SiteGround Renewal Discount Code For Hosting Plans 2021

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Are you looking for SiteGround renewal discount code 2020 to saving money while renewing your hosting plan?

Definitely, yes, that's why you are reading this page to see what's the renewal price of SiteGround renewals.

Well, to be straight, Siteground doesn't offer discounts on renewals or upgrades either it's Shared, Cloud or Reseller hosting services. Even I had mentioned this topic in Siteground offers page.

Not only this hosting but also the majority of web hosting companies like Bluehost, HostGator, Hostinger, WPX Hosting etc. don't offer any discount on web hosting renewals.

Most of all, this is the reason all popular bloggers and affiliate marketers suggest going for a long-term plan to stay away from high renewal costs.

Now you understand why SiteGround doesn't offer a renewal discount?

But wait-wait before press the back button, let me tell you that there are two tricky ways to get your website hosting at a huge discount. These are by:

Let's discuss both of these money-saving tricks one by one.

1. Signing up for a new SiteGround hosting

SiteGround is awesome and I don't want you to goodbye this hosting as it is one of the WordPress recommended companies.

Recently, I have compared Bluehost vs. Dreamhost vs. Siteground, in which I found SiteGround as a winner. That's the point give me a reason to suggest this Hosting for building a first WordPress blog to my readers.

Most of all, as an affiliate partner with SiteGround, I have convinced them to offer a massive discount for my readers using this link.

So, if you really don't want to leave SiteGround, then the best way to sign for a new account on and move your website and blogs to the new hosting server.

By using our link on this page, you will get up to 70% discount on all hosting plans. For more details about this deal and buying guide, we are considered reading this article.

Plan Name

Regular Price

Deal Price


Offer Link













As you can see in the above pricing and discount table, you can save up to $500+ on 3 years hosting billing.

That's a huge saving, right?

So, there is no point in searching for SiteGround renewal discount code. Instead, go for at least a 3-year hosting plan to save huge money the first time purchase.

2. Try SiteGround alternative web hosting

The prime reason behind looking for SiteGround discount code is to save money on hosting renewal.

Though I have discussed the above trick by setting up a new account, if you are not satisfied with that method, then the other verified way to try SiteGround alternatives.

When it comes to choosing the best web hosting company, I have very serious about conducting multi tests. And in the case of SiteGround alternatives, testing speed, features and pricing are very important.

But don't worry, recently, my friend Anil has shared a massive list of best SiteGround competitors and alternatives. Read you can that article or scroll down to see my top 3 recommendations to pick instead of SiteGround Hosting.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the leading and reputable Siteground alternatives, especially for creating a self-hosted WordPress blog or website.

The positive side of Bluehost is that it offers a free domain name with all web hosting plans. All plans come on a yearly basis (Bluehost monthly), including a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WP Blogging 101 readers can enjoy up to 65 discount on Bluehost hosting purchase on shared hosting plans using this link.

  • Click here to read information about Bluehost coupon code and renewal discounts.

2. A2 Hosting

I recommend A2 Hosting, especially for building a website in India because this Hosting has its own local server (A2 Hosting India), which comes with local payment gateways.

A2hosting costs $3.92 (including 51% discount) when you end up purchasing hosting for a minimum of 1 year using this exclusive link.

  • Click here to know more about A2 hosting discount offers and deals for 2020.

3. Hostgator

HostGator hosting is known as one of the most trustable and user-friendly web hosting for WordPress blogging.

It offers similar features like Bluehost at a bit cost, in which you get a free domain name, SSL Certificates, WordPress installer, cPanel (control panel) etc.

As a WP Blogging 101, you can get Hostgator hosting at a 60% discount using coupon code WPBLOGGING101 through this link.

  • Click here to know more about Hostgator discount offers and renewal prices for 2020.

FAQs on SiteGround renewal discount code 2020

1. Why SiteGround offer a renewal discount?

The very first point is that SiteGround is a reputed web hosting company on the internet and other reasons majority of hosting providers doesn't offer renewal discount too.

2. Can I save money by purchasing SiteGround Hosting via different accounts?

Yes, you can sign up for a new account on SiteGround using this link, in which you will get a flat 70% off on GrowBig hosting purchase.

3. What will happen if I don't renew SiteGround Hosting on time?

If Hosting expires, then your website will not load. Ultimately it will impact your search ranking and heavy loss in the organic traffic.

Your SiteGround account will be deleted after 7 days of the expiry date and you will also lose all the backups as well. In short, these 7 days are a grace period for you to renew your hosting plan.

4. Can I renew my Hosting before the due date?

Yes and definitely, you have to pay the next bill before hosting renewal due date. Once expired, your website wouldn't load.

5. Can I use alternative Hosting instead of renewing my existing SiteGround Plan?

Definitely. Even I use the same trick too. Though there is no SiteGround renewal discount code available, so you can try the below-listed alternatives.


I hope this tutorial has covered all information facts related to SiteGround renewal discount and prices 2020.

If you want to buy Siteground hosting with a new account, kindly use my affiliate link and get a flat 70% discount or read this article to see what are other related web hostings.

For more information or suggestions, you can leave a comment in the section below. I would love to assist you with the respective answers.

siteground renewal discount

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