Hosting Finder

Using this website hosting lookup tool, you can easily check who is hosting this website, IP address, nameserver, location and many more.

Do you ever want to know, how to find out who is hosting a website? If so, our web hosting checker tool can help you to detect a website hosting service.

The Hosting Finder is totally free software built and maintained by WP Blogging 101, which shows 100% accurate information about the web host for a specific domain name.

Free Website Hosting Finder & Detector

hosting finder

WP Blogging 101 free website host checker tool allows you to explore a particular website hosted in a few seconds.

With the help of this tool, you can easily detect your website hostname, IP address, nameservers, location, country, etc.

Thus, a new website learner can easily find the correct information about a website hosting service provider of competitors’ use and where they are located.

How To Use Website Hosting Lookup Tool?

If you want to detect where a website is hosted, then use our hosting checker tool by following the steps below.

✅ Step 1: Insert Your URL

The Hosting Finder tool helps you to detect a site host in a few seconds. Just copy the website URL and fill in the search box.

✅ Step 2: Interpreting The Results

In a few moments, it will show the complete details of the website, such as:

  • web hosting service name,
  • IP server address,
  • location (country or city),
  • ownership whois (owner details with a link)
  • nameservers list,
  • and top web hosting services list.

📣 Note: This process will take less than 5 seconds to appear respective results. In any case, if it takes more time then probably it is you can refresh the page and search again to find out who is hosting the website.

HostingFinder FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Check out what users and website learners are questioning about the website HostingFinder.

What is Hosting Finder and how does it work?

HostingFinder is a web-based tool developed by WP Blogging 101 that helps users to find who is hosting a website. It means, with the help of this host lookup software, you can detect where a website is hosted along with some useful information such as IP address, nameservers, whois record (with link) and a list of top hosts.

Why this tool is required?

It is hardly required! Because this hosting lookup tool provides the most accurate results and gives you crucial information about the site: web hosting, IP address, nameservers etc.

How to detect a web host using this tool?

Using our tool is too easy – all you have is to enter the domain URL (link) that is loading, then press the arrow search button, and it will do the rest. Please note that at this moment, it’s unable to determine subdomains or subfolders of a domain e.g.

How does HostingFinder compare to other web hosting search tools?

Compared to other website hosting search tools, Hosting Finder has several advantages. 

Firstly, it is completely ads free.

Additionally, it provides detailed information on each detected web hosting provider, including server address, nameserver details, whois information and so on.

Is Hosting Finder free to use, or are there any fees associated with using the tool?

The HostingFinder is completely free to use. Users can access the tool and receive recommendations without any fees or charges.

Can Hosting Finder help me find a hosting provider that is suitable for my specific website needs?

Yes, we have concluded a list of the top 3 web hosting of 2023, that meets every person looking for an affordable host. This makes it easier for users to start a blog with a reliable hosting service that meets their specific requirements.

Why is this hosting detector showing different results from another tool?

Most of the big websites like Amazon or Netflix host their websites in multiple data centres across the world. That is why this website hosting checker detects different results.

Why is it saying Invalid Query?

In general, the Invalid Query displays because the site is definitely down or the domain is not available right now. In such a situation, you should definitely check a website or not first before checking where it has been hosted.

Does Hosting Finder offer any customer support or assistance in selecting a hosting provider?

Yes, HostingFinder offers customer support and assistance in selecting a hosting provider. Users can contact WP Blogging 101 for help with any questions or issues related to the tool or selecting a hosting provider.

How often is the information on Hosting Finder updated to ensure that the search results are current and relevant?

The information on HostingFinder is regularly updated to ensure that the search results are current and relevant. WP Blogging 101 regularly researches and reviews hosting providers to ensure that the recommendations provided by the tool are accurate and up-to-date.

Final Thoughts On Website Hosting Finder Tool

Here, I’ve put together why Hosting Finder tool has been developed and how you can use it to detect a piece of host information for free.

In the last, I would like to say again, that this host checker is 100% free and you can use this hosting detector anytime, even without giving any personal information.

P. S. WP Blogging 101 has a lot of articles about folks interested in getting into blogging and WordPress. I have tutorials, guides, and hosting reviews here, that you may be interested in checking out.