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In-depth GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework (StudioPress) compared. Check out our honest comparison to find the best WordPress theme for you based on:

Best features
Pros. & cons.
Plans and pricing
User experience etc.
generatepress vs genesis
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This is a detailed GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework (StudioPress) comparison (updated for May 2024).

In this tutorial, I will compare both of these themes on the basis of:

  • My experience
  • Top-notch features
  • Pros and cons
  • Plans & pricing
  • Theme customization
  • Lots moreā€¦

If you need help choosing between Genesis Framework and GeneratePress theme, then this is the right page to learn everything in this battle for two reasons:

First, I have tried both themes for years.

Second, this tutorial has covered everything thing you need to make the right decision.

Short on time? Hereā€™s a brief summary of what we found after our hands-on analysis of both GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework themes:

šŸ† Our Pick: GeneratePress. The GeneratePress theme comes with unlimited customization features, which are actually strongly required for starting a professional WordPress blog.

šŸ„ˆ Runner-up: Genesis. Genesis theme is has been buzzed due to the dedicated SEO options it provided. The Genesis theme is the product of StudioPress, required a child theme to work on WordPress.

Note: This comparison is based on Genesis Framework + Child Theme and GeneratePress Premium (GP Premium).

My Story With GeneratePress and StudioPress Genesis Themes

This section describes how I have been with GeneratePress and Genesis Framework.
Let’s start with my story.

I had started my blogging journey in February 2016. I still remember Newspaper X was the first theme on my WordPress blog.

newspaper vs generatepress vs genesis

Those days Newspaper X has not had much flexibility and features that I was looking for. So, I decided to move to StudioPress theme.

I took Genesis Framework + Authority Pro child theme. After using it almost for 2 years, I found it’s incredible, value the money, but lack features for website designing.

Then, in December 2018, I came to know about GeneratePress theme. I read some reviews and found them interesting.

I was looking for a good deal. The GeneratePress Black Friday sale was ended already (bad news for me).

But I was lucky as they were running a 15% off new year deal. Immediately, I grabbed it and saved about $7.5.

Recently, I have renewed my GP Premium license key during 2023‘s Black Friday sale.

Here’s my purchase details’ screenshot.

generatepress payments

Note: GeneratePress theme is 100% free, and its paid version is technically a WordPress plugin called GP Premium. That’s why I had mentioned this name earlier.

This is my story about these popular WordPress themes.

Conclusion: Whether you are a newbie or an expert, Genesis Framework and GeneratePress wouldn’t let you down even you don’t know how to design a WordPress website.

There are tons of positive reviews of these both reliable products, but the question is which one you should go for in 2024?

Is GeneratePress same asĀ Genesis not, and which one you should go for in 2024?

This is what I am going to conclude in this GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework comparison. I will also upload real Reddit screenshots to add more value to this guide.

Let’s get started.

GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework (StudioPress)

There are millions of WordPress themes are available in the market. But GeneratePress and Genesis Framework are the two best names known for their flexibility, speed, performance, and user reviews.

Both themes are developed by taking SEO (search engine optimization) and loading speed into consideration.

Before I start the comparison on GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework tutorial, let me show you some amazing factors based on my own research and experience.

After, we will proceed to both themes’ features, pros, cons to make the decision easier.

Genesis Framework vs GeneratePress Basis On Keyword Research

When I compared both themes using Google Trends, I was shocked to see the results.
This is the screenshot of the last 12 months Google searches.

generatepress vs genesis framework google trends

And the screenshot for this GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework comparison shows you how GeneratePress has been a game-changer product in the last 5 years.

genesis framework vs generatepress google trends

If there wasĀ a (Google) popularity contest, then this GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework comparison would be over quickly.

Because GeneratePress is way more popular searched for on Google than Genesis Framework or StudioPress.

Also, keyword research tools, such as SEMrush and Ahrefs, reveal that GeneratePress has almost double to triple times more Google searches than Genesis Framework.

Here’s the recent screenshot (SEMrush) of GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework keyword research results.

generatepress vs genesis framework semrush

Similarly, Ahrefs also indicate GeneratePress beats StudioPress themes based on search demand.

generatepress vs genesis framework ahrefs

Even, I also found the same results inside Google Keyword Planner dashboard.

generatepress vs genesis framework keyword planner

Winner: GeneratePress – You can see, GeneratePress (GP Premium) has earned more searches on the top keyword research tools.Ā So, this themeĀ is the winner here.

