Ahrefs Black Friday Deal 2020

Enjoy Ahrefs 2 Months FREE + 20% OFF Yearly Lifetime

Ahrefs Black Friday Sale 2021 has not been announced yet. Click here to be the first to get noticed.

Ahrefs is one of the major alternatives to SEMrush keyword research tool and my favourite SEO tool for competitive research.

Though it has affordable plans and prices. But still, people look for Ahrefs Black Friday deals and discounts.

If you are one, is looking for the same term, then this is the right page to learn everything about Ahrefs Black Friday Cyber Monday discount coupons and promo codes.

I understand your money-saving mind as everyone wants to save money on Ahrefs subscriptions during the Black Friday sale.

But sorry to say, Ahrefs doesn't offer any deals for Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale. However, you are always welcome to claim a 20% discount code on the annual billing.

Great incentive, right?

The promo code has been included into the link

Remember, buying Ahrefs subscription on annual basis, save around 20% of the total cost. Other than this discount coupon, you cannot find any special deal anywhere on the internet.

Either go for it's the best alternative (SEMrush thanksgiving offer). Here is everything we discussed SEMrush Black Friday deal.

If you are looking for an alternative then SEMrush has a great deal during this Black Friday sale 2021. Here AT WP Blogging 101, I personally recommend SEMrush over Ahrefs keyword research tool.

Why Ahrefs Doesn't Offer Black Friday Discounts?

All of us love discounts and promotional offers. But Ahrefs had stopped 7-day free trial a couple of years ago because of most of the people violated their terms by signing up with fake Credit Cards.

Since Ahrefs acts like a business, so they end up with their free trial option and made it paid ($7 for 7 days trial).

Additionally, they had stopped other discount offers and deals including Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc.

But don't worry, you can still claim 20%OFF (2 months free) on Ahrefs annual plans. No additional coupon code is required.

How To Claim Ahrefs Discount?

Click here to activate Ahrefs discount code (it takes you to the pricing page). The promo code has been added into the link.

Set billing tenure on annual basis and choose your subscription plan.

Click on the Subscribe button and complete the purchase.

Congratulations, you have claimed Ahrefs 2 months free subscription.


By reading this tutorial, it has been cleared that there is no Ahrefs Black Friday discount or Cyber Monday sale exist now.

All of that, you can either sign up for annual plans for 20% instant discount or go for an alternative SEO tool like SEMrush for defensive keyword research. Try groupo buy Ahrefs Toolszap or go for an alternative SEO tool like SEMrush for keyword research solutions.

Let me know via comments if you are subscribing for Ahrefs Black Friday or choosing SEMrush deal on this Black Friday sale?

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