Welcome to my most UPDATED tutorial on the 10 Best Blogging Niche Ideas List 2024.

Blogging is one of the best business models in India in 2024 to make money online. But to get started on your journey, you need to learn about blog niche first.

However, there are thousands of blogging niche ideas out there to start a blog in India in 2024. But, does every niche offer you profit in your blogging business?

Obviously, no!

That’s why I decided to list out the 10 best blogging niche ideas list for Indian bloggers that you can try to earn passive income fast.

Let’s get into it.

Why It’s Important To Select The Best Niche For Your Blog in India?

best blogging niche
Best blogging niche ideas

As a beginner, you should first know the importance of choosing the best niche for your blog. So that, you don’t stop working on it later.

Many bloggers in India start with so much interest at the beginning. But after a few months, they feel demotivated and stop working on their blogs. 

This is one of the big blogging mistakes and the reason behind is that newbies are not aware of the importance of niche selection.

If you’re also new to blogging, here’re your main points to remember, why you should choose the best blogging niche in India.

Better Search Engine Appearance

Instead of trying a multi-niche blog, if you write only niche related blog posts on your blog, your blog gets noticed by Google faster. 

There are many chances that your target keywords in the specific niche get visible on search pages and you will get a good amount of traffic.

Quick Increase in Domain Authority

It’s a proven fact that blogs that follow a particular niche get an increase in Domain Authority sooner compared with blogs that talk about general topics.

Target Audience

You can quickly grab attention from the audience when you stick to one niche and write posts only around the niche. 

Working on the best niche is actually the best blogging practice to drive traffic fast with target audiences.

Easy To Monetize Your Blog

Blogs that are developed in the best niche can easily be monetized and start making money within very few months.

10 Best Blogging Niche Ideas For Indian Bloggers 2024

Let’s browse the best niches for blogging in India (edition 2024).

1. Make Money Online + Blogging

make money online

Many people in India argue that blogging is no longer the best niche to start a blog in India in 2024 and beyond. 

The reason is that there are already plenty of successful Indian blogs that cover blogging topics. And so, there will be no scope for new blogs under the blogging niche.

But, I no longer agree with the arguments.

You can succeed with your new blog in the blogging niche in 2024 and afterwards.

Making money via blogging is one of the best evergreen niche ideas in 2024 and beyond. 

Success in the blogging niche is all about researching profitable keywords and working on those keywords in your blog articles to achieve rankings and make a profit out of it.

Make Money Online Via Blogging Niche

The scenario is the same with the make money online niche as people believe that the niche is dead and can’t make money out of it. 

I totally disagree, there are millions of people worldwide in 2024 who used to search on Google with queries related to making money online. 

So, the need for both blogging and making money online will always be in demand. 

No matter whether you select blogging or making money online niche, I would advise you not to cover all the topics at once in the niche.

First, choose one particular topic in the niche and ensure publish all the articles around the topic and then move forward to the next topic.

For example, if you are selecting the make money online niche, instead of writing all different make money online methods back to back, take one method and write different blog posts on the same. 

In this way, you can easily get your posts ranked on Google and attract more audience to your new blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

The most happening and one of the evergreen blogging niches in India is Affiliate Marketing.

You can earn thousands of dollars a month possibly with your affiliate marketing niche blog.

Affiliate marketing is actually an online business model by which you can promote different products and services on your blog, when people purchase through your referral link, you earn a commission.

It’s one of the most competitive blogging niches in India as many bloggers used to start blogging in the affiliate marketing niche.

So, the best idea is to find the micro niche in the affiliate marketing niche and work on it to make a good profit.

List of Micro Niche Ideas under Affiliate Marketing Niche

It’s always better to look for a micro niche concept when you start a niche blog in India.

Here I am listing out the best micro niche ideas under the Affiliate Marketing niche.

👉 Web Hosting

There are huge possibilities that you can earn 100$ for a single sale from your web hosting affiliate marketing niche blog.

There are so many web hosting companies in India open for affiliates to sign up and promote their web hosting products.

The niche has such huge potential.

Web Hosting is one of the most profitable blog niches in 2024. At the same time, getting success in the web hosting niche is full of challenges.

So, what you can do is: take one hosting topic, like shared web hosting or even WordPress hosting and start writing articles on the same.

If you start promoting the products in such a micro niche concept way, you may grab many audiences that are particularly looking for some hosting solutions.

👉 Amazon Affiliate Marketing Niche

Another micro niche concept for your Affiliate Marketing niche blog that you can try is the Amazon affiliate marketing niche.

Choose a product category from Amazon and create articles around the product both informative and commercial articles and then publish the content on your niche blog. 

