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Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that offers 7-day free trial period to all users. In this article, I have covered everything you need to know about getting a Long Tail Pro trial account for 2024.

Keyword Research is a mandatory task. The task cannot be done manually, so you need a good toolKit. I recommend Long Tail Pro, one of the market-leading keyword research tools.

As said, Long Tail Pro is offering a 7 days trial for free. So, you can try the free trial first and then proceed to a paid plan if you are satisfied.

In this blog post, you will be reading the following sub-topics which help you start with Long Tail Pro free trial account sign-up process and many more relevant ideas.

  • Complete details about Long Tail Pro trial account
  • How to setup your free account with LongTailPro
  • What inside Long Tail Pro free account (remarkable features & benefits)
  • Long Tail Pro trial account cancellation guide
  • Lots more…

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

LongTailPro Free Trial (2024: Try LongTailPro For 7 Days At ZERO Price

You are here to read the blog post, so you might be someone who is in the field of blogging, content writing or SEO.

People in the above said fields only know the importance of Keyword Research as well as how long tail keywords help generate more traffic than short keywords.

As the name itself suggests, Long Tail Pro is the best of all Keyword Research tools to find the long tail keyword ideas of any niche.

Before falling for any tools, it’s better to test the tool and then decide if it works fine or not. So, every industry’s best toolkits offer a free trial period to the users.

By the way, you can avail 7-day Long Tail Pro free trial to understand whether the number 1 keyword research toolkit is beneficial for your blogging success or not. I have tried and I would say ‘It will be’.

Pat Flynn, founder of smartpassiveincome.com is one of the world-class SEO specialists already impressed a lot with Long Tail Pro features and Pat himself recommends the toolkit on many occasions.

The LongTailPro free trial activation process is very simple. I will show you the process now.

How To Activate Long Tail Pro Free Trial Account?

Long Tail Pro 7-day free trial account will be all yours in the next few minutes if you follow the below easy activation process.

Step 1: Click on this magic link to visit the official web page of LongTail Pro to sign up for your 7-day free trial account.

Step 2: On the web page, click on the button saying “START MY 7 DAY FREE TRIAL“. A new window will open.

Step 3: Click “Sign Up” and input your full name and your email address and then click on the “Sign Up Blue” button.

Step 4: In a few moments, you will receive an activation mail to your email address from the Long Tail Pro team. Open the email and click on “Activate Account“. Your 7-day LongTailPro free trial account will be instantly activated.

Step 5: You are now requested to set your password. Input your preferred password two times and click “Save Changes“.

Step 6: In this registration checkout step, you have to choose the plan you want. Choose “Monthly Starter” which is a very basic plan that costs $37 billed monthly. Not to worry, as you are trying their free trial and you will not be charged anything here. 

Step 7: Click on the ‘Pay’ button and then, click “Proceed to Checkout” – in this step, you are requested to fill out your credit card details. Fill up the details and proceeding further will activate your free trial account. 

If not a credit card, as another option, you can even use your Paypal account. Once the successful details are provided, your Long Tail Pro free 7-day trial account will be activated.

Note: You will not be charged for the trial period. The automatic charge will happen only after the trial period ends.

But if you do not want to continue, possibly you can cancel your subscription anytime before the paid subscription starts by following the steps below.

What’s Inside Long Tail Pro Free Trial? Review & Features

Below are some awesome features that you can enjoy while signing up for LongTailPro Free trial account.

Track Your Keyword Rankings

You can easily keep on tracking your keyword rankings and know how your keywords are performing from time to time. The tool provides you with accurate keyword rankings.

Find The Keywords Competitiveness (KC) Score

There is a KC score for every keyword. By knowing any keyword’s KC scores out of 100, you can easily judge what keywords rank better on SERP.

So, on your Long Tail Pro free trial account, you get to know your KC score for any keywords you search.

Calculate The Keywords Profitability

Before working on any keywords, it is good to know whether the keywords give you profit or not if you target them on your blog posts.

To find the Keyword Profitability, you can use the Long Tail Pro tool’s Rank Value feature.

SERP Analysis For Any Keywords

You can run SERP analysis for any given keywords. SERP analysis helps you easily find on what basis the keywords getting ranked. The analysis helps you avoid targeting bad keywords again and again.

