Plus Plan ($5.95/mo) offers similar features to the Plus Plan at the same price. The main differences are domain privacy + automatic backups + $200 marketing credits inside.
  4. Pro Plan ($13.95/mo) is a well-optimized package for high-traffic websites with maximum security. You should pick this plan only if you need a Dedicated IP having advanced CPU Resources.

My Opinion: No matter which plans you buy, it’s all your choice. If you ask me to decide, I highly recommend you to go for the Choice Plus hosting. It has everything inside; you need to build a WordPress blog with advanced security.

Step 3: Setup Your Domain

In the 3rd step, you need to choose a domain name. Here are three options to choose from:

bluehost free domain
  1. Create A New Domain is for when you want to claim a free domain with hosting from Bluehost.
  2. Use A Domain You Own is for pointing your already registered domain to Bluehost from another domain registrar e.g. Bigrock or Namecheap.
  3. I’ll Create My Domain Later is needed if you wish to add your primary domain later. Or, you can claim your free domain after completing buying hosting from Bluehost too.

My Opinion: Bluehost offers FREE domain name for the 1st year. I suggest it’s worth buying it at ZERO cost at the first attempt.

Step 4: Enter Account Details

Now we are in the account creation section of our guide on how to buy Bluehost hosting. Remember, all fields are required in this section and need your 100% attention.

Let’s create a Bluehost account…

bluehost account
  1. First Name: Enter your first name
  2. Last Name: Enter your last name
  3. Business Name: Write your business name (this is optional)
  4. Country: Select your country from the dropdown menu
  5. Street Address: Enter your street name
  6. City: Enter your city name
  7. State: Select your state from the dropdown menu
  8. Zip Code: Enter your area or zip code
  9. Phone Number: Write down your mobile number
  10. Ext: Leave it empty
  11. Email Address: Enter a valid email ID (you’ll receive a purchase receipt on this email address)

Suggestion: Double check your account information before proceeding to the next step.

Step 5: Select Package Information

The next step is to choose your hosting tenure for 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months.

bluehost hosting plan
  1. Account Plan: Select hosting tenure (36 months tenure is strongly recommended)
  2. Hosting Price: Display your hosting cost
  3. Primary Domain Registration: Included free of cost
  4. Let’s Encrypt SSL: 100% free with hosting purchase

My Opinion: I would strongly recommend you to go for 36 months of hosting. It gives you up to 63% discount. Plus, you stay away from those heavy prices on Bluehost renewals till the next 3 years.

Step 6: Choose Package Extras

Package Extras is a set of premium add-ons. Let’s see, what are these extras, and which one you should sign up for.

bluehost extras
  1. Domain Privacy + Protection: Included free of cost
  2. Codeguard Basic: Included free of cost
  3. Bluehost SEO Tools Start: Special SEO services by Bluehost – starting at just $1.99 per month (billed annually at $23.88/yr)
  4. 1 Microsoft 365 Mailbox: 30-day free trial included
  5. SiteLock Security Essential: Additional Sitelock security for your website just for $2.99/mo.

My Opinion: Subscribing for domain privacy & protection is important. You must add it if buying Bluehost Basic, or Plus plan. With the rest of hosting packages, this security feature is included free of cost.

Step 7: Select Payment Information

At this moment, when I am writing about how to buy hosting from Bluehost guide, Bluehost accepts payments via PayPal and Credit Cards.

bluehost payment method
  1. If you are choosing to make payment by a credit card, make sure your card is activated for international transactions.
  2. For PayPal users, this is important to make sure a bank account or credit card is directly linked to your PayPal account as Bluehost accepts instant payments.

My Opinion: For buying online stuff, I always prefer credit card payment gateway. With a credit card payment, you no need to pay extra processing fees, where PayPal charges for receiving & sending money in both conditions.

Step 8: Complete Purchase

how to buy hosting from bluehost

In the last step, Check the option saying, “I have read and agree to Bluehost’s Auto-Renewal Terms, Terms of Service and Cancellation Policy and acknowledge receipt of the Privacy Notice.” and click on the Submit button to complete the purchase.

Congratulations, you have now successfully purchased hosting from Bluehost.

Don’t forget to check out your email address, where you will find your purchased receipt along with Bluehost cPanel login credentials.

⚠️ Attention: You will receive an additional email for activating your domain name if registered earlier while buying hosting from Bluehost.

What’s Next?

So, by now, you have a domain name + hosting. Next, it’s time to install a WordPress blog. For this purpose, you can read this guide on how to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting.

All you need to login to your Bluehost cPanel, and continue starting your site the way you like.

In the last, I want to know if this tutorial on how to buy Bluehost hosting guide helps you or not. Please leave your experience in the comment box below.

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