Mangools Free Trial

While many other popular SEO toolkits provide only a 7-day free trial account, Mangools offers their customers a massive 10-day free trial period. Best of all, you can access everything even without credit card.

Mangools is a power-packed SEO tools provider company launched in August 2014 by Mr. Peter. Mangools offers a 10-day free trial too without the need for a credit card.

Check out my updated review on Mangools Free trial for July 2024 and learn how to get Mangools’s tools like KWFinder, LinkMiner, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, and SiteProfiler free account without credit card.

Meanwhile, in this post, I will show you:

  • Complete details about Mangools free trial account
  • How to activate your free trial with Mangools
  • What inside Mangools free account (features & benefits)
  • Mangools trial account cancellation guide
  • Mangools best alternatives competitors
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Lots more

So without further delay, let’s dive right in.

Mangools Free Trial: Try Mangools For 10 Days At No Cost

Mangools offers a package of five different Juicy SEO tools that you will love for sure. These five tools are:

  1. KWFinder
  2. SERPChecker
  3. SERPWatcher
  4. LinkMiner
  5. and SiteProfiler.

All five tools work together in your ten-day Mangools free trial period.

With the availability of the above said five different SEO tools on your hands, you can do any SEO tasks that gain massive success for your blog in terms of traffic and make money as well. 

You need not be a pro at understanding the metrics and reports generated by Mangools as the SEO tools are developed in a very user-friendly manner and easy to analyze dashboard.

The team left nothing behind to add it to the features list, Mangools is an All-in-One SEO toolkit that offers all kinds of tools to users.

Now, let’s find out, how to activate your Mangools risk-free 10-day free trial account.

How To Activate Your Free Trial With Mangools?

As said, Mangools is one fine SEO tool that offers a free trial without the need for a credit card. So don’t bother about searching for your credit card. You will get to experience your free Mangools account in the next few minutes.

Step 1: Visit this magic link to open the Mangools free trial account creation page (exclusive page).

Step 2: On the right top of the page, you will see the blue button “Start 10-day FREE Trial” or you will also see another green button in the same text “Start 10-day FREE trial” Click either one of the buttons.

Step 3: Create your free Mangools trial account just by filling up all the details. Once filled in the required fields, click “Create My Mangools Account“.

Step 4: Upon registration, you will receive a verification email to confirm your identity. Click on the “Confirm My Account” in the email you received.

Step 5: After the successful email verification, you will be taken to the Mangools dashboard, where you can see an option below the navigation to activate your risk-free 10-day Mangools free trial account. Just click on “Activate Your FREE 10-day Trial“.

That’s the activation process. As you may have noticed, during the Mangools free trial account’s entire activation process, you were never asked to enter your credit card details.

That’s one such beauty of the Mangools and you will not be charged anything even after the expiration of your free trial period.

👉 While activating your free trial account, most the SEO tools like SEMrush and SE Ranking charge you for the plan you choose right after the trial period expires.

This is why credit card details are mandatory in many tools. But with Mangools, as the team promised, there are no any charges. 

After the 10-day free trial, if you want to continue, you can buy the plan starting as low as $30 per month, if don’t want, just leave.

What Inside Mangools Free Account (Features & Benefits)

Look at the image below, that’s how your Mangools dashboard looks after you logged in to your account.

You can click on any one of the five different tools to make use of it and test the tool features in your free trial period.

Let’s have a look at each tool and its features and benefits:

KWFinder – Keyword Research Tool

You can seamlessly find thousands of keyword ideas with the help of Mangools KWFinder keyword research tool – start your keyword research either search by keyword or even search by domain.

Also, while searching you can add the specific location and language to find the keyword status in the particular region and language.

With your keyword research, you will get almost all the data of the keyword and its similar keyword as well.

In your Mangools free trial plan, you can look up 5 keywords in a day. This includes search volume, keyword difficulties, CPC, PPC, trends etc.

SERPChecker – Competitor Analysis Software

With the help of the SERP checker tool, you can analyze the SERP for any given keyword. While inputting your keyword in the SERPChecker, you can also add your preferred country as well as devices of your choice whether desktop or mobile.

The results generated will be easy to watch out for, where you are allowed to check the top 10 results for the keyword along with DA, PA, FB shares and many other metrics.

During the 10 days of Mangools free trial period, you can look up 5 SERP checks every 24 hours. So, overall you will get a chance to search 50 times in your whole period.

