While browsing the internet, you may see tons of attractive and eye-catching blogs and websites built on WordPress CMS (content management system).

Have you ever wondered how a particular WordPress website has been designed? What are the themes and plugins they are using behind the scene?

If so, this is the time, where this WordPress Theme Detector tool comes to play, and can help you to check out what wp theme is that a site is using.

What is WordPress Theme Detector?

The WordPress Theme Detector is a free tool developed by WP Blogging 101 community, just for you to find out what themes & plugins a WordPress blog is using.

Meanwhile, with the help of this tool, you can detect the complex blueprint of a WordPress site in a simple table of information and indeed, you can duplicate the design and functionality on your project too.

Please, keep in mind that this scanner tool only works for websites built on WordPress. However, you can also browse the best themes and must-have plugins to make the most of your WordPress blogging.

How To Use WordPress Theme Detector Tool?

Using our free WordPress theme discovery tool is too easy – just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Insert Your URL

The WordPress Theme Detector software allows you to find out the theme and plugins name used/installed by the WordPress site. Just copy the website/blog URL and start scanning.

wordpress theme detector

Step 2: Interpreting The Results

In a few moments, it will show the theme name, description (if available), the current version, the author of the theme, and a complete list of all plugins, that are installed.

wordpress theme detector

Note: You can scan only sites using WordPress CMS using this tool. If there’s a site that is using a different website platform Zyro, you will see a scan error message, “xyz.com is not using WordPress“.

What WordPress Theme Is That?

In general terms, a “theme” is a product that is used to design a WordPress site. Actually, when you create a self-hosted WordPress site with a stable web hosting service, your first job is to choose the best WordPress theme, whether it could be a free theme or a paid one (recommended).

In short, I say, a WordPress theme is a set of files that help a WP website be interactive, logical, useful to users, and functional.

You may interested to know, that there are over 9K free themes are available on WordPress repository, you can start using them for free and later when you have a good budget, you can upgrade it to a paid plan.

You know WP Blogging 101 had also designed with Kadence free theme (review) in the early days and later I moved to its paid plan Kadnece Pro Addon (premium plugin) lifetime bundle (explore the in-depth comparison between Kadence free vs pro) during the Black Friday sale at a 40% discount price.

Apart from that, there are some themes available only on popular external marketplaces e.g. ThemeForest. Even, some developers are selling elegantly designed themes like Thrive Themes and Divi by Elegant Themes directly via their website.

What WordPress Plugin Is That?

A WordPress plugin is a type of software that “plugs into” your WordPress site. With the help of plugins can add new functionality or extend existing functionality on your site.

In short, using effective plugins on your site can ultimately create virtually any kind of website, from fashion sites, and eCommerce stores to portfolios to directory sites.

Similar to the themes repository, there are tons of free plugins available in WordPress plugins library. You can install and start using any of them on your WordPress blog.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions (with answers) related to WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector tool that you might be interested to know.

Is WordPress Theme Detector tool free?

Yes. This theme checker tool is 100% free.

Should I need to provide any details before using WP Detector?

Not REALLY. You just need to enter the website URL (domain name) and leave everything on the tool. In a moment, all theme and plugins details will be displayed on your screen.

How accurate are plugins and theme results?

The tool provides the most accurate results detection possible if you’re scanning a site running on WordPress.

Does it also check hosting information?

Unfortunately, WordPress Theme Checker doesn’t check hosting information. Hopefully, there is another free tool, “Hosting Finder“,  you can use free to check who is hosting a website.

Final Thoughts On WordPress Theme & Plugins Detector

Here, I’ve put together how to find what wp theme is using that website using the WP Theme Detector tool. Plus some additional information to help you how to make use of this scanner.

Once again I say, this WP Detector is a 100% free scanner and you can use this software to detect as many WordPress websites as you want.

I hope you found my WordPress Theme Detector tool useful. If you did, then please consider subscribing to my newsletter or joining my Facebook Group to gain extra knowledge about WordPress and blogging.