When people visit and buy products on Amazon through your link, you earn a good commission as per the Amazon affiliate commission structure.

3. Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing is another best blogging niche idea in India to start a blog in 2024

The digital marketing industry in India is booming year by year. No business in India can succeed and survive for a longer term without the help of digital marketing services. 

So, if you are passionate about digital marketing and want to turn the passion into money by means of creating your own blog in 2024 in India, ideally start a blog in the digital marketing niche.

There are a lot of micro niche blogging ideas to look at under the digital marketing belt. 

Some of the popular micro niches are:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Youtube marketing
  • And lots more to list out

There are people in India earning lakhs and lakhs of rupees a month with their blogs in the digital marketing niche.

And if they can earn, then you too can.

The final line is: this particular niche has huge potential when it comes to website monetization.

Follow The Tips When You Choose Micro Niche in Digital Marketing

👉 Check for Content Potential

For instance, if you are choosing SEO tools as your micro niche under Digital Marketing, ensure the micro niche has the potential to offer you content ideas forever.

Because some micro-niches do not have content potential as you have to struggle to find topic ideas once you are done with some  20 to 30 blog posts.

👉 Competition Of Digital Marketing Micro Niche Matters

When you start with micro niche topics that are too competitive already, you may spend a hell lot of time and research to succeed in the micro niche.

But, when you choose the best niche for blogging with low competition, you can succeed quicker with some best strategies.

4. Personal Finance & Investing


One of the low competition niches for blogging personal finance and investing has high monetization scope.

If you are interested in financial studies and passionate about writing about financial and investment niche articles, you can start a blog in the niche in India.

Already, there are some big names doing well in the niche. Still, I would say it’s one of the best low competition niches for blogging when you target micro niches under any financial or investing niche.

Personal finance and investing niche is not just low competition but also there are many highly profitable micro niches hidden inside the main niche. For example, Crypto IRAs is a micro niche within the larger retirement investing space.

There are a lot of affiliate programs in this particular niche to make a good amount of money in India from blogging.

The niche is broader than anything in the list as you have options to choose micro niche ideas among some 50+ topics that are involved in the personal finance niche.

Personal Finance and Investment Micro Niche Ideas

Here are some of the best profitable micro niche ideas you can try if you are interested in personal finance and investing niche.

The ideas such as:

  • Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Business Finance
  • Gold and Silver IRAS
  • Real Estate Investment ideas
  • Jobs and Careers
  • Banking Advice
  • Business startup ideas
  • And lots more.

All the above-listed micro niche ideas have a good potential for monetization.

To survive and make money in the niche, you must be good at researching profitable yet low competition keywords. 

If you are starting your blog in India in any one of the above-mentioned finance and investment microniches, ensure to publish more informative articles on your blog first and when visitors start coming, then you can write affiliate articles to convert the visits into sales.

5. Fashion

fashion blogging

Who doesn’t love fashion? Especially in countries like India, fashion topics are always in great need.

So, you can make use of the demand and offer some good fashion blog posts on your blog and make a decent amount of income.

Starting a fashion blog in India is easy as there are plenty of resources out there to gather knowledge on how to start a fashion blog.

If your interest is more towards fashion topics than anything else in the list of top 10 blogging niche ideas, you can start a fashion blog.

Again, there are so many micro niche ideas to look for under the fashion niche.

Fashion Micro Niche Blogging Ideas

You can write about outfit styling tips for men, women or even kids as styling tips are often searched by people of India to better dress up themselves.

Another good fashion micro niche blogging idea is that you can cover articles on plus size outfits as there are many plus size people in India still in 2024 searching for the best plus size outfit ideas.

There are some people in India who love to wear outfits in eco-friendly fabrics.

Unfortunately, no such specific blogs in India talk about sustainable fashions.

So, you can use the opportunity to create your blog in a sustainable fashion niche and talk about goodness in an eco-friendly fashion and write affiliate articles on the same.

Best Monetization Strategy For Fashion Niche Bloggers

Collaboration is one of the best monetization strategies fashion bloggers will follow in India in 2024 to earn huge money. 

When your fashion blog starts getting a good amount of traffic, you can have a word with big fashion companies for collaborations like sponsored blog posts, and review posts about their fashion brands and get paid.

6. Health & Fitness

health and fitness blog

If you are a professional in the field of health and fitness, you can start a blog in the niche and earn thousands of dollars every month in India.

This is one of the evergreen blogging niche ideas on the list. While other niches are performing well in some seasons and seem down in some other seasons of the year, till the world exists, the search for health and fitness will be there.

