Welcome to my UPDATED Bluehost Review tutorial for July 2024.

The majority of reviews around the web are outdated (2019 or earlier), sugar-coated, or misleading.

This is not one of them…

Here, I’m going to be brutally honest, analytical while writing this Bluehost web hosting review tutorial.

I bet, by the end, you’ll know everything necessary information to make a proper decision, whether Bluehost is the right hosting for you or not.

Personally, I believe Bluehost is the best web hosting for starting a WordPress blog or website in July 2024. Why I say this, you will understand after completed reading this tutorial.

Let’s dive into the review.

What I’ll Cover in My 2024 Bluehost Review?

bluehost review

Inside this detailed tutorial, I will be including:

  • Bluehost best features
  • Pros & cons
  • Pricing and renewal cost
  • Special discount offer ($2.65/mo)
  • Whether or not I recommend it
  • Lots more…

Before starting writing, I spent hours finding in-depth details about this hosting. So, I can deliver the best information to you.

This Bluehost review tutorial takes 10 to 15 minutes to read (4500+ words). Yes, that might be a lot of reading, but believe me, I shared the necessary information you need to know about Bluehost hosting before making a purchase.

So, before you open your wallet and pay hard-earned money for this hosting, it’s worth reading. I bet, in the end, you will find yourself lucky.

👉 Jump to “My Overall Bluehost Review” section.

P.S. If you have any questions or suggestions about this tutorial, I am more than happy to assist you. You can get in touch with me anytime and ask for free advice.

Let’s start the review.

My Honest Bluehost Review July 2024

At the first point, let’s take a look at the company itself.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah, in 2003. It steadily grew & become one of the most searched WordPress hosting companies worldwide.

Don’t believe me?

See Google Trends data report (this screenshot was taken on October 28th, 2020).

bluehost review google trends

Not only in Google Trends but also I found similar results on popular keyword research tools too.

Ahrefs data shows keyboard analysis for 5 prime web hosting providers (Bluehost, SiteGround, Dreamhost, Hostgator & Hostinger) search queries in United States.

bluehost review ahrefs

SEMrush had the same results when I compared it with other popular web hosting providers.

Google Keyword Planner also displayed Bluehost a rocking web hosting company in India, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

bluehost review keyword planner

Most of all, Bluehost is a reputed brand name in WordPress web hosting industry, powering over 2 million websites worldwide.

That’s why WordPress officially announced it (in 2006) as a recommended host for building websites & blogs.

When To Use Bluehost Web Hosting?

Bluehost offers unbeatable services, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat. It’s suitable for serious WordPress projects. If you need more power, you can upgrade to higher plans (e.g. VPS or dedicated) anytime.

I especially recommend it for:

  • Creating self-hosted WordPress sites
  • Online eCommerce stores
  • Large corporate websites
  • Developers and designers that want quality & good support
  • Those are looking for features like FREE domain, SSD storage etc.
  • In general, anything that will require high-performance solutions

When Not To Use Bluehost Hosting?

Even though Bluehost adapts to many profiles, but in some cases, it might not be the best option. For example:

  • If you are looking for a cheap hosting
  • If you want cloud-based servers like HostArmada or Nexcess Hosting
  • If you need a big space hosting (Hostinger) with a small budget

Everything you need for WordPress Hosting: quick and secure, free domain name & SSL certificates, guaranteed 99.99% uptime, feature-rich WordPress hosting solution.

Start Now

What Bluehost Offers? In-depth Services Review

Bluehost is a perfect place to host your website with ZERO downtime promise. Let’s see what’s inside Bluehost services.

Shared Hosting

When it comes to shared hosting, Bluehost is considering the #1 web hosting company in the market, and the level of competition.

It has unbeatable services, and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat, especially if you are a beginner blogger and looking for the cheapest web hosting plan on Bluehost.

You can start with it’s Basic Plan and later upgrade to one of the higher package (e.g. Plus or Choice Plus). I especially recommend it to those looking for:

  • Creating WordPress blogs or websites
  • Free domain name with hosting purchase
  • Unlimited websites usage & bandwidth
  • High-quality customer support
  • Premium addons (e.g. domain privacy, site backups etc.)

WordPress Hosting

Bluehost WordPress Hosting is some kind of hosting for building WordPress websites (almost similar to shared hosting services).

Signing up for this hosting offer you a fast, easy, and secure WordPress experience. It includes automatic WordPress install and updates, free SSL Certificate included, and free domain name for 1st year.

