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The number 1 SEO toolkit Semrush offers a 14 days free trial. Check out my most updated review on SEMrush free trial 2024 and get your hands on SEMrush account for the next 14 days at zero cost.

No matter what niche your blog or website belongs to, SEMrush is one of the SEO tools that every blogger must make use of.

In this post, I will write down everything about SEMrush free trial. Here is the list of sub-topics that you will get to read in this post.

  • Complete details about SEMrush trial account
  • How to start your free trial with SEMrush
  • What is inside SEMrush free account (features & benefits)
  • SEMrush trial account cancellation guide
  • FAQs On SEMrush tool

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

SEMrush Free Trial: Try SEMrush For 14 Days At Zero Price

SEMrush, an industry-leading SEO toolkit provider offers a free trial account to all users. The trial period will be 14 days. During this period, you can avail yourself of a maximum of SEMrush features.

The free trial period of 14 days is more than enough for any blogger to decide whether SEMrush is the right tool to continue or not.

At present, SEMrush 14 days free trial account is open for anyone. You can try SEMrush for 14 days at zero cost from this exclusive link – no need for any special coupon codes to avail of this offer.

But the thing is most of the newbies are not aware of stuff such as how to activate SEMrush free trial account, features available in the free trial and some other important faqs about SEMrush trial account.

That’s why I decided to write down the blog post with the intention to help out newbies to understand everything about the free trial of SEMrush account.

How To Activate SEMrush Free Trial Account?

Just follow the simple step by step procedures written below to get your SEMrush trial account for 14 days at no cost in the next couple of minutes.

Step 1: Head over to this link. You will be taken to SEMrush website homepage where you can start the signup process to avail your 14 days free trial account. Click the “Signup” button which is on the page left header.

Step 2: You can either create a new account using your Gmail account by clicking “Continue With Gmail” or you can simply input your email and password and click ‘create account’.

Step 3: You will receive a verification code in your email. Input the code and click “Confirm Email” to proceed further.

Step 4: Once the code is entered, you have to answer three basic questions about your SEO experience, just answer the questions and you will be taken to the page where you have to choose your trial plan.

Step 5: You have to choose your trial plan between “Pro” and “Guru” subscriptions. If you are a sole blogger, go with the “Pro” plan. The “Guru” plan is good for agencies and companies. Choose the trial plan and click on the “Get Free Trial” button.

Step 6: Fill up the mandatory card details and click on the “Place the Order” button. See the image as Today’s Charge as $0.00 inclusive of taxes. So, you will not be charged anything upon your free 14 days trial activation.

Once the order is placed, you are ready to enjoy the features and benefits offered by SEMrush during the trial period.

Note: You will be only charged for the plan you choose once your free trial plan expires. But, if you do not want to continue, you can cancel the plan. Keep reading, I am going to add the cancellation guide in the post as well.

What’s Inside SEMrush Free Trial? The Ultimate Features

The only feature that you cannot make use of with a SEMrush free trial account is a historical data check. Apart, you can avail all the features and benefits. Here is the list of features:

Keyword Magic Tool

One of the most amazing yet highly useful tools offered by SEMrush. The keyword magic tool is actually a keyword research tool. With the tool, you can seamlessly find out niche topic ideas as well as long tail keywords.

A wholesome tool to explore all the keyword research processes. In your free trial period, you can use the tool to generate 10 reports per day. After the trial, the limits will change according to the plan you choose.

Keywords Position Tracking

Increasing SERP ranking helps you gain more traffic to your blogs. Knowing the Google SERP position of your targeted keywords is mandatory stuff to work on it further and improvise the ranking.

The keyword position tracking tool in SEMrush toolkit can easily help you track positions for all the keywords of your blogs in one place. 

Location-based keyword position tracking is one feature that might be a big deal for bloggers who target specific countries.

The keywords position will get updates exactly according to the SERP every 24 hours. In your free trial account, you can get to track 10 keywords for each project.

Backlinks Analyzer

Input any domain and get the complete metrics of the list of backlinks built for the domain. You can check your competitor’s backlink profile with the tool. 

An eye-opener feature for you to know where your competitor’s backlinks come from and you can try to build links on the same websites to beat your competitor.

On-Page SEO Checker

There are some sub tools under the online SEO checker, all the tools are helpful for you to understand the errors in your blog on-page and recover them.

You can seamlessly perform SEO site audits with the help of the tool. With the site audit reports generated, you can find out all the errors in your blogs that are being blocked for your ranking improvements.

The listed features are the most amazing features to scale the metrics of any website performance. Apart from the mentioned features, you can avail of even more features in your free trial period.

SEMrush Trial Account Cancellation Guide

Similar to the free trial activation process, SEMrush cancellation process is also very simple.

Step 1: Login to your SEMrush account using your login credentials.

Step 2: On the page, you will find a cancellation form. Fill up the mandatory details and send your cancellation request.

Step 3: Within a few hours, the support team will contact you through your email regarding the cancellation request. Just send your confirmation. 

