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Moz Pro will be the best SEO toolkit to monitor the performance of your websites. With the performance metrics, you can work on more strategies to improve your organic traffic.

This is an exclusive guide on Ubersuggest Free Trial.

If you are bothering about generating more organic traffic to your website by winning the SEO game, you must definitely look at Ubersuggest.

In this blog post, I am explaining the details of Ubersuggest free trial, which also includes the following subtopics:

  • Everything about the Ubersuggest 7-day free trial account
  • How to activate the Ubersuggest trial account for free?
  • The ultimate features of a free Ubersuggest account
  • In-depth Ubersuggest account cancellation guide
  • Top 3 alternatives to Ubersuggest by Neil Patel
  • FAQs on Ubersuggest trials & free accounts

Without further delay, let’s get started.

Ubersuggest Free Trial 2024: Get 7-Day Ubersuggest Free Account

Ubersuggest is a popular SEO toolkit owned by Neil Patel who is one of the most successful bloggers in the world.

Soon after the launch, Ubersuggest becomes too popular worldwide mainly because of these reasons:

  • It is a beginner-friendly SEO tool
  • The most affordable pricing structure
  • You can do 3 searches per day for free [no trial subscription required]
  • Offering a great set of features
  • Lots more

Ubersuggest is currently offering a 7-day free trial to all new users to experience the prominent features offered in the tool. Click here to claim your Ubersuggest free account now.

You can do a lot more analysis with your Ubersuggest free account for the first 7 days. It’s a risk-free plan that you can cancel anytime.

How To Activate The Ubersuggest Trial Account For Free?

Step 1: Visit https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ and on the top, click on the pricing tab.

Step 2: On the pricing page, you will see different plans and the prices of the plans as well. Under each plan, you could see an option called Start My Free Trial. If you are a new visitor, click on the button under the Individual plan.

Step 3: You will be taken to the account registration page. Enter your full name, email and password and then tick the checkboxes and click register. Another way, you can simply to sign up using your Gmail account.

Step 4: Entering step 4, choose the monthly plan as there will be no free trial for the lifetime plan. Enter your credit or debit card details and then click Start My Free Trial.

Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked your Ubersuggest 7-day free trial account and are now ready to avail yourself of all the benefits.

What’s Inside Ubersuggest FREE Trial Account? The Ultimate Feature

You will get limited access to most of the SEO tools for a single website in the Ubersuggest 7-day free trial period.

Find SEO Opportunities

You can add a project (single domain) to your Ubersuggest account dashboard and analyze everything about the website in the project.

While adding a project, you can add some keywords to see the performance and your competitors to see how they are performing in search engine result pages.

The reports include keywords ranked for the website, estimated organic traffic, estimated value, backlinks to the website and your competitor’s performance.

You will be given suggestions on top SEO opportunities for your website.

By seeing the opportunities, you can work on the recommended strategies to improve the keyword rankings position.

Full Website Audit

One of the features that are almost offered by all SEO toolkits. Ubersuggest’s full website audit feature helps you identify and fix the SEO issues on your site.

You will be given an overview of your website’s SEO health. With the report, you may know what SEO issues impact your website traffic.

The tool will suggest you easy to follow instructions by which you can simply fix all the SEO issues in your website and improve your ranking positions.

Keyword Analysis

There are five different analyses that you can avail of with just the Keywords tool during your Ubersuggest free trial period.

  1. Keywords Overview: The tool lets you get a detailed overview of the keyword you input. You just have to input the keyword, language and target country as well. The tool will give you everything about the keyword such as search volume, trends and keyword difficulty score.
  2. Keyword Ideas: You can either search by keywords or search by the website to find so much of keyword ideas to cover in your blog post.
  3. Keywords by Traffic: You can enter a link and find the keywords that are ranked for the particular link with various aspects such as trends, volume and KD.
  4. Similar Websites: The best tool to analyze your competitors. You just have to enter your domain. The reports will be generated with links to your competitors and the common keywords ranking on your domain and your competitor’s domain as well.
  5. Content Ideas: If you are running sort of content creation ideas, you can use this feature. Input keywords of your choice and the tool will generate your topic ideas.

