OceanWP Child Theme – Free Generate, Download and Install For WordPress

Familiar with OceanWP WordPress theme? Then you must have installed OceanWP Child Theme on your WordPress site.

Here is why:

Generally, when WordPress CMS update a theme, it removes all the existing files and replaces it with a new one. That means all the modifications made in theme editor i.e. CSS codes and functions added by your, will be deleted.

But, with the use of a child theme, you can save your manually added codes in functions.php and style.css at the time of parent theme updates.

So, in this article, I have covered all about OceanWP child theme master generator & downloader & installing/activating on WordPress blog.

OceanWP is a FREEMIUM theme like GeneratePress. The core file of Ocean WP has limited features that you can download free & use for a lifetime. But upgrading to premium version will add unlimited features to edit any part of the theme. Check out all Ocean WP Pro demos.

Unbelievable advantages of using OceanWP child theme

Undoubtedly, Ocean WP WordPress theme has a lot of mind-blowing features but activating child theme can give more benefits such as:

  • No loss of manual modifications after parent theme update.
  • Flexibility to add or edit style.css and functions.php theme without touching the OceanWP theme parent files.
  • It is totally compatible with latest Gutenberg Editor, Beaver Builder and Elementor Page Builder.

How to create and download OceanWP child theme using an online generator?

Note: Unfortunately, there is none official OceanWP child theme generator offered by the official website, but you can download it an original copy or demo from GitHub site (link https://github.com) free. Let’s begin:

First of all, visit https://github.com page.

oceanwp child theme

Tap the mouse pointer on the green button saying, “Clone or Download”. and then click on Download ZIP. It has a 34.8KB file with name oceanwp child theme master.

In a few moments, the .zip file will be saved on your computer desktop.

How to install and activate the child theme for OceanWP?

Before taking the next step, make sure you have already installed OceanWP WordPress theme (If not yet, download it from here).

Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard area and click on Appearance >> Themes >> Add New >> Upload Theme.

Step 2: Upload the downloaded OceanWP child theme master .zip file from the computer then click on Install >> Activate.

In a few moments, the child theme of OceanWP will be live on your site and you can make use of it add extra codes.

OceanWP child theme contains 2 files (functions.php & style.css) that you can use:

  • functions.php – for making functional modifications into the site.
  • style.css – for adding custom CSS codes for design.

FAQs about Ocean WP child theme master

1. Can I download and use Ocean WP child theme with its free version?

Ans: Yes, it allows to use with a free version.

2. Can I generate OceanWP child theme manually like WP Astra?

Ans: No, it doesn’t have a custom child theme generator. However, you can download its master zip file from https://github.com (link added above) and make any kinda configurations.

3. Is it compatible with Elementor or Beaver Builder?

Ans: Yes, Ocean WP + Page Builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder can create amazing landing pages.

oceanwp child theme

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