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Whenever you are going to start a WordPress blog, you will need a domain name. If you haven’t done it before, don’t worry. Use Bluehost domain search tool below and register your first domain for free – it’s that easy.

Just get started by entering the domain name that you want to register. This is completely free on Bluehost with a hosting plan and it will take you to Bluehost website indicating if the domain name is available or not.

In addition, you see there are some domain name suggestions with other popular extensions that might be good alternative names for your website or blog.

Let’s get into detail.

Bluehost Free Domain Name Search Tool

bluehost domain search

I have been a long affiliate partner with Bluehost and say a million thanks to their support team for offering our users a free domain name to all WP Blogging 101 readers.

You can use my promo code to get the best Bluehost deal and claim a free domain with any qualified hosting plan. Or use our Bluehost domain search tool above.

Note: To use the official tool of domain search by Bluehost, make sure you have deactivated all ad blockers.

Follow-up process – enter the domain name in the search tool and it will take you to the official Bluehost domain page indicating whether the domain name is available for registration or not that you are searching for.

In addition, Bluehost also displays some domain suggestions, just in case your searched name isn’t available.

How To Claim Bluehost Free Domain Name?

Follow the steps below to claim a completely free domain from Bluehost website.

Step 1: Enter the domain name that you want to register using the generator tool above, or go to the official Bluehost domain search page.

bluehost free domain

If the domain name is available for registration, it will display a message, “Domain name is available! Get it free with a new hosting account at Bluehost“. Click Next to proceed.

bluehost domain availability

And if it’s already registered & owned by someone else then you will see, “Domain name is taken, please try again“. In such a situation, you should try a different name.

bluehost domain name not available

Step 2: Enter the account information such as name, email, country, zip code etc. Either way, you can make the sign-up process go via Sign in With Google button selection.

create bluehost account

Step 3: Under the Package Information, choose your hosting billing for 36 months to avoid higher renewal fees.

bluehost package infomation

Step 4: Fill in your Credit Card details and complete your Bluehost free domain registration process.

bluehost payment options

If you want to learn Bluehost signing up process in detail, I consider you should have a look at my guide on, “how to buy Bluehost hosting” and get up to 70% discount on the hosting plan and a free domain name for the first year.

Why Claim Bluehost Free Domain? The Ultimate Benefits

There are tons of benefits to registering a free domain name with Bluehost website. Here are some of them shortlisted below:

Tons Of Domain Extensions

The first super-solid reason to choose Bluehost as a domain registrar is that it offers the freedom to register different types of domain extensions – covering almost all TLDs (top-level domain names).

These domain extensions are described below:


To learn more about new generic top-level domain name registrations and renewal prices after the first year click here (official Bluehost domain search page).

Free Privacy Protection Included

Some Bluehost’s hosting plans come with a free domain privacy protection feature – a privacy tool that protects your personal data in the whois records from unauthorized users.

Let’s compare Bluehost hosting plans with and without, completely free domain privacy protection and see which is the best for you.

HOSTING TYPEPlans With Domain PrivacyPlans Without Domain Privacy
SHARED HOSTINGBasic, Plus, Choice Plus & ProChoice Plus & Pro
WORDPRESS HOSTINGBasic, Plus & Choice PlusOptional
VPS HOSTINGStandard, Enhanced & UltimateOptional
DEDICATED SERVERStandard, Enhanced & PremiumOptional
MANAGED WP HOSTINGBuild, Grow & ScaleBuild, Grow & Scale
E-COMMERCE HOSTINGStandard & PremiumPremium

You can read more about how to pick the best Bluehost hosting plan with a free domain name here – an in-depth detailed guide with respective screenshots and real examples.

Parked Domains & Subdomains

There is an impressive domain management feature similar to other popular domain registrars available inside the Bluehost dashboard.

Under Bluehost domain dashboard, you can control all aspects of your domain e.g. privacy policy settings, DNS management, transfers and renewals etc.

Overall, I believe being free with any hosting account and registering a domain with Bluehost is totally worth it in 2024.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s check out what other users are searching related to Bluehost free domain name registration and search tools.

What is Bluehost domain name search tool?

The domain search tool is a free widget for Bluehost affiliates (bloggers who have joined Bluehost affiliate program) that lets them add the tool widget to their website free of cost.

Why claim Bluehost free domain?

First, being free with any hosting account, it is completely worth registering a domain with Bluehost, which comes with several features to manage and control all aspects of your domain.

Additionally, Bluehost domain lock feature adds a security layer to your personal information and makes it possible to prevent unauthorized transfers.

How to register Bluehost free domain name?

You can claim a free domain name if you sign up for a qualifying hosting plan with Bluehost – click here to claim up to 70% discount on your first hosting purchase.

How can I get a Bluehost free domain for life?

Unfortunately, Bluehost lifetime domain registration ended on February 22, 2011. At this moment, you can claim a single domain name (for the first year only) with Bluehost hosting package. There’s no other lifetime deal available.

Does Bluehost offer multiple domains or just one?

Though you can register unlimited domains on Bluehost, the free domain name registration is limited to one per account.

How much Bluehost charge for a domain after one year?

After the first year, standard domain name registration and renewal fees will be applicable. The cost of renewing a domain depends on the original TLD you choose.

For example, for the top TLDs like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info cost $17.99, $18.99, $17.99, $16.99, $15.99, respectively – learn more here.

How do I manage my domain on Bluehost?

Bluehost has an impressive domain management system that lets you manage your domain inside the dashboard area.

Furthermore, you can activate the domain privacy option (it’s a paid service) to keep your information private from spammers and others using the available domain privacy feature.

Can I have multiple domains on one host account Bluehost?

Yes, you can register and manage unlimited domain names on a single Bluehost hosting account.

Can I get a refund on domain registrations from Bluehost?

Unlike hosting plans, Bluehost domain registration fee isn’t refundable as they are immediate and permanent and mostly under the control of domain registrars.

Can I keep a domain on Bluehost without hosting?

Yes, Bluehost allows domain management facilities to customers even without having an active hosting plan.

What happens to my domain if I cancel Bluehost?

In any case, if you cancel your hosting account with Bluehost, the domain name will be active as your account is still on.

But if you plan to delete the entire Bluehost account then it’s better to transfer your domain name to another registrar. Otherwise, it’s will stop working and your website wouldn’t load anymore.

Final Thoughts On Bluehost Free Domain Name Tutorial

There you have it: How to get a free domain from Bluehost website while signing up for a hosting package.

Meanwhile, you are eligible for a special discount of up to 70% on your first hosting purchase, if you register a domain name using the button below.

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P.S. If you are interested in getting a piece of better information about Bluehost, I recommend you should read my review on Bluehost hosting. Either way, you can also check out my tutorials on Bluehost pricing & plans to see how much it costs to create a website.

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