WPX Hosting Affiliate Program Review 2024

Product Name: WPX Hosting

Product Type: Managed WordPress Hosting

Joining Cost – Free to Sign Up

Commission – Up To $140/sale

Summary – In my review, I find WPX Hosting affiliate program is the best partner program. It has a ZERO cost joining fee and each successful referral rewards you $70 to $100 depending on how much sales you generate each month.

Join WPX Hosting Affiliate Program

WPX Hosting is the ultimate solution for experiencing faster, better, and secure web hosting for your WordPress websites or blogs.

Though there are tons of web hosting providers on the Internet, WPX Hosting comes to play when you need indeed cloud servers or managed WordPress hosting at affordable prices. To know more about plans and pricing, visit wpxhosting.com.

Reading this comprehensive WPX Hosting affiliate program review is all about showing you how to make money by promoting WPXhosting services anywhere on the Internet.

Here, I have covered lessons on:

Before I started my review, let me tell you, here at WP Blogging 101, I personally recommend WPX Hosting for managed WordPress hosting and cloud hostings solutions.

On top of that, they are offering a flat 25% instant discount for WP Blogging 101 using coupon code – Q7AMIWU8J31E1. Remember, this offer is valid only on a monthly basis billings.

Ready to start a review? Let’s dive in.

WPX Hosting affiliate review 2024

wpx hosting

WPX Hosting is the lowest cost managed WordPress hosting provider compared to A2 Hosting (affiliate program review), SiteGround (partner program review), Hostinger (see 90% OFF deal), and other popular web hosting companies on the Internet.

Most of all, it offers an affiliate program for bloggers and affiliate marketers to make money by promoting their services.

Generally, WPX Hosting pays $70 per referral. But the commission rate grows up to $100 when you make a decent amount of sales per month.

Below is the complete list of commission rates depending on the number of sales per month.

  • 1 – 25 referrals – $70 commissions per referral
  • 26 – 100 referrals – $85 commissions per referral
  • 101+ referrals – $100 commissions per referral
Join WPX Hosting Affiliate Program & Start Earning

All I say, this is a great opportunity for bloggers and affiliate marketers like me to make a decent amount of money from WPX Hosting referral software.

Why should you join WPX Hosting affiliate program in 2024?

First things first. WPXhosting partner program is unconditionally free to join, and there is no limit to earnings.

It means you can generate revenue as much you can by promoting their managed WordPress hosting services.

Here are some other reasons that make worthy promoting A2hosting services:

  • Join Free: It’s totally free to join WPX Hosting affiliate program that takes 5 to 10 minutes only. It means, either you generate any sale or not, it is worth signing up right now.
  • Big Commissions: $70 per sale even if someone either purchases a monthly hosting or go for an annual plan.
  • Popularity: It has been proudly recommended by popular brands like Thrive Themes, BloggerPassion, Authority Hacker.
  • Unlimited Earnings: With WPX Hosting affiliate program, you can generate an unlimited amount of sales every month. That means, no limit of earnings.
  • 60-day Cookie: Your affiliate link click has 60 days cookie period. If a user clicks on your affiliate link and purchase the hosting not that same day but within the next 60 days, you will still earn a referral commission.

How to join WPX Hosting affiliate program?

Joining is 100% free. All you need to follow the step mentioned below:

Step 1: The very first step is to visit wpxhosting.com/affiliates and click on the button saying, “Start Earning“.

wpx hosting affiliate program

Step 2: Add your account information e.g. Name, Email, Country, Account Type (personal recommended), Postal Code etc.

join wpx hosting affiliate progarm

Step 3: Review your information (mentioned in the 2nd step) and tap on the Submit button.

In a few moments, your WPX Hosting account will be registered. Even, the system will send you a confirmation email.

After receiving E-Mail, you can straightaway start promoting WPX Hosting services on your blog, website, or social network platforms.

Important points to know before start promoting WPXhosting services

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you have some responsibilities (terms and conditions) before placing WPX Hosting affiliate links.

  • Buying hosting from own affiliate link is not allowed.
  • You can’t send direct traffic to WPXhosting any page via ads.
  • Neither you can claim any of WPXhosting services is yours nor authorized material.
  • Cashback schemes or promotional rewards are not allowed on behalf of asking the user to make purchases from your affiliate link.

Earning potential of WPX Hosting affiliate program in 2024

Till now, we have almost completed 50% topic of WPX Hosting affiliate program review. Now it’s time to see how much money you can make each month from this referral program?

Hopefully, WPX Hosting affiliate program allows you to generate as many sales you want each month. That means there is no limit on making money through it.

Moreover, more successful sales in each month will increase your commission rates. Here are the exact calculations of the commission structure as the sales increase each month.