You can go for a WordPress hosting plan, if:

  • Don’t want to stress the burden of regular updates
  • Need truly secured support from customers
  • Want to use free Bluehost themes on your site

WP Pro Managed Hosting

We can create a WordPress site using shared or WordPress hosting. But some websites require more resources to deliver a positive user experience.

To make this happened, Bluehost WP Pro Managed hosting come to play. It’s a type of hosting that helps your site to load faster and perform better.

In simple words, WP Pro hosting is an all-in-one marketing center dashboard that comes with powerful SEO and email marketing tools.

Remember, WP Pro Managed hosting is a bit expensive. I recommend it only if you:

  • Want to host your website on a server optimized for WordPress
  • Need automated website backups
  • Looking for optional automated WordPress software, plugin, and theme updates
  • Really meant to get unlimited bandwidth or storage limits

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In Bluehost VPS hosting, you’ll get a dedicated server to maintain your website files and data, so your site loads faster even there are thousands of visitors come to the site at the same moment.

The Bluehost virtual private servers are built from the ground up using all SSD storage. It means you will enjoy more power, flexibility, and control for your websites.

Compared to other hosting services, VPS hosting is a bit expensive. So, I strongly recommend you to sign up for this only if you:

  • Want incredible website performance even in a heavy traffic situation
  • Looking for full access to CentOS, giving you complete control of your hosting server
  • Need 24/7 access to in-house VPS team, or customer support

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a service that allows users to rent out entire dedicated servers. Using this service is ideal if your site is growing fastly, or already has a high-traffic website.

The majority of the other web hosting providers, Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting plans are also the most expensive.

The reason behind this is it an in-house hosting system, and the expert team is always on hand to help answer your questions.

You can go for the Bluehost Dedicated Servers Hosting if you:

  • Takes website security is your first priority
  • Expect consistently high levels of traffic
  • Need page load time to be lightning fast
  • Want custom programming options

eCommerce Hosting

The eCommerce or WooCommerce hosting is a type of service that is highly optimized for building online stores or WooCommerce websites like Amazon or Flipkart.

With the power of Bluehost eCommerce hosting, you can convert your WordPress based website into a professional-looking WooCommerce store.

However, you can build an online store using shared or WordPress hosting but diving in with eCommerce plans give your online store up & running in no time.

Bluehost eCommerce Hosting is highly recommended when you:

  • Need a secure payment gateway
  • Want to set up a fully customizable online store
  • Need special support for E-commerce based sites

Email Hosting

Email hosting is another service that I can’t miss to mention in this Bluehost review. It’s a type of hosting that Bluehost rents out email servers to its users.

You e can create a free business or professional email account with any Bluehost web hosting plan, but for many email users, paid hosting is wholly unnecessary.

That’s why Bluehost provides this service separately so that users can take advantage of the flexibility and power of professional email services such as:

  • Effective email forwarding and receiving
  • 100% flexibility to send the custom messaging
  • Global access via the Internet
  • Shared contact list and calendaring
  • Allowance for synchronizing tasks, contacts, and calendars

Domain Registrations

Apart from the above genuine email & hosting plans, Bluehost also deals with domain registration services.

There are two ways to get your domain registered on Bluehost: either buy a web hosting plan or register separately.

If you decide to purchase web hosting from Bluehost, you are eligible for a free domain name for the 1st year, and then $15.95 yearly cost applies.

Similarly, if you plan to register a domain separately, then it will cost you a minimum of $1.99/year onwards. All prices are different depending on the domain extensions.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates stands for Secure Sockets Layer, commonly called TLS. It enables websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure.

A website needs an SSL certificate to keep user data secure and gain user trust by displaying the address bar’s padlock.

Hopefully, Bluehost offers zero cost SSL Certificates feature with all web hosting plans. You can also upgrade it to the paid plan to boost your credibility and assure customers you take security seriously.

Blue Sky Services

There are tons of ways to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost, but it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to get started.

In this situation, Blue Sky service can help you out. It is Bluehost’s new service to help customers navigate the complex tools and functionality of WordPress.

Features & Benefits – Bluehost Review

Lowest Industry Pricing ($2.95/mo)

Bluehost is one of the lowest cost web hosting providers in the market. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and heavier discounts for new customers.

In fact, you can save up to 67% per month with Bluehost’s promotional prices. That’s why I recommend this on #1 here as it offers great value for money.

