This is my UPDATED list of the best Monarch Plugin Alternatives for 2024.

If you’re currently using Elegant Themes’ Monarch WordPress plugin but are no longer satisfied with the service.

And looking for a better Monarch alternative, then you’re in the right place. Because in this article, I’ll:

  • List out 5 WordPress social sharing plugins you can replace with Monarch
  • My personal experience with each one
  • Show you each of the plans, pricing, and discounts
  • Lots more

So, bring your seat closer and give us your attention.

Note: If you’re looking for an alternative to Monarch plugin just because of Elegant Themes Divi plan pricing, here’s a Divi special discount (where Monarch is 100% free) for you.

Why Do You Need To Look For A Monarch Alternative?

Before I take you to the list, let’s see a few downsides of using Monarch plugin.

  • It’s very expensive compared to its competitors.
  • You can’t use it without installing Divi Builder.
  • There is no free version available.
  • You can’t remove Monarch without losing all of your social shares data.

In short, if you are using Elegant Themes products e.g. Divi, then Monarch is the right social media sharing plugin for your WordPress blog.

But if not, definitely you should check out the below better options.

5 Best Monarch Plugin Alternatives in 2024

monarch plugin alternatives

Below are the great Divi Monarch alternatives that I’m going to review:

MONARCH ALTERNATIVESPlans & Pricing DetailsOfficial Link
SOCIAL SNAPStarts at $39 per year – free lite version available Get Here
SOCIAL WARFAREStarts at $29 per year – free lite version availableGet Here
EASY SOCIAL SHARE BUTTONSStarts at $22 per yearGet Here
NOVASHAREStarts at $29.95 per yearGet Here
ADDTOANY100% free – limited featuresGet Here

Let’s dive into each WordPress social share plugin’s in-depth details, starting with our #1 pick.

1. Social Snap

Our first alternative to Monarch plugin is Social Snap.

social snap
  • Product Name: Social Snap
  • Price: $39/year for one website
  • Free Version: Available
  • Discount: 30% using coupon GET30 (view deal)
  • Official Website:

I recommend Social Snap primarily for two good reasons:

1st, it’s a FREEMIUM WordPress plugin for displaying beautiful social media buttons on your blog.

The word freemium stands for FREE & PREMIUM. This means it comes in free and premium, two versions.

The free version a good for startup websites. But it has limited features and functionalities.

The Social Snap Pro or Social Snap Plus gives you social sharing power with ease.

Plus, you can control how and who shares your content can be the difference in your online social marketing strategy.

social snap features

2nd, I use this plugin (paid plan) on WP Blogging 101 and I had experienced how powerful this is.

social snap plus subsciption

These are the two main reasons why I listed Social Snap on the top of Monarch plugin alternatives.

With Social Snap, you can over 30 most popular social networks & apps to choose e.g.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • and over 25 more!

Also, you have full control over how and where to display the social sharing buttons with highly customizable options like:

  • Floating sidebar
  • Inline buttons
  • On media buttons
  • Pinterest pin it
  • Share hub
  • Sticky bar
  • Via widget
  • Via shortcode

As said earlier, Social Snap is free. So, then you can download it from here.

But if you REALLY need a solid Monarch plugin alternative, the paid plan is highly recommended.

social snap pricing

Social Snap Plus starts from:

  1. $39/year for a single website (Plus Plan)
  2. $99/year for up to 3 websites (Pro Plan)
  3. $299/year for up to 15 websites (Agency Plan)

All plans include 30 days risk-free money-back guarantee.

In the meantime, if you don’t like Social Snap or change your mind, ask for a refund and get your money back.

2. Social Warfare

Let’s talk about Social Warfare – another Monarch plugin alternative to use in 20242025.

social warfare
  • Product Name: Social Warfare
  • Price: $29/year per website
  • Free Version: Available
  • Official Website:

Similar to Social Snap, Social Warfare is also a FREEMIUM WordPress plugin.

And it’s one of the top-listed social sharing WordPress plugins in the market.

Looking at this plugin landing page looks like it’s another sharing buttons plugin for WordPress.

But there are some features which attract my attention.

social warfare features
  • Click to tweet sharable quotes
  • 5,000 potential style combinations
  • Pinterest-specific image and description
  • Rich image twitter cards
  • Content protection

And believe me, all these features are super solid; you can’t enjoy inside Monarch plugin.

So, why shouldn’t Social Warfare is a great Monarch plugin alternative?