  • 1 – 25 sales: $70/sale
  • 25 – 100 sales: $85/sale
  • 100+ sales: $100/sale (100 X $100=$10,000)

$10,000+ with a single affiliate program?…That’s a huge income, right?

Let’s discuss how much time it will take to receive a payout to your PayPal account (PayPal is the only way to get paid your commissions).

Generally, WPX Hosting reviews and analysis your commissions within 30 to 35 days of the purchase date and send payment.

It means the purchase you generate in February month (any date), payouts will be sent on April 1st date.

How to promote WPXhosting services to for making maximum revenue?

Being an affiliate marketer since 2016, I have experienced these four methods are the best way to increase affiliate sales listed below.

Setup a new blog with WPX Hosting

In 2024, there is so much competition in every niche. So everyone who wants to make money faster from blogging, especially in affiliate marketing, then starting a niche website is a brilliant idea.

Honesty, WPX Hosting is costly as it is an all-in-one solution for managed WordPress hosting, including:

  • Less price than A2hosting, Hostgator and SiteGround
  • World’s fastest CDN with 3X more speed and power
  • Unlimited free website migrations, generally Bluehost costs $99 for this service
  • Month to month web hosting plans
  • 4.9 G2 satisfaction score out of 5
  • Full backup manager in all hosting plans
  • Free malware security and virus removal
  • No extra cost on renewals
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 

The other good this that it doesn’t cost you much when you are making a purchase through WP Blogging 101 exclusive link.

Generally, they charge $24.99 per month, but visiting through our affiliate link, you can claim a 25% instant discount using Q7AMIWU8J31E1 code. Remember, this coupon code is valid only on monthly plans.

Build a 10x content strategy

Content is king! This is the most known sentence and 100% certified on the behalf of the previous 10 years of blogging statistics. Moreover, it always takes time to build an authority blog.

So, instead of starting a separate blog for promoting WPXhosting services, it is another way to write 10x content on your existing WordPress blog or website.

And don’t forget to generate backlinks as there are tons of affiliate marketers promoting this hosting.

Building high-quality backlinks do not only help you to create an authority blog but rank your posts and pages at the top position of the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Here are some most useful topics to write about WPXhosting services:

  • Create a review post is a great blog post idea for generating affiliate sales and tell readers why you recommend this hosting.
  • Write list posts on managed WordPress hostings, including WPXhosting as your personal recommendation.
  • Create a rocket-solid guide on starting a blog with WPX hosting.
  • Create a page about WPX Hosting discount and promotional offers.

Drive traffic from Quora

Quora is not only a Q&A platform but one of the most known way out of those verified instant traffic driven strategies to receive enormous amounts of pageviews for a longer-term.

To get started with Quora, create a rocket-solid profile introduction mentioning your blog link in the description. It will attract readers to visit your site whenever they land on your Quora profile.

The most important thing to do here is to be as helpful as possible for others. And don’t add links front the day one.

In fact, try to attract some followers and readers. Then start including links within your answers. So that users can read more information they want.

Share your content on social networks

The last one most effective way to build high-converting traffic is sharing your links on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Place social sharing buttons at the top and bottom of the posts & pages. So if a reader likes your article, he/she can easily share your post in his social circle.

Here at WP Blogging 101, I use premium Social Snap Plugin to place beautiful social sharing buttons. To get the plugin, use this link or read this article to claim a 30% instant discount.

FAQs on WPX Hosting affiliate program

1. How much does it cost to join WPX Hosting affiliate program?

ZERO. Yes, you can sign up for WPX Hosting referral program at zero cost.

2. Do I need to purchase hosting before start joining WPX Hosting affiliate program?

No, either you are a WPX Hosting customer or not, you can start promoting their services.

3. How much can I earn?

As the sky has no limit, the same with this partner program. You can earn as much you want.

4. Can I buy from my own affiliate links?

No. Buying from your own affiliate link is against the policy.

5. Can I cloak WPX Hosting affiliate link and how?

Yes, you can cloak your referral link. Here at  WP Blogging 101, I use Thirsty Affiliates premium plugin. However, the free version has incredible features too.

6. What’s the minimum payout and payment method?

There is no minimum threshold in WPX Hosting affiliate program. And the payouts go to your PayPal account after 35 days of the purchase date at the 1st date of every month.

7. What is the duration of the cookies?

WPXhosting offers 60 days long cookies period.

Bottom lines on WPX Hosting affiliate program review

Honestly, WPX hosting referral program is being less known but a high-potential earning source in affiliate marketing for a couple of years.

In this WPX Hosting affiliate program review, I have tried my best to cover everything that you need to know before joining this program.

Join WPX Hosting Affiliate Program Free

Let me know if you have more questions or suggestions regarding this review article via the comments below. I would love to assist you with further queries.

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