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SendPulse offers an all-in-one platform to empower businesses to accelerate their sales and grow their customer base. The platform provides comprehensive multichannel marketing and sales tools, including email marketing, SMS, chatbots, web push notifications, and a free CRM.

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The competition within the market in various industries is constantly increasing while marketing trends are evolving at the speed of light. Highly competitive markets and startups appearing every day encourage companies to adapt and search for alternative solutions.

These platforms including marketing automation help run specific areas of business on autopilot, reducing the workload on your team, ensuring constant interaction with customers, increasing customer retention, and establishing loyalty.

Many services offer marketing automation and we’ve decided to share with you an all-in-one marketing solution that covers marketing automation and other valuable tools for business owners.

SendPulse is a great choice for startups and enterprises, online schools and marketing agencies, eCommerce stores, and influencers. It combines all the necessary tools and features to ensure seamless communication with customers, data storage, closed deals, and customer loyalty.

The platform will help you generate and nurture leads, and close more deals by using email marketing automation, chatbot builder, subscription forms, pop-ups, CRM, and even more. User-friendly interface and affordable pricing make it one of the best solutions for personalized email campaigns, lead capture pop-ups, sales funnel tracking, and 24/7 support.

Further, will discuss bulk email service in detail to figure out how it works and the benefits it carries.

SendPulse Review: All-in-one Email Marketing Campaign Solution

Email bulk service from SendPulse is a good solution for starters and professionals. The platform has a user-friendly interface allowing anyone without the knowledge of the code to create good-looking email campaigns.

Intuitive Email Editor

Its no-code builder enables you to drag and drop the necessary elements into the editor’s field and build emails based on your requirements. With the service, you can build emails from scratch and make use of a library of templates.

Since its choice is vast, you’ll find something interesting for your industry. You can change your email template colour, style, and font to match your branding, ensuring that your prospects will recognize your company.

The platform allows you to add text, buttons, videos, images, and social media links to build visually appealing email campaigns and encourage customers to take the desired action.

sendpulse email campaigns

Segmentation And Personalization

With segmentation and personalization, you can divide your customers and prospects into groups and send them relevant email campaigns. Tags empower you to improve customer engagement. You can use them to segment your mailing list based on customers’ age, gender, interests, needs, and actions.

This way, you’ll be able to deliver information about products that interest users. Personalization allows you to insert customer’s names and cater to the needs of prospects by offering products they searched for attractive promotions, and discounts for items they looked through. By doing this, you increase the chances of clients opening your emails.

Follow-up emails will help you re-engage with inactive subscribers and entice them with attractive offers. The service enables you to send emails manually or on autopilot.

Moreover, SendPulse takes care of your email campaign performance. With its advanced analytics features, you can keep your hand on the effectiveness of your emails.

The platform provides you with insights on your open, click-through, and unsubscribe rates. By collecting this information, you can understand the effectiveness of your campaign and make changes to improve it. Before sending new email campaigns to subscribers, you can use A/B tests to identify the best email subject line and body options and get the highest response rates.

Automation 360

Automation 360 enables you to handle several marketing channels such as web push, chatbots, and email campaigns from one CRM. With its help, you need little or no human involvement to lead prospects down the sales pipeline.

You’ll need to set up conditions once to send email campaigns or messages through chatbots when a new contact is added, for instance. Actions and channels might vary based on your requirements. Your marketing will be delivered at the time and day you set up.

sendpulse automation 360

The bulk email service is free of charge meaning that you can have 500 subscribers, send 15,000 emails monthly, and have 100 verifications with the email verifier. You can also create five flows and one event in Automation 360.

Let’s now proceed to the lead generation process with SendPulse.

Lead Generation Tools – Subscription Forms And Pop-Ups

SendPulse helps you manage various marketing tasks and processes, including lead generation. The platform provides you with the most valuable tools for generating prospects such as subscription forms and pop-ups.

Subscription Forms

A simple subscription form builder and pre-built designs make the process of data collection fast and pleasant. Form style, content, and visuals are easily adjustable meaning that you can create a form to your liking.

You can gather the information you need from your future subscribers by adding fields and storing it for further interactions. Examples of fields include name, gender, address, phone number, and others.

sendpulse popups

SendPulse provides you with four types of subscription forms to meet your business goals. You can manage the display options of your form so that it appears on your site when necessary. It can become instantly visible to your site visitors, after a few seconds, or when prospects are about to leave your site.

It is also up to you to decide whether you need to hide your form from mobile users as it can be distracting and not comfortable to insert information on a mobile device. You are the one to select the appropriate pages of your site for subscription forms.

A lead magnet added to your subscription form is always a great idea. SendPulse allows you to do it to attract more leads and encourage them to share their contact data in exchange for valuable information.

