At WP Blogging 101, we are committed to delivering high-quality products that enhance your WordPress blogging experience.

While we believe in the effectiveness of our plugins, we acknowledge that they may not be a perfect fit for every user. To ensure a transparent and fair refund process, please review our refund policy below:

Eligibility For Refund Request:

Timeline: You are eligible for a refund within the first 14 days of the original purchase of the plugin.

Renewal Payments: Refunds cannot be processed for renewal payments. A notification email will be sent two weeks prior to your renewal date, providing an opportunity to cancel your subscription before the automatic renewal payment is processed.

Plugin/Subscription Issues:

  • If, after installing and testing the plugin, you find that it does not meet the needs of your business or the required setup, you may request a refund.
  • In the case of an unresolved issue that renders the system unusable, we will consider a refund. We may seek information about the nature of the issue to enhance our plugin in the future.

Technical Installation Issues: Refunds will be considered if you encounter difficulties installing the plugin properly or getting it to perform its basic functions.

Support Interaction: Before requesting a refund, it is essential to contact our support team, allowing us an opportunity to resolve your issue(s). If the plugin is deemed unsuitable for your needs, kindly provide an explanation.

Exclusions: Refunds will not be granted for technical issues caused by third-party plugins, themes, or other software.

Deactivation Requirement: If a refund is granted, you agree to deactivate and uninstall the plugin from your site.

Discretionary Refunds: Refunds are offered at our sole discretion. By making a purchase on our site, you accept this refund policy and waive any rights to challenge it through questions, judgment, or legal actions.

Exchange Rate Disclaimer: We are not liable for any differences in exchange rates between the time of purchase and the time of the refund.

Submitting a Refund Request:

To initiate a refund request, contact us.

We appreciate your understanding of these conditions, and we are dedicated to continuously improving our products and services to better meet your needs.

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