That’s what I termed the niche as an evergreen one. There are plenty of micro niche ideas you can explore in the health and fitness blogging niche.

When it comes to finding the evergreen micro niche ideas under health and fitness, many people would start a weight loss micro niche. It’s highly profitable yet too competitive. 

You still can earn from the weight loss microniche, if you have some good knowledge to write about the topic. You can target specifically some niche on weight loss topics such as:

  • Keto Diet
  • Paleo Diet
  • Weight loss tips for kids
  • Weight loss tips for women,
  • Pregnancy tips
  • And the list goes on.

Health and Fitness Micro Niche Blogging Ideas in India

Apart from the most used health and fitness niche weight loss. Here are some of my micro niche suggestions that you can try in 2024 in India.

  • Kegel Exercises for men and women
  • Pregnancy tips
  • Healthy eating for teenagers
  • Food after workout
  • Nutrition suggestions for better digestion
  • Tips for better sleep
  • Health and fitness motivational topics
  • Muscle building for women and men

It’s not possible to limit the list of micro niche blogging ideas under the health and fitness niche. There are even 100+ micro niche ideas you can try in the main niche.

The earning potential is huge in the niche as possibly you can monetize your health and fitness niche blog using several methods such as Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored losses and selling your own health products.

7. Travel

travel blogging

According to the majority of Indians, MakeMyTrip, Agoda, Booking.Com, ClearTrip and GoIbibo are just travel websites in India to book flights, train, and bus tickets or even book resorts for holidays. 

But the above-listed travel websites in India are the main source of affiliate income for Indian travel bloggers.

You can start a travel blog in India in 2024 and become an affiliate to the travel websites and earn thousands of rupees from your blog through the affiliate programs offered by those popular Indian travel websites.

If you would love to travel across the country and want to share your both good and bad travelling experiences with the people of India via the internet, blogging business is the best medium for you.

You are not just writing about your travelling experience on your travel blog, the writing can make you money as well.

Micro Niche Blogging Ideas in Travel Niche: Talking about micro niche blog ideas in the travel niche, you will have a lot and a lot of ideas to start with.

One of the profitable micro niche ideas in the travel industry is Travel Product Recommendations. 

Whether it may be a business trip or holiday trip, before travelling somewhere else, people would love to shop for some products for their travel.

So, in your travel product recommendation micro niche blog, you can recommend must-have products for travellers for different travelling destinations and purposes.

It does work out like a charm and you can convert many affiliate sales from your blog post.

Another few good Travel micro niche blogging ideas in India are travel deals, hotel deals, holiday packages, honeymoon travel for couples, solo travelling, places to visit, cruises, travelling to hill stations, road trips by motorbikes and lots more.

8. Technology Trends

technology blog

The people of India would love to explore the current trends in technology. 

While there are so many attractive gadgets introduced in the Indian technology market now.

Then, creating a blog in India that talks about technology trends are a great idea to cover audiences who are interested in knowing new technologies.

When you start a blog on technology trends, you must shape yourself technically to understand the concept and write articles in-depth about the technology.

As you know engineers are huge in numbers in India. If you are one and looking forward to starting your career either part-time or full-time in the blogosphere, the technology niche works well for engineering minds.

The technology blogging niche is an overcrowded niche and too competitive to succeed. But, when you choose a micro niche topic in the technology trends niche, you can succeed for sure.

If you finalise your decision with a technology blog, before getting started into any blog creation process, ensure to decide what type of technology blog you are going to start. 

There are common types such as technology news, reviews and tutorials.

  • Choose one type of blog
  • Then start the micro niche selection process
  • And then under the technology niche type, you have chosen

Technology news and reviews blog niche works better. People would love reading technology news.

So, you can gather some interesting and happening technology news, and write it down in your blog to attract audiences.

Google Adsense is the best monetization method for technology trends niche blogs. You can even add affiliate products and generate sales to earn money.

9. Recipes & Food Blogging

food blogging

Not just women who show interest in reading recipes but after the pandemic hits, many men in India started reading different recipes as they got a hell lot of free time and many of the men got into recipe reading as their hobby thereafter.

The recipe niche blogs as well as Youtube channels started performing well during the pandemic and afterwards.

So, if you start a recipe and food blog even in 2024 in India, you can earn good revenue from the blog as it is one of the evergreen blog niches.

There is a popular study by RankIQ that compared with any niche, food niche blogs are good scope to make money blogging.

Whatever the niche you choose, your interest is the key to pushing yourself to work consistently.

Thus, if you are interested and well-experienced in offering recipes to your audience, go for a food and recipes blog in India.