Though it’s free and downloadable from WordPress plugins repository. But with a price tag of only $29/site, it’s worth every penny.

social warfare pro pricing


Because the following features are available are only accessible in a paid plan:

  • Additional sharing options e.g. Reddit, Tumblr, Yummly, WhatsApp, Pocket, Buffer, Hacker News, Flipboard, Email
  • Pin button to all images
  • Powerful sharing customization
  • Custom design and placement
  • Social share recovery
  • Social authorship
  • Twitter cards
  • Rich pins
  • Analytics campaign tracking

In addition, they offer a 30% renewal discount on all paid plans for a lifetime.

In my opinion, investing a few dollars in this super reliable social sharing WordPress plugin is the right decision.

3. Easy Social Share Buttons

Next up, let’s take a look at Easy Social Share Buttons.

easy social share buttons

The Easy Social Share Buttons is a paid plugin listed on CodeCanyan – a super cheaper alternative to Monarch WordPress plugin in 2024.


Because the price of Easy Social Share Buttons starts from $22/site for life. It means, once purchased, no need to renew the license again.

easy social share buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons are built carefully with performance in mind and won’t slow down your site. Moreover, you get:

  • 50+ share networks
  • 50+ templates & template builder
  • Unique share buttons styles
  • Sharing message optimization
  • Advanced & powerful statistics
  • Click to tweet
  • Pin any image
  • 12 share positions for content
  • 14 share button displays
  • 4 mobile optimized displays
  • WooCommerce sharing

Plus, some social sharing features are also included:

  • Social proof notifications
  • Social followers counter
  • Instagram feed
  • Subscribe to mailing list forms
  • Profile links
  • After share actions
  • Social live chat
  • Native social buttons
  • Shortcodes & addons

In my opinion, Social Share Buttons can save you hundreds of dollars in upcoming years, with a small investment of $22 only.

4. Novashare

Another good Monarch plugin alternative is Novashare.

  • Product Name: Novashare
  • Price: $29.95/year for one website
  • Free Version: No
  • Offer: 15% lifetime renewal discount
  • Official Website:

If you are not satisfied with the above WordPress social sharing media plugins, Novashare will be a good choice.

It is a new paid plugin founded back in December 2018.

I used to list it here because it claims to only have 5 kb worth of assets, and from the testing, this appears to be true!

novashare features

The Novashare uses inline SVGs to display the social icons and only adds two additional requests to your page.

In addition, it includes share buttons for the following networks:

novashare social share buttons
  • Twitter (share count support)
  • Facebook (share count support)
  • Pinterest share (share count support)
  • Buffer (share count support)
  • Reddit (share count support)
  • LinkedIn
  • Email
  • SMS (mobile)
  • Messenger (mobile)
  • LINE (mobile)
  • Whatsapp (mobile)
  • Tumblr (share count support)
  • Yummly (share count support)
  • Expand all (view in the live demo)

Some more awesome features in Novashare are:

  • Lightweight and fast
  • Share count recovery
  • Click to tweet block
  • Follow widget
  • Pinterest images over pins
  • GDPR friendly

At this moment, Novashare offers three paid plans.

novashare pricing
  1. Personal Plan version starts at $29.95 for one site.
  2. Unlimited Sites Plan costs $149.95 per year for unlimited websites.
  3. Business Plan allows 3 sites license activate for $60.95 per year price.

All plans offer a 15% lifetime renewal discount. And you are fully protected by a 30 days money-back guarantee.

5. AddToAny

Our last alternative to Monarch plugin is AddToAny.

  • Product Name: AddToAny
  • Price: FREE
  • Official Website:

Unlike some of the other social sharing plugins that I listed here, AddToAny isn’t a rich-featured option.

So why does AddToAny make this list of Monarch plugin alternatives?

Because it is a free plugin.

In other words, you can enjoy all features inside AddToAny free of cost. For example:

addtoany buttons
  • Floating share buttons
  • Image share buttons
  • Share counts
  • Share count recovery
  • Follow buttons
  • Google Analytics integration

To be clear: Monarch & AddToAny can’t be compared.


Because one plugin is free, and the other is paid.

So, obviously, Monarch REALLY has something that makes it the paid social sharing buttons plugin.

In the meantime, if you don’t want to invest right now, AddToAny is your last option.

Final Thoughts On Monarch Alternative Plugins (2024)

There is you have it: The exclusive list of Elegant Themes Monarch plugin alternatives.

By now, I hope you have already found your next social sharing plugin.

If not, and still need to pick ONE out of the above list: I recommend Social Snap plugin, the one I use on WP Blogging 101.

With this, I summed up this list article.

In the last, I would like to know if this list was:

  • Good?
  • Bad?
  • Something between?

Or, did I miss any other good Monarch plugin alternative?

If anything is on your mind, let me know via the comments below right now.

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