That’s it. Your subscription will be cancelled soon.

If you feel, that the said step by step process seems to be hard to follow, you have an alternate option too.

Send your cancellation request mail to, and you will receive a reply regarding the cancellation. Just follow the instructions and your plan will be cancelled without hassle.

Remember, if you do not want to charge for your plan, you must request the cancellation of your free trial account before it expires. If the free trial expires, your card will be automatically charged for the plan you choose.

Even if they charged you a plan fee, you still raise your cancellation request as semrush offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

What’s Next? Try SEMrush Alternatives

If you are not satisfied with SEMrush during your free trial account and cancel your subscription, you still have many other toolkits to try that are the best alternatives to SEMrush.

1. Ahrefs

The #1 SEMrush alternative toolkit is undoubtedly Ahrefs. The most popular toolkit Ahrefs offers is almost similar to SEMrush in terms of both pricing plans and features.

With Ahrefs toolkit, you can track keywords ranking position, analyze domains, backlink analysis, keywords research with search volumes and keyword difficulty, competitor domain analysis etc. The data metrics reports generated by Ahrefs tools are accurate.

Talking about the pricing plans, Ahrefs provides four different subscription plans named Lite, Standard, Advanced and Agency.

Lite is a very basic plan that costs $79 per month which is almost $40 less than SEMrush pro account pricing plan.

2. Spyfu

Ahrefs pricing plans are almost similar to SEMrush. But, if you want to try the best SEMrush alternative SEO toolkit in some affordable pricing point that too is below the $50 budget, Spyfu is what you all need.

Keyword research, competitor analysis, influencer marketing and PPC analysis are a part of Spyfu features.

You can generate unlimited reports with Spyfu. When it comes to data accuracy level, Spyfy will not generate results as accurate as SEMrush or Ahrefs, still, Spyfu is one of the best alternatives.

Basic, Professional and Team are the three pricing plans in Spyfu. Basic is very affordable as you can get it for just $33 per month (billed annually). Even in a basic plan, you can do an unlimited number of keyword research without any limitations.

3. MozPro

Another powerful toolkit and better alternative to SEMrush is MozPro. With Moz, you can get to know page optimization scores for any blog post page or website page. Depending on the score, you can work further on the post or page to improve your SERP rankings.

MozPro is often used by bloggers to check the domain authority. This is MozPro’s free feature. 

There is a feature called site crawl test which is nothing but a feature that helps to audit your site pages to find loopholes in the pages. You can fix the errors with recommended suggestions offered by the tool.

Similar to Ahrefs, MozPro offers 4 different premium pricing plans such as Standard, Medium, Large and Premium. Standard is the basic plan starts at $99 per month. The features are limited in the plan.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Does SEMrush offer a free trial?

Yes, the free trial account concept is true in SEMrush. The company currently offers a free trial account to all users.

How long is SEMrush free trial?

You will get a 14 days free trial period, once you are successfully created your account with SEMrush and filled up all the required billing details.

How do I activate a free trial on SEMrush?

The process is straightforward. Just signup for your SEMrush account and into the next process, choose whether you want a pro or guru account. Click the get free trial button and then fill up your credit card details. Your free trial will be activated.

Which SEMrush plan should I choose during my free trial?

There are two plans: ‘Pro’ and ‘Guru’. Both the plans are available to try in the free trial period. If you own a few blogs and want limited reports go for the “Pro” plan.

In the “Guru” plan you can avail yourself of extra benefits. I would recommend you to first try the ‘Pro’ plan, If required more, then upgrade to the higher subscription plan.

Can I start a SEMrush trial without a Credit Card?

No, it’s not possible to avail of a free trial account without a credit card. But, you can cancel your plan at the end of your trial period.

What can I do with SEMrush Guru free account?

You can avail of most of the features in your SEMrush Guru free account but with limitations. You can analyze upto 10 domains and track keyword positions for upto 10 keywords. After the trial, you can uninterruptedly avail yourself of all the features.

How to cancel a SEMrush trial account?

It’s simple. Here is the link to SEMrush trial account cancellation form. Just fill up the details in the form and send a request. Otherwise, you can send cancellation requests by sending mail to The team will look into it and cancel your subscription.

What are the best alternatives to SEMrush?

Mangools, LongTailPro, SE Ranking (review) and Ahrefs are the best alternatives to SEMrush that you could try. Among all, Ahrefs is comparatively one of the best ones. Still, it provides more features and accurate data measurements than Ahrefs.

Final Thoughts On Free Trial SEMrush Account 2024

The SEO toolkit SEMrush is a way-to-go tool for bloggers to measure various metrics of their blogs.

Not just your own blogs, but also you can try to measure any of your competitor domains to find how they are doing.

As said, 14 days free trial period is more than enough for users to know how beneficial SEMrush is. So, try out the 14 days free trial account either in the “Pro” or “Guru” plan and make your decision after availing of all the features and benefits at zero cost for 14 days.

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