Recommended By WordPress

bluehost wordpress hosting

As said earlier, Bluehost is officially recommended web hosting by wordpress.org itself since 2005. Ultimately, it is the largest brand name when it comes to starting a self-hosted WordPress blog.

With Bluehost hosting, you’ll receive all the power of WordPress along with innovative plugins, themes, and seamless 3rd party integrations.

Bluehost Speed Test Results

For a fast loading speed, we need a fast web hosting company. With this in mind, I created a WordPress site with a dummy content site to test how fast Bluehost is.

I used GeneratePress theme along with dummy content, including images. When I load this site in Pingdom tool, you know what? I was shocked to see page speed (see below screenshot).

bluehost speed test

As you can see above, our dummy test site loads in less than one second. That’s much faster compared to other web hosting providers. This result is remarkable.

FREE Domain & SSL Certificates

Each web hosting plan includes one free domain, and a free SSL certificate, and more. This is a pretty good value for your money.

FREE WordPress Migration

Bluehost has added a new feature, “Free website migration” to its service from April 23rd, 2020. Each user signs up via any of our Bluehost review tutorial link, will qualify for a free WordPress migration.

The service includes transferring one WordPress website, and additional sites must be covered under a paid website transfer.

Easy To Use cPanel

If you have ever been seen a web hosting cPanel, you may know how complicated looks. But with Bluehost has its own cPanel that will not let you down.

bluehost cpanel

Their customer portal is intuitive & clean. The layout of the cPanel control panel makes Bluehost even easier to use.

Whether you are a newbie or an expert, it takes a few minutes to understand Bluehost control panel. You can easily install and start-up WordPress or any other website builder tool such as Weebly or Drupal.

$200 Marketing Offers

Bluehost offers $200 marketing credits. In simple words, you’ll get $100 Google ads Credits (Google AdWords) and $100 Bing Credits (Microsoft credits).

bluehost marketing offers

To claim Bing credits, you need to spend a minimum of $100 first on advertising. Similarly, for Google marketing credits, you need to spend $25 on ads. If you add $25 credits to Google ads, you will get $100 extra free credits.

Inbuilt SEO Tools

There is one more easy to use tool provides step-by-step tasks e. g. how to submit your website to many search engines in one click, and ranked higher in Bluehost.

Ultimately, it can help you reach out to the right customers to increase your online business and sales.

24/7 Tech Support

Hosting support is an essential part of a hosting service. So, when you need tech support, they can help you as soon as possible.

On Bluehost, they have a huge library of articles, step by step guides, and video tutorials.

In fact, a 24/7 support system is truly fast & supportive, especially when you need quick help from technical support staff.

Refund Policy

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with all hosting plans. You can sign up for their hosting, use it for 30 days to check performance.

After reviewing the service, you can decide whether you want to continue using it or. If you’re not completely satisfied, ask for a refund, and get your back. Remember, the domain registration fee is not refundable.

Pros & Cons

There are some advantages & disadvantages that neither I can miss adding my Bluehost review, nor you should ignore.


  • Lowest cost – $2.95/mo only
  • Unlimited websites hosting
  • Free WordPress migration plugin
  • Fastest SSD storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 1-click WordPress installer
  • FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • Cloudflare CDN included (free)
  • Advanced Blue Rock cPanel


  • Highly renewal cost
  • Site migration limited to one site

Bluehost Plans Pricing & Renewal Cost Review

This is the prime section of our Bluehost tutorial, in which I will describe Bluehost plans and pricing details.

Let’s dive in…

Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans Pricing & Renewal Cost Review

There are 4 types of web hosting plans available, depending on user needs and usage. These are:

  1. Basic Plan ($2.95 per month)
  2. Plus Plan ($5.45 per month)
  3. Choice Plus Plan ($5.45 per month) (my pick)
  4. Pro Plan ($13.95 per month)

Bluehost renewal cost is too expensive. That’s why I highly recommend going for a longer-term billing tenure (minimum 24 months).

Here are Bluehost shared hosting renewal pricing details:

  1. Basic Plan ($8.99 per month)
  2. Plus Plan ($10.99 per month)
  3. Choice Plus Plan ($14.99 per month)
  4. Pro Plan ($23.99 per month)

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans Pricing & Renewal Cost Review

Their WordPress hosting plans are almost similar to shared web hosting plans: Here are the details:

  1. WP Basic Plan ($2.95 per month)
  2. WP Plus Plan ($5.45 per month)
  3. WP Choice Plus Plan ($5.45 per month) (my pick)

The Bluehost WordPress hosting renewal fee is affordable but costly compared to first time pricing. The cost will be $8.99,$10.99, and $14.99 for Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus plans, respectively.