Food And Recipes Micro Niche Blogging Ideas

One of my personal micro niche suggestions in the Food and Recipe niche is that you choose regional cuisine as your micro niche and start writing the best cuisines in different parts of India.

If you take Tamil Nadu, most people, in general, would love to eat idli and dosa for breakfast. The practice is different in Kerala, as the people of Kerala eat puttu mostly for their breakfast. 

So, you can research the best breakfast, lunch or dinner for different states and write on your food blog.

Another best food and recipe micro niche idea is that you can offer healthy juice recipes for different health conditions. 

In this way, you are not just writing recipes but also your audience may get health benefits from your blog. 

This kind of idea will get more social media shares to your blog posts and you gain some targeted traffic.

10. Parenting

parenting blog

The last name in the blogging niche ideas in India is Parenting.

If you love being a parent and would be keen to offer your parenting tips to other moms and dads out there in India, starting a blog in the parenting niche is a great idea in 2024 and beyond.

This is an evergreen blogging niche idea that many moms are already doing in India and earning some revenue by offering different parenting advice from their blogs.

Baby care is one of the popular parenting micro niche blogging ideas, where you can offer tips to Indian mothers on:

  • How to take care of their babies during different seasons
  • What diapering products are good for newborn babies
  • The best skin-friendly outfits for newborns
  • And lots more ideas

In short, the ideas are limitless for parenting blogging in India.

Check Few More Parenting Micro Niche Blogging Ideas

  • You can write about the lifestyle of a working mom
  • Post-pregnancy exercise for a stress-free life
  • Breast-feeding
  • Twin babies
  • Must-have baby products
  • Different styles of parenting
  • How to grow up your kids as better human beings
  • Fatherhood

There are even more to list, but these are some most searched key phrases.

So, if you start a blog in 2024 with any of these parenting micro niche topics, you have a bright future as a parenting blogger in India.

2 Easy Steps To Choose A Most Profitable Blog Niche

Here I am sharing a few easy steps to choosing the most profitable blog niche.

👉 Passion for your niche is one of the most important factors when it comes to selecting a niche for your blog to stay consistent in your blogging journey. So, choose a niche according to your field of interest.

👉 Should be profitable and at the same time, you must be aware that the blogging niche you choose according to your passion should be profitable.

If there is no sign of profits in your niche, then there is no interest in the continuation and all the work and time you put together for your blog becomes no use.

Bonus: Is My Blog Niche Profitable Or Not?

To know whether the blog niche you chose is profitable or not, search for affiliate programs related to your niche and look for the commission structure.

If the commission structure seems better, you can go for the niche and start working on it. Some niche product affiliate commissions are not good enough to survive.

Another most considered yet easy method is to check for your competitor’s monetization strategies and how they are earning.

You can use SEO tools such as SEMRush and Ahrefs to know your competitors and their approximate earnings through affiliate marketing.

If they are earning well in the niche, you too can earn well.

And they are getting good traffic but their earnings seem low, possibly the niche may not have to earn potential and you may look for some other profitable niche.

💡 Here is a golden tip for you from my personal experience, do not hesitate to spend time finding the best profitable niche for your blog.

The more time and process you involve yourself in niche selection help you become a successful blogger in India.

In the last, just want to say, “Don’t just blindly choose any blogging niche by simply following other bloggers“.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is a particular topic you choose for your blog and write content around the topic to make your blog termed a niche-oriented blog rather than a multi-niche blog.

A blog developed with a single niche works better than a blog with content on multiple topics.

For example, if you choose to write only about SEO in your blog, then SEO is the niche of your blog.

Which is the best niche for blogging in India?

All the above listed 10 blogging niche ideas in the post are actually the best in India.

But, if you ask only a few best from the list, I would say health & fitness, blogging, making money online and travel are the best among the top 10.

How to choose a profitable blogging niche?

Take a list of a few blogs that already existed in the niche of your choice, and ensure to check whether the blogs are earning well or not. If well, it’s a profitable niche and you can too start in the same niche.

How to start a niche blog?

There is no special process to start a niche blog in India.

The process is the same as starting a blog or creating a free website. But, before all the processes like registering a domain, web hosting, WordPress installation and similar process, you have to be ready with niche ideas.

Final Thoughts On Choosing The Best Blogging Niche Ideas 2024

As stated many times in the above post, niche selection for your blog is one process that you cannot skip. 

If you skip and start a blog in India without any idea of what you are blogging about, there is no use in starting. So, before anything, ensure to finalize your blog niche and then start a blog.

Niche is good but the micro niche is an even better idea. So, choose your niche first and explore various micro niche that meets your passion and of course, a profitable one.

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