Backlinks Overview & Opportunity

Monitoring your domain backlinks on a frequent basis is the best SEO practice to understand your backlinks profile.

By inputting your domain URL, you can go through the backlinks profile along with referring domains and link history.

You can use your competitor’s domain to see their backlinks profile and find opportunities to create similar backlinks as your rivals.

Traffic Overview

To analyze the whole traffic of your domain, the particular toolset plays a key role. You just have to input the domain URL or any page links and then choose the country.

The tool will generate the traffic overview reports including traffic over time, top pages and top keywords of the domain as well.

So, you can easily know your website traffic and act accordingly for better improvisation.

Ubersuggest Free Account Cancellation Guide

It’s an easy process.

Log in to your Ubersuggest account. On the left-hand side, you will see an option called Account & Billing, click on it.

Under the billing section, there is an option to cancel the subscription. Click on it and your Ubersuggest subscription will be cancelled.

Ubersuggest free trial account is risk-free and you can cancel at any time. Remember, the free trial is only for the users who choose to pay monthly billings.

For annual and lifetime subscribers, there is no free trial. But, you can request money-back within 30 days if not satisfied.

What’s Next? Try Ubersuggest Alternatives

Ubersuggest is undoubtedly one of the best choices for beginners as the toolset is user-friendly as well as pricing is affordable. You can get your hands on a paid plan for just $12 a month.

Still, if you are looking for some alternatives to Ubersuggest, here they are:

1. SEMrush

SEMrush s offering a 7-day free trial to new users to test the features.

For the most accurate metrics, insights and reports, SEMRush is what you need. One of the top alternatives to Ubersuggest.

Compared with Ubersuggest, the prices are damn high as you have to spend around 99 USD monthly to avail SEMRush SEO toolkit features.

But, it’s worth the money as there are no tools in the world that provide reports and metrics as accurate as SEMRush.

2. Long Tail Pro

The other best long tail keyword planner tool is LongTailPro. You can gather hundreds of long tail keywords in less than a minute with the help of the most popular SEO toolkit.

Again, the pricing structure of the tool is high compared with Ubersuggest. You have to pay $297 annually to avail yourself of the features of the tool. Almost 2.5 times higher than Ubersuggest.

But, if you have enough budget, the tool will be the better choice. No free trial is applicable in Long Tail Pro.

3. Mangools

If you are looking for an affordable Ubersuggest alternative that too in the same pricing range, Mangools must be your top pick.

It’s cheaper and more friendly, almost the same as Neil Patels Ubersuggest. You will get to use a 10-day free trial account at Mangools.

FAQs On Ubersuggest Trial Account

Does Ubersuggest offer a free trial? And how long is it?

Yes, Ubersuggest is offering a free trial to all users. It’s a 7-day free trial period by which you can avail yourself of all the features with limited access.

How to activate a free account on Ubersuggest?

Once your account is registered, just log in and head to the pricing page. Under the Individual plan, click start my free trial and provide the mandatory details to activate a free account on UberSuggest.

Can I start an Ubersuggest free trial without a credit card?

No, you can’t. You must need to input either your credit card or debit card details to activate your Ubersuggest 7-day trial account.

How do I cancel my Ubersuggest trial?

Log in to your account. Under the billing section, you find a button for cancelling a subscription. Click on it to instantly cancel your Ubersuggest free trial and avoid getting charged.

What are the best alternatives to Ubersuggest SEO tool?

SEMRush, SE Ranking, KWFinder by Mangools, LongTailProAhrefs and Moz are the three best alternatives to try if you do not feel better with Ubersuggest.

Final Thoughts On Ubersuggest Free Trial Guide 2024

Undoubtedly, Ubersuggest is affordable and offers great analysis features via its different toolsets.

I would suggest you try Ubersuggest free trial account now, try all the features with your domain and keywords and go through the generated reports and metrics.

With the reports, you will definitely find so much good stuff to understand your website performance. If satisfied, just continue, if not, you can cancel anytime and check out more SEO tools free trials.

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