Bluehost WP Pro Hosting Plan Pricing & Renewal Cost Review

Apart from shared WordPress hosting, you can build and grow the perfect WordPress website with WP Pro at a bit extra fees. Here is the plan’s pricing:

  1. Build Plan ($19.95 per month)
  2. Grow Plan ($29.95 per month)
  3. Scale Plan ($49.95 per month)

WP Pro hosting renewal charges are a bit higher, similar to other Bluehost web hosting renewals.

While renewing the services, you will be charged $29.99 for Build Plan, $39.99 for Grow Plan, and $59.99 for Scale plan.

Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans Pricing & Renewal Cost Review

Bluehost offers affordable VPS Hosting services just for $18.99 per month onwards.

  1. Standard Plan ($18.99 per month)
  2. Enhanced ($29.99 per month)
  3. Ultimate Plan ($59.99 per month) (my pick)

When it comes to renewing Bluehost VPS Hosting services, it charges high prices like most web hosting tricks. The Standard Plan, Enhanced, and Ultimate Plans will charge $29.99, $59.99, and $119.99 per month.

Bluehost Dedicated Servers Plans Pricing & Renewal Cost Review

If you look at their Dedicated Servers hosting pricing page, it costs around $79.99 to $119.99 per month, depending on your needs.

  1. Standard Plan ($79.99 per month)
  2. Enhanced ($99.99 per month)
  3. Premium Plan ($119.99 per month) (my pick)

At the time of renewing your services, the Standard Plan will cost you 119.99/mo, the Enhanced Plan will rise to $159.99/mo, and the Premium Plan will be the most expensive renewal fee of $209.99/mo.

Bluehost Email Hosting Plans Pricing & Renewal Charges Review

Bluehost also deals with Email Hosting services, where you can get your custom email address for $2.99 per license monthly. Here are the details:

  1. Email Essentials: First year $2.99 per license, then $4.99 on renewal
  2. Business Plus: First year $5.99 per license, then $9.99 on renewal
  3. Business Pro: First year $9.99 per license, then $14.99 on renewal

Note: All Email Hosting prices are listed every month.

Bluehost eCommerce Web Hosting Plans Pricing & Renewal Expenses Review

Bluehost made eCommerce site building easier and cheapest ever. I bet you can’t find the lowest cost prices anywhere on the internet.

  1. Starter: $6.95/mo then $13.99 monthly on renewal
  2. Plus: $8.95/mo then $17.99 monthly on renewal
  3. Pro: $12.95/mo then $31.99 monthly on renewal (my pick)

Bluehost Blue Sky Services Plans Pricing & Renewal Cost Review

The Bluehost Blue Sky is a yet better alternative to WP Managed to host services. Here are their regular and renewal prices.

  1. Blue Sky Basic ($29 per month)
  2. Blue Sky Plus ($49 per month)
  3. Blue Sky Pro ($99 per month)

Note: They don’t charge extra on renewals. All prices remain the same.

Bluehost Domain Registration Fees & Renewal Cost Review

Generally, Bluehost offers a free domain name with all web hosting plans. But if you want to register it alone, it charges $11.99 a year for a .com, $8.99 for a .org, $12.99 for .net domains.

They don’t charge extra money for domain renewals. So, you pay the same fee that had paid for registration.

Bluehost SSL Certificate Pricing & Renewal Cost Review

It’s 100% FREE. Yes, all Bluehost hosting plans provide free SSL certificates one way or another (e.g. via Let’s Encrypt).

With your web hosting renewal, SSL Certificates services will be renewed automatically (at no extra cost to you).

Bluehost Coupon Code & Discounts July 2024

Until now, we have almost done with Bluehost review 2024. Now, I know you need a special Bluehost coupon code to get started with a new blog or a website?

Am I right?

Don’t worry, here’s an exclusive cheapest deal for you than all other ongoing Bluehost deals and promotions on this page.

You can claim the cheapest deal with our exclusive Bluehost coupon code link (guaranteed best deal available for Bluehost on the web).

