Serpstat Free Trial

Serpstat is offering a 7-day free trial account to experience the features in all five modules like rank tracking, backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit and competitor research.

Serpstat is a popular growth hacking tool for SEO and content marketing.

It is a paid toolkit offering four different premium plans such as Lite, Standard, Advanced and Enterprise.

Before purchasing one of the premium plans, you are advised to try Serpstat free trial for 7 days absolutely at ZERO price.

In the blog post, I am explaining everything that you need to know about the Serpstat trial account including the activation process.

Let’s get started.

Serpstat Free Trial 2024: Claim 7-Day Serpstat Free Account

Get your hands on 7-day free access to Serpstat toolkit features and then decide whether the modules and the features offered in the toolset are helpful for you or not.

The all-in-one SEO platform Serpstat is one of the finest choices for individual bloggers, professionals, agencies, eCommerce stores and media platforms to get insights and metrics about their website performance.

Click here to grab your Serpstat free trial or you follow the upcoming section to get activated a Serpstat account at zero price.

How To Activate Serpstat Trial Account For Free?

Follow the easy step by step activation process to get started with the Serpstat trial account.

Step 1: First of all, click on this special link to visit directly to one of the Serpstat website pages where you can start the process to claim your free 7-day trial account.

Step 2: Scroll a little and click on Get free 7-day access. Refer to the image for understanding the step better.

Step 3: You will be taken to the login page. You can sign up using your Facebook or Google account. Otherwise, use your email, password and phone number to create your free Serpstat account. Fill in the details and click Create Account.

Step 4: You will receive an activation email. Click on the verification link in the email. Then, log in to your Serpstat account.

Step 5: Next, you can choose either the Lite plan or the Standard plan in your free trial. As you are just starting, I would recommend Lite Plan.

Step 6: In this step, you have to enter your credit card details and select your country to claim your free 7-day Serpstat Lite plan access. Enter all the details and click start the trial.

That’s it. Congratulations!

Here’s the end of the Serpstat free trial account activation process. You are now ready to get the benefits in your Serpstat free account.

What’s Inside the Serpstat FREE Trial Account? The Ultimate Features

Let’s have a look at some of the ultimate features offered by Serpstat inside the company’s free trial account.

Domain Analysis

One of the features is to analyse the entire performance of the domain.

Input the URL of the domain and choose the country and then hit the search button.

The Serpstat domain analysis toolset will generate a lot of reports in just a single search. Almost, you get to go through everything about the domain.

Search engine visibility score, organic keywords with position, volume and CPC, paid keywords, estimated search traffic, visibility and traffic trend, keyword position distribution, backlinks and competitor keywords can be monitored just with the single domain analysis toolset.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important SEO task that you should follow before writing any blog posts. You can use the Serpstat free trial account to research effective keywords.

To find the search volume, PPC competition, keyword difficulty score, related keywords and trend of the keywords, you can use Serpstat.

There is a unique feature under the Keyword Research tool called Search Suggestion. When you click to explore the feature, you will find all the keyword suggestions related to the seed keyword you input.

Also, another feature is called Search Questions as it does suggest you the questions related to the seed keyword you search for.

URL Analysis

You can analyze any URL with the help of the toolset under Serpstat. You are requested to input the URL and select the country to analyze the URL.

The results generated by the feature are almost the same as what you get from domain analysis. The best thing about the URL analysis feature is that you will be given a set of top-performing pages of the URL you input.

You can open a particular page from the top pages list and monitor the overview of the exact page performance like keywords ranked, position, trend, distribution and so many other metrics.

You can even use the same tool feature for comparing one URL with another URL (domain vs domain) to understand the best and worst in both URLs.

Site Audit

It’s a most common feature that is almost available to use in all the popular SEO toolkits. Site Audit is the tool to analyze the SEO issues in the website.

There are two ways that you can audit your website using the tool. One is that you can find the overall issues in your domain and another one is that you can audit particular pages and find the issues in the page and fix them according to the tool suggestions.

Backlink Analysis

A website with a good backlink profile performs well in search engines. But, how to know what backlinks the website has?

Not to worry, in your Serpstat free trial account, you can do a backlink analysis for the domain of your choice and monitor the backlinks to the domain.

Apart from the common features, there are even more in the form of tools and APIs that you can avail of from your Serpstat free trial account.

The FREE Serpstat Account Cancellation Guide

If you want to avoid getting charged for your Serpstat subscription, you must have to cancel your free trial manually before it expires.

As you have given your credit card details while activating a free trial, you will be charged for the plan you choose in case you failed to cancel.

Just go to your settings page, there you have to disable the recurring billing option to cancel the Serpstat free trial and avoid getting charged.

You need to input your Serpstat password while disabling the recurring billing option.

What’s Next? Try Serpstat Alternatives

There are so many SEO toolkits out there that almost offer the same features as Serpstat and also offer free trial accounts on different conditions.

Among all, I found these three toolkits as the best alternatives to Serpstat.

1. SEMrush

SEMRush is popular worldwide because of the accurate metrics and insights offered by the company while doing any analysis.

When you sign up for SEMRush, you will get to use the SEMRush 7-day free trial period to understand the features.

2. LongTailPro

One of the best keyword research tools that can be your perfect SEO toolkit partner to find thousands of long tail keyword ideas.

In order to test the features of LongTailPro, there is no free option as you have to pay $8 for an 8 days trial account.

3. Mangools

Mangools is affordable as the paid plan starts from $29. The company is offering a 10-day free trial period without the need for a credit card.

If you want to experience a risk-free trial account, you can try Mangools, one of the top alternatives to Serpstat.

FAQs On Serpstat Trial Account

Does Serpstat offer a free trial? And how long is the trial?

Yes, Serpstat is offering a free trial account. You can get free access to either Serpstat Lite or Standard plan for 7 days.

How to sign up for a Serpstat trial account?

It’s easy. Just visit Serpstat website offer page and sign up using your credentials. Login to your account and head to the pricing page where you can activate your free trial.

Can I start a Serpstat free trial without a credit card?

No, you cannot activate your free trial Serpstat account without a credit card.

How do I cancel my Serpstat trial?

In order to cancel, you have to visit the settings page, you will find a recurring billing option there. Just disable the option before your trial ends.

What are the best alternatives to the Serpstat SEO tool?

SEMRush, KWFinder by Mangools, SERanking, SEO Buddy and LongTailPro are some of the best alternatives to the Serpstat SEO tool.

Final Thoughts On Serpstat Free Trial Guide 2024

Serpstat premium plans are not actually affordable for beginners as you have to pay $69 per month to avail of the features with credit limitations.

It may be the best choice for bloggers, individuals and agencies who are already making some good income out of their websites and from their clients. Get your free trial Serpstat account today.

But, there is nothing wrong with trying the Serpstat free trial account as you need not pay anything for the 7 days. Try your hands on and continue to pay only if you are fully satisfied, otherwise, look for alternative options by browsing the best SEO software trials for 2024.

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