After that, you’ll be able to nurture your prospects with follow-up emails and convert them into clients. SendPulse ensures that your forms will look good on all devices. Mobile-first design helps them adapt to any screen format and size.


You can collect customer data with the help of pop-ups. The tool is available within SendPulse. Smart pop-ups are easy to create so you won’t need any specific skills.

Since there is a library of ready-to-go templates available, you can design your new pop-up within seconds. There are various layouts for different activities and events, so you’ll find one for your business for sure. You’ll need around 10 minutes to create a pop-up and set up all the conditions.

creating a popup sendpulse

There are 22 ready scenarios you can use to interact with your prospects and customers. They will help you reactivate customers, convert prospects into clients, encourage additional purchases, and other marketing actions. You can personalize your pop-up messages based on customer behaviour (purchasing or browsing history). Your pop-ups will be displayed at the time and day you need.

Each pop-up has the main action. You can choose it based on your primary goals. For instance, you need a subscriber’s phone number, subscription to your chatbot, subscription to your newsletter, acceptance of cookies, etc. Pop-ups will help you reach those goals by communicating your main marketing message.

SendPulse has even more useful tools for customer engagement and support, let’s discover them in more detail.

Multichannel Chatbot Builder For Enhanced Engagement

SendPulse empowers your marketing efforts with chatbots for Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and WhatsApp. With the platform’s help, you can develop auto-reply flows and send personalized messages to subscribers. Chatbots support your company departments by reducing the workload on their members.

Chatbots from SendPulse allow you to provide 24/7 support, send personalized offers, make reservations and appointments, answer FAQs, accept payments, and automate other crucial business processes. Message flows start once users insert the keywords and imitate communication with real agents. The integration of SendPulse with ChatGPT helps you ensure proficient replies on autopilot by using natural language and resolving their problems.

Chatbots for Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram can become a reliable payment channel. SendPulse supports the most popular payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, Mercado Paco, and Flutterwave. The bot can serve as a sales channel, making all your payments secure. After integrating the necessary payment systems and payment buttons, you’ll be able to accept and process orders faster.

sendpulse chatbot flow

Since the popularity of social media networks is constantly increasing, it’s essential to ensure interactions for businesses. If you set up an Instagram chatbot with SendPulse, you can automate communication with users and instantly answer questions regarding product catalogues, pricing, items available, delivery, etc. This step is essential if you want to increase customer satisfaction and improve conversions.

Moreover, the platform allows you to react to your brand mentions in customers’ Stories. It helps you establish customer loyalty and trust. Even more, customers will be happy to see that you appreciate their efforts. With chatbots, you can send thank-you messages, start flows, or provide prospects with incentives on autopilot.

SendPulse allows users to add live chat to their websites. It will help you provide seamless customer support. The live chat widget is easily adjustable meaning that you can change format, color, and style to suit your brand personality.

In SendPulse, all dialogues with customers through live chat will appear in one place. It helps you easily manage all conversations. So you won’t need to change messaging apps to reply. This way, you answer questions and resolve problems faster. Moreover, when using SendPulse, you can add deals in live chat automatically once prospects use specific keywords. These keywords will trigger CRM to create a new deal.

Now let’s jump into CRM to find out more about contact management and sales tunnel tracking.

Streamlining Operations With SendPulse’s CRM System

SendPulses CRM is a perfect solution for automating sales and interactions with prospects and clients. With the service, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your deals, collect and store customer data, and launch campaigns.

CRM provides you with total visibility of your deals. You can instantly see open deals and distribute them among sales reps, tracking their progress and taking specific measures. When a new deal is added to the system, you’ll be notified about this action. This way, you’ll be able to promptly react to the deal and do everything possible to successfully close the deal.

sendpulse crm

If you want to check out the status of the deal and contact your potential customer, you just need to open the deal through your CRM. You can start a conversation on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or WhatsApp.

SendPulse offers you to combine several marketing tools to ensure seamless communication with customers and closed deals. With its CRM, all deals are easily manageable so you won’t need to switch platforms or channels to get in touch with clients.

Final Thoughts On SendPulse Review Tutorial 2024

SendPulse’s all-in-one marketing solution facilitates effective marketing automation, helping you run multiple sales and support efforts on autopilot. Subscription forms and pop-ups help generate new leads and increase your customer base.

Chatbots and live chat ensure excellent 24/7 customer support with the contact an agent feature. CRM stores all customer data and secures all information in one place. Email campaigns help nurture leads and convert them into clients by establishing trust and loyalty.

All these tools are a must for a successful business and company growth. Automation takes on repetitive tasks by letting your customer support and marketing team members focus on urgent tasks. When your employees have enough time to handle difficult issues, they provide more accurate and helpful answers. It results in happy customers who want to come back.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of marketing automation tools, consider registering in SendPulse and start using a helpful bulk email service for free.

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