Apart from the mentioned features, you will get even more features when you subscribe to the premium plans that give you a solid boost in your website traffic.

Cancellation Of Your Long Tail Pro Trial Account

There are two methods by which you can cancel your Long Tail pro trial account. Both are seamless processes.

Method 1: You can cancel your free trial account yourself. Login to your LongTailPro account and on your left-side dashboard, you will find an option called “Billing Information“. Just click on it.

Clicking on the Billing Information will take you to your subscription account details page. On the page, you will find the “Cancel Account” option. Click on it, and your free trial account will be cancelled automatically.

Method 2: A manual method as you have to contact the support team manually by sending them an email or sending them a message through their contact page.

The team will contact you back regarding your cancellation request. Just follow the instructions, and your free trial will be cancelled.

What’s Next? Try Long Tail Pro Alternatives

Let’s assume, after trying the LongTailPro free trial period for 7-day, you’re not satisfied. In such a situation, you can consider some alternative SEO tools listed below:

1. SEMrush

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO toolkit in which you can do any SEO-related tasks starting from Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis to Site Audit kind of tasks. One of the best alternatives to Long Tail Pro for keyword research.

2. Mangools

Started back in 2014, Mangools is one of the industry’s best SEO toolkits that offers five different SEO tools such as KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner and SiteProfiler.The package of 5 SEO tools can help you satisfy all your SEO needs.

3. SE Ranking

With SE Ranking, competitor analysis is made easy. The tools generate accurate results when it comes to Keyword Research.

The most attractive part about the tool is its pricing structure. You will get to buy their plan starting from just $9 per month. One of the best alternatives to LongTailPro in terms of pricing and report accuracy.

4. Ahrefs

One of my personal favourites in the list of alternatives to Long Tail Pro is Ahrefs. The user-friendly SEO toolkit offers customers almost all the features to measure the performance of any blog or website. Ahrefs is the best alternative to Long Tail Pro if you are ready to spend some extra dollars.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Long Tail Pro offer a free trial?

Yes, LongTailPro offers a free trial to all new users to try out most of the premium features at zero cost. A free trial account period might be a good choice for users to decide whether to buy a premium subscription or not.

How long is LongTailPro free trial?

Like most other SEO toolkits, Long Tail Pro also offers a free 7-day trial account to all users without the requirement of any special discount codes.

How do I activate a free trial on a Long Tail Pro account?

It’s a simple process. Just sign up for your account through this magic link. Fill out all the required details requested by the company. This way, you can activate your 7-day free trial account with Long Tail Pro.

Which Long Tail Pro plan should I choose during my trial period?

You will be provided with three plan options Starter, Pro and Power Pro plans. All three plans are available in monthly and annual billing duration. While choosing your free trial period, go for the “Monthly Starter” which is a basic plan.

If you want to experience the features of Pro plans in your free trial account, then go for pro during your free trial period plan selection.

Can I start a Long Tail Pro trial without a credit card?

Unfortunately no! Filling out the credit card details is mandatory. Without a credit card, you cannot be able to avail LongTailPro free trial account.

However, instead of Credit Card, you can also use your PayPal account details while registering for your free account.

How to cancel Long Tail Pro trial account?

You can easily cancel your free trial pro account by login into your account dashboard. On your subscription details page, you will find the ‘cancel account’ option.

What are the best alternatives to Long Tail Pro tool?

SEMrush, SE Ranking, Mangools, Ahrefs and SpyFu are the five best SEO tool kits available in the market which seems to be the best alternatives to LongTailPro tool.

Final Thoughts On Free Trial Long Tail Pro (2024

There should not be any regrets in trying out free trial accounts as you are not going to charge anything if you cancel before the trial period expires.

Long Tail Pro is one of the must-have SEO toolkits for bloggers to get the most out of all Keyword Research and Keyword Analysis kinds of tasks which plays a key role in improving your website traffic.

So, sign up today for your 7-day LongTailPro free trial account and spend your maximum time there in the 7-day period to check all the features, if satisfied, go for the premium plans. 

Long Tail Pro has subscription plans that start from just $37 per month which is quite affordable compared to the alternative toolkits.

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