Welcome to our FTC Affiliate Disclosure page.

I believe in transparency in what I do and what I provide.

So here, I have written a disclosure of how I use this blog to provide information related to WordPress and Blogging.

FTC Affiliate Disclosure Policy

Let’s explore the affiliate disclaimer policy introducing WP Blogging 101 motive.

WP Blogging 101 was founded in 2016 (with the name harpreetkumar.com) with one motive to make WordPress blogging easy, understandable, and knowledgeable for everyone.

The main motive is to educate people while choosing the right WordPress tools and training. For example:

  • Best web hosting
  • Best WordPress themes
  • Best WordPress plugins
  • Best email marketings
  • And so on…

These (above) things are crucial for success. No matter what business you are going to start (or run) online, choosing the best

WordPress blogging tools and resources can build an empire in 2024. This is where WP Blogging 101 comes to play.

Here, I recommend you the best resources that REALLY need for your online business.

How Does WP Blogging 101 Collect Funds?

WP Blogging 101 resources are 100% free. And, I don’t ask you to pay for a reading and learning from our articles here, and never be.

But it operates as an online business. And I have plenty of monthly liabilities such as:

  • Web Hosting expenses
  • Email software charges
  • Security services payments etc.

These are all expenses I manage through affiliate earnings.

Let’s talk about affiliate link disclosure.

Affiliate Links

Note: Our affiliate disclosure is in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s guide (FTC) to avoid any misunderstanding for visitors to our website.

As said earlier: WP Blogging 101 tutorials are unique, fresh and 100% free.

It means you don’t have to pay a penny to browse our content or services.

To earn money from my content, I add affiliate links to the services or products recommended on this site.

This generates a commission as a thank you from the product manager for sending them a customer, such as:

Actually, when you click on these links, I earn a commission for sending a customer to the product owner.

Again, you will not charge a penny extra when you purchase through our affiliate links. Besides, we help you save money, by buying through our affiliate links.

Bottom Lines

So, this is all my affiliate disclosure policy.

One Small Request: If you find our tutorials and guides helpful, please help us earn some money by purchasing through our affiliate links.

If you have any questions regarding this disclosure, please do not hesitate to drop a message to me through the contact page.

FTC Disclosure: WP Blogging 101 content is reader-supported. This means if you click on some of our links and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you – Read Affiliate Disclosure