Bluehost Promo Codes List 2024

I have tried to list the most recent Bluehost coupon code just before this section. Other Bluehost promotional discounts are listed here.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Coupons Review [63% OFF]

WP Blogging 101 users are eligible for up to 63% discount on web hosting or shared hosting plans as listed below:

  • $2.95/month for the Basic Plan (63% OFF)
  • $5.45/month for the Plus Plan (50% OFF)
  • $5.45/month for Choice Plus Plan (63% OFF)
  • $11.95/month for the Pro Plan (41% OFF)

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Discounts Review [63% OFF]

I have reviewed all Bluehost WordPress Hosting plans and found these money-saving deals:

  • Basic Plan is just for $2.95/mo (63% savings)
  • Plus Plan is just for $5.45/mo (50% savings)
  • Choice Plus Plan is just for $5.45/mo (63% savings)

Bluehost WP Pro Promo Code Review [33% OFF]

Unlike other promotional discounts, Bluehost also offers WP Pro hosting packages at attractive prices:

  • $19.95/month for the Build Plan (33% OFF)
  • $29.95/month for the Grow Plan (25% OFF)
  • $49.95/month for Scale Plus Plan (16% OFF)

Bluehost VPS Hosting Promo Code Review [50% OFF]

Bluehost is running up to 50% discount deals on all their VPS Hosting plans as listed below:

  • Standard Plan costs $18.99/mo instead of $29.99/mo (37% savings)
  • Enhanced Plan costs $29.99/mo instead of $59.99/mo (50% savings)
  • Ultimate Plan costs $59.99/mo instead of $119.99/mo (49% savings)

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Review [43% OFF]

Like other discount offers and deals, Bluehost also take care of Dedicated Server users. Their Dedicated Hosting services running special deals for you.

  • $79.99/mo for the Standard Plan (33% Off)
  • $99.99/mo for the Enhanced Plan (37% OFF)
  • $119.99/mo for Ultimate Plan (43% OFF)

Bluehost eCommerce Web Hosting Discount Offer Review [60% OFF]

Bluehost is offering up to 60% OFF on its eCommerce Hosting services for all our users.

  • $6.95/month for Email (51% OFF)
  • $9.95/month for Email (51% OFF)
  • $12.95/month for Email (60% OFF)

Bluehost Email Hosting Discount Coupons Review [40% OFF]

As a precious reader, you are eligible for the following email hosting benefits (deal is valid only for new customers).

  • $2.99/month for Email Essentials (40% OFF)
  • $5.99/month for Business Plus (40% OFF)
  • $9.99/month for Business Pro (33% OFF)

Bluehost Domain Coupon Code Review [100% OFF]

Bluehost offers a 100% discount on domain registrations when you purchased any web hosting plan from their website.

Remember, after the domain has been registered for three days, there is no refund. You can only get a refund within the first three days of the purchase date.

Bluehost SSL Certificate Coupon Codes Review [100% OFF]

The SSL Certificates are 100% free with any web hosting you purchase from our special link. No coupon code is required.

Bluehost Marketing Offers 2024

Bluehost has great marketing offers, which can help promote your website free of cost. You can get all of the benefits (below) by signing up for an account here.

  • Facebook Ad Coupon: $100 FREE credits for website marketing on Facebook(disconnected)
  • Google Ads Credits: $100 credit can be redeemed by logging into an active Google Ads account
  • Bing Ads Offer: $100free credit can be redeemed by logging into an active Bing Ads account.

Other Bluehost Deals & Offers

Apart from the above discount coupons, Bluehost offers the following promotional bonuses every year.

How To Activate Bluehost Discount Coupon Code? Step By Step Guide

Getting our discount is too easy – all you have to follow the guide step by step below. Note: I have added Bluehost promo code into the link.

Step 1: Click here to activate Bluehost Discount, and press the Get Started button.

Step 2: Choose the hosting plan you want to purchase.

Note: I strongly recommend Bluehost Choice Plus as it includes Unlimited Website Hosting + Domain Privacy & Protection + Site Backup & Codeguard Basic extra Addons just for $2.50 per month extra.

Step 3: Next, you’ll be asked to enter your domain name. Claim Bluehost free domain name by pressing the Next button, or you can click on; I’ll Create My Domain Later to skip it for now.

Step 4: In this step, you have 4 sections…

Account Information: Provide your account details like Name, Email, City, State, Country etc.

Package Information: Choose your billing tenure (go for at least 24 to 36 month hosting as it will save more money).