SERPWatcher – Accurate Rank Tracker

SERPWatcher helps you track the ranking position for any added domains. Once you open the tool, you are requested to click, “create tracking”.

In the next step, you have to fill out tracking the domain details that you want to track along with the location as well as devices to look up.

Moving forward to the next step, you are requested to enter the keywords you wish to track for the domain you entered in the previous step.

Enter as many keywords as you want and click “Start Tracking“. That’s it. You will get your data in a few minutes.

You can look up 5 domains a day in the SERPWatcher tool in your free trial period.

LinkMiner – Backlink Analysis Tool

One of the must-have tools for bloggers and SEO people, LinkMiner in Mangools package, easily tracks backlink profiles for any given domain.

You can check your competitor’s link-building strategies easily with the help of Mangools LinkMiner tool. 

The report metrics include no.of backlinks, do-follow, no-follow links, active links, deleted links, referral domains etc…

You are able to look up some 2000 backlink rows in the free trial.

SiteProfiler – Domain Authority Checker

A tool to check the SEO authority of any given domain or particular URL. Under one roof, the tool will generate metrics of all the SEO-related stuff for the domain you input.

Top Content, Backlink Profile, Authority Scores, Competitors and so many things will get in the one single tool, “SiteProfiler” for the domain or URL you enter. 

In your Mangools free trial period, you can get a report for any URL or domain 5 times a day.

Mangools Trial Account Cancellation Guide

The point is very simple.

No users will be requested to enter their credit card details during the free trial Mangools account registration process.

So, obviously, it’s a risk-free setup and no need of canceling your free trial account.

If the trial period expires, then automatically your free subscription expires. If you want to continue, then use the upgrade option to go for premium plans.

What’s Next? Try Mangools Alternatives

While searching for the best SEO tools free trials list, I found three top alternatives to Mangools, as below:

1. SEMrush

Undoubtedly the world’s number 1 considered SEO toolkit SEMrush is one of the best alternatives if you want to get metrics and reports with the most accuracy. The plans are quite costlier compared to Mangools. SEMrush does offer a 7-day free trial account.

2. Long Tail Pro

In terms of Mangools pricing plans, LongTailPro offer almost a similar and affordable structure. LongTailPro is the best alternative to Mangools as the keyword research and analysis features are good and provide much detailed information like the KWFinder.

3. Ahrefs

Same as SEMrush, Ahrefs is also a costlier tool, but still a good replacement for Mangools in 2024. Many people look into it as the reason the tool offers accurate reports compared to other search engine optimization tools and software.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mangools offer a free trial? And how long?

Yes, Mangools offers a free trial account to all users. You can avail of the free trial period for 10 days starting from the day you activate your free trial account by logging into your dashboard.

How do I activate a free trial account on Mangools?

It’s a very simple process. Create your user account in Mangools and verify your account identity by confirming your activation email. Next, log in to your Mangools dashboard and click “activate your FREE 10-day trial“. That’s it and you are ready to use it.

Which is the best Mangools plan?

Mangools offers three different premium pricing plans named Mangools Basic, Mangools Premium and Mangools Agency.  Mangools Basic plans cost $29.90 (billed annually), which is the best plan for individuals.

If you want to use more credits, then try either the Premium or Agency plan. You can check the detailed pricing plan details here.

Can I start Mangools free trial without a credit card?

Luckily YES! you can activate your Mangools free trial account without the requirement of a credit card. You only need to enter your card details during the time of purchasing your premium plan.

How do I cancel Mangools trial account?

There is no need to manually cancel your free trial account. As Mangools free trial activation is risk-free which means you can open one without entering your credit card information.

Thus, your account will be automatically cancelled after the free trial expires. If you want to continue, you can subscribe further for a paid plan or leave it as it is.

What are the best alternatives to Mangools?

Long Tail Pro, SEMrush and SE Ranking are currently the three best alternatives to Mangools. Compared to all the three above tools, Mangools pricing plans are quite affordable.

Final Thoughts On Mangools Free Trial Account 2024

There you have it:  Mangools is risk-free as you can activate a free trial without a credit card, but the alternative toolkits demand the user’s credit card details even to activate the free trial account.

And talking about Mangools overall features and benefits, the company offers more than what you pay for your premium subscription.

So, if you want to try out an affordable all-in-one SEO tool, the first signup for your Mangools free trial account, activate and use all the features.

I am sure you will love the juicy SEO tools. If so, subscribe to the premium plans starting from just $29.90 per month only.

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