Is SG Site Scanner Worth it? SiteGround Review Tutorial 2021

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Is SG Site Scanner worth it or should you include it in the your bill when you purchased any Webhosting plan from website?

This is what we are going to learn today. In this article, I will show, if it really necessary to add SG Site Scanner add on in a web hosting or not.


Plus, I will share some real Reddit screenshots too. This will help you to understand better.

Let's begin...!

Siteground is one of the best hosting companies and of course, WordPress official recommended names on the Internet.

It offers highly-secure shared, managed WordPress web hosting services and much more along with some additional addons such as SG Site Scanner, Domain Privacy, SSL Certificates etc.

Even here at WP Blogging 101, I personally recommend this hosting when it comes to starting a WordPress blog or website.

Now let's come to the point, is SG Site Scanner really worth the money you invest in it or not. Or you are just wasting your money on this unnecessary addon, which actually not required on a WordPress site.

But before we get started, let's take a look at SG Site Scanner service introduction.

What is SiteGround Site Scanner?

SG Site Scanner is an additional security layer that checks your website daily and notifies you if you find any malicious code or virus malware inside your website directory.

It is an early warning system that is powered by one of the largest blacklist scanner and malware monitoring provider Sucuri.

Here are some pros. & cons. of this addon:


  • Automatic malware scanner and reporting system
  • Affordable pricing starts from $19.80 yearly
  • Fast and reliable notifications and updates
  • Powered by Sucuri malware monitoring software


  • Expensive, if you are starting a WordPress website as WordPress has unlimited free security plugins like Wordfence.

So, we have just crossed through SG Site Scanner pros. and cons. Now, let's know, should you get SG Site Scanner? Or is it even necessary to buy?

Is SG Site Scanner worth it with Siteground hosting plan?

The simple and short answer is No, not needed.

Instead of paying for this service, you can use a free plugin called Wordfence on WordPress. Even on WP Blogging 101, I also use this plugin to add a security layer on my blog.

Wordfence scans your website 24/7 hours and notifies you immediately via email if something happens wrong. Moreover, it also cleans any potential website threats free.

In the meantime, if you are getting all these security services for free with a free plugin, then ordering SiteGround's SG Site Scanner malware monitoring service doesn't worth your money.

Siteground SG Site Scanner related Reddit screenshots

As said earlier, I will share some real screenshots from Reddit (link here) to help you understand if SG Site Scanner worth it or not. So, here is the list below.

is sg site scanner worth it reddit

Conclusion: Is SG Site Scanner required for your website?

Undoubtedly, Siteground is one of the most reliable web hosting solutions for WordPress bloggers, which comes with advanced security.

Here, SG Site Scanner is an optional addon feature available at an additional fee that you will be asked to include while checking out Siteground web hosting purchase.

Honestly, if you ask me, is SG Site Scanner worth it or not. Then I hardly say No. However, instead, you should go for a WordPress security plugin Wordfence (available free to use) or you can upgrade the plugin for additional security and features.

Need more help about Siteground, kindly visit our tutorials page to read all articles related to this hosting.

Let me know if you need more help with WordPress or blogging. I will love to assist you with further queries.

is sg site scanner worth it

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