Package Extras: Remove extra Addons like CodeGuard & Bluehost SEO Tools from the cart as it doesn’t worth investing in right now.

Payment Information: Enter your payment information, either using Credit Card or PayPal.

Step 5: Finally, Check/Uncheck email notifications option, and then press the Purchase Now button to pay the bill.

That’s it. In a few moments, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email address. Then you can log in to your account and start hosting websites on Bluehost.

FAQs on Bluehost Web Hosting Reviews 2024

Is Bluehost a good host for a WordPress blog?

Yes! Bluehost makes it easy and quick to set up a WordPress website up & running. It has a highly optimized, easy-to-use cPanel idea for beginners.

Besides, I have already written in-depth details in this Bluehost review to let you know how it caters to everyone: from beginning bloggers to established e-commerce and more.

How much does Bluehost cost per month?

Bluehost regular charges are $8.99 per month, and on the first purchase, they offer a $3.95/mo deal (when purchasing for at least 36 months).

But for you, the price is dropped to $2.95/mo (36 months purchase) using this link. WP Blogging 101 exclusive 2.95 promo code has been added to the link.

Does Bluehost offer a FREE trial?

No, as per our findings, Bluehost has no longer a free trial period with any of its web hosting plans. But there is a special 30 days money-back guarantee.

It means you will be charged at the beginning of your 30-day trial. Later, if you cancel within 30 days of the purchase date, you receive a full refund on your hosting service.

Why is Bluehost so cheap?

Yes, they are, and not too. Like other web hosting providers, Bluehost also trick users into giving a huge discount on the first-time purchase.

Later, at the time of renewal, it is too expensive. That’s why I always recommend my readers to go for longer-term hosting plans.

Can I pay monthly on Bluehost?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a monthly payment option like the majority of popular shared hosting or managed WordPress Hosting companies.

However, you can choose to pay on a monthly basis for Bluehost’s VPS or dedicated hosting plans. Remember, buying month-to-month hosting costs more money.

Bluehost Basic vs. Plus vs. Choice Plus: Which Bluehost plan should I get?

Bluehost pricing varies from plan to plan. Though the basic plan is so cheap, I highly recommend either you go for Bluehost Choice Plus or Plus package. These packages allow installing unlimited websites just for $5.45 per month.

Can I upgrade my Bluehost hosting plan?

Yes, you can upgrade from Bluehost Basic Plan to Plus or Choice Plus whenever you want from your Bluehost cPanel (dashboard) anytime.

Am I eligible for any discount?

Of course, you are! I have been a Bluehost affiliate partner for the last 4 years, and they are offering up to a 63% discount ($2.95 instead of $8.99/mo) to all our readers.

Remember, Bluehost $2.95 promo code is valid only if you buy through this special link (or any link that refers to the official website on our blog).

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes! Bluehost has a 30 days money-back guarantee. It means, if you cancel your account within 30 days, you receive a full refund of the money you paid them. Remember, the domain registration fee is non-refundable.

How should I pay to Bluehost?

At this time, Bluehost accepts payments via international Credit Card or PayPal only.

Is Bluehost better than Godaddy, Hostgator, SiteGround, WordPress, Wix, and others?

Definitely! Bluehost is a much better web host than Godaddy, SiteGround, HostGator, or other alternative shared hosting companies.

Plus, you have already read the above Bluehost review, how it offers a set of tools and performance – especially if you look at their shared web hosting packages and WordPress hosting options.

My Overall Bluehost Review 2024

You are reading this line, which means you have already completed reading our Bluehost review, and now want to know whether I recommend this hosting or not.

The answer is YES.

I do recommend this hosting, especially if you are starting a WordPress blog.

Bluehost provides superb speed. I admit, their entry-level, Basic Hosting plan doesn’t offer many unlimited perks or free features.

But, Plus and Choice Plus have a lot more to offer. Bluehost also has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with their service.

The site speed is pretty much better, and customer support is responsive, knowledgeable, and user-friendly.

Pricing is reasonable – starting from $2.95 per month if you take advantage of the most extended-term package. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying high-volume renewal charges sooner.

Now It’s Your Turn

So, this is all that I could manage to be sentenced in Bluehost review tutorial.

Now I’d like to know your thoughts if you tried Bluehost before.

If so, what was your experience with it? Good, bad, or somewhere in between? Kindly let me know your experience via the comments box below.

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