Are you looking for 15th August special Independence day viral WhatsApp script for blogger?

If yes, here’s WP Blogging 101 exclusive event blogging script, I mean Independence day wishing script 2020 for you. The best thing is this script is in HTML format inbuilt WhatsApp sharing buttons. And you can download and use it free of cost on Blogger platform.

Though there are so many scripts are available on internet but most of them:

  • Is not mobile friendly
  • Doesn’t support Adsense ads
  • Haven’t updated for 15th August 2020

But if say, the Independence day viral WhatsApp script I share, has all above features and beautiful design. Then you will be interested to try it right?

Did I take your attention now?

OK…let’s move on.

Attention: Wishing scripts are a part of event blogging. So before I show you Independence day wishing script, let’s see what’s does mean by event blogging.

What is event blogging?

Event blog is a modern technique of making money online on festivals, special occasions, and events. In short, this is an easiest way of making handsome amount of dollars within 1 or 2 days.

Here are some major examples of event blogging wishing scripts:

How to make money from event blogging scripts?

There are tons of ways to make money from event blog. But the most reliable and common used method is through Google Adsense ads network or affiliate marketing.

The most of case Google Ads doesn’t work on wishing scripts but doesn’t worry our wishing script is exclusively designed considering Adsense terms and conditions.

If you have no Adsense account then try Chitika or Infolinks advertisements to earn money from the script.

Free Download Independence day viral WhatsApp script 2020

Click on the below button to download free 15th August 2020 wishing script for free.

Follow the steps below to see our script live on your event blog.

1 Open your internet browser and visit

2 Sign in to your Google account.

Once Blogger dashboard loads, tap on the New Blog (from the left menu).

4 Enter the Blog Name, Blog URL, select Template and click on Create Blog.

5 Now, go to Theme section >> scroll down to the bottom and click on Revert to Classic Themes.

6 After the HTML Box loads, replace it with the wishing script HTML code your downloaded recently. Also, don’t forget to add Adsense ads codes before saving the file.

Congratulations, your Independence day wishing script is ready. Now you can start sharing with your freinds on WhatsApp to make it viral.

FAQs about event blogging scripts

1. How to create a wishing script for event blogging?

Creating a script required coding knowledge. Either you can learn it by Googling or watching YouTube tutorials.

2. How to edit Independence day wishing script?

As said earlier, you must have knowledge to make any changes in the script. If you know coding, just download Notepad++ and start customizing the way you want.

3. Is using my Adsense Ads with wishing script is safe?

Definitely! You can use Adsense ads as well other advertising networks on our Independence day viral WhatsApp script without any risk.

Over to you

I have done my job showing you the best Independence Day viral WhatsApp script for blogger. Now it’s your turn to download the HTML file and upload this wishing script on your own.

Remember, the very best way to viral your event blog is to share it more and more on social networking sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Let me know if you face any difficulties while using our Independence day Whatsapp viral script on Blogger. I would love to assist you with further queries.

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