Let’s start this GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework comparison by looking at its introduction, features, pros, cons, pricing, and lots more.

Introducing Genesis Framework & GeneratePress Theme

In this section, I will introduce you to both of these essential theme reviews.

What is Genesis Framework?

genesis framework

Genesis is a paid framework that works with StudioPress child themes.

It offers Gutenberg-ready world-class themes built with Genesis Framework + Child themes, making your WordPress site faster, speedy, secure, and more SEO-friendly.

There are over 260,000 happy customers and 600,000+ WordPress sites powered by the Genesis Framework.

You might be thinking, what is Genesis Framework and Child Theme?

If so, let’s understand…


A theme framework is a secured WordPress theme that acts like a platform on which your WordPress website can be created.

The Genesis Framework integrates all of the SEO factors, security, speed & performance features that must be needed inside a WordPress website.

Child Theme

A child theme is a layer of coding that places Genesis Framework at the top and is comprised mainly of the design elements of your site.

But you can extend and modify the functionality of the Genesis Framework’s default functions.
In simple line, Genesis itself a Parent Theme, and you’ll need a child theme with the parent theme to use it on your WordPress site.

It means you need to buy Genesis Framework and a StudioPress child theme both unless it wouldn’t work.

Let’s explain how it works…

Imagine, when you make changes to your site’s menu area, background, font style, colour, etc. You can do it in two ways by editing your function.php file or child theme’s stylesheet (style.css file).

This means, the time Genesis Framework or child theme update comes, you will not worry about losing the customization you made to design your blog as everything is stored separately.

What is GeneratePress?


GeneratePress is another popular freemium WordPress theme created by Tom Usborne. He is a developer from Canada.

It has currentlyĀ 3,800,000+ downloads, and 1000+ 5-star ratings with 90,000 happy customers.
ThisĀ means Tom is obviously doing something great here.


His main aim behind building this theme is to focus on speed and usability, keeping theme file size lightweight that can tackle any WordPress website, no matter what web hosting you are using.

This theme has two variants, the first one is free and the other premium version that extends the theme by adding more options.

It helps to build your website more attractive and mobile-friendly, especially when you don’t even have little knowledge about coding.

GeneratePress vs GenesisĀ Features Compared

This section describes what type of features are offered by GeneratePress and Genesis Framework.

Genesis Framework Features

Below are some most benefits of choosing Genesis Framework theme in 2024.

Theme Options: The ultimate addon options and editing functions for managing your site with just a few clicks.

Custom Page: Templates Pre-made templates library for making your website more attractive within seconds.

Theme Customizer: While using a customizer, there are dozens of theme settings, content, colour change options having a real-time preview system.

Content Widgets: It is developed as an editable feature post, pages, and user profile widgets that best fit your WordPress site.

Customizable Header: Easy-to-use editing section for setting up a header logo containing text-based options.

Mobile Responsive: The whole theme was developed considering mobile responsiveness. It means your site will be optimized correctly for all devices and any screen mobiles.

GeneratePress Theme Features

As we discussed already, GeneratePress is a freemium WordPress theme. So means you can either use it for free or go for the premium version.

Alone free version has many features such as modifying the header logo, primary navigation, sidebars, containers, footers, and custom CSS using live customizer.

But when you go with the paid version, features turn into a never-ending system. It enables all the customization functions of the website.

Below are some popular GP Premium modules:

Site Library: You can import demo sites in 3 clicks, and it gives you a perfect design for your next project.

Colours: Easily can manage colour schemes for any aspect of the theme and website.

Typography: It is integrated with thousands of Google fonts and swipe font sizing, font-weight functionality for desktops, tablets, and mobile readers.

Menu Plus: Sticky menu functionality (fade, slide or no transition), menu logo, and slide-out menu sections.

Page Header: Add a basic logo image or a complex content page header with full screen, parallax, and other fresh options in seconds.

Blog: Display blog posts in columns, grid-style, or masonry. Post feature image size, alignment, and much more. Backgrounds Control the background image to various areas of other sites.

Spacing: Easy control system to maintain proper spaces on website header, content, widgets, menu items, sidebar width etc.

Secondary Nav: It allows you to add secondary navigation with all the similar options as your primary navigation can do.

Copyright: Add/delete/edit copyright messages at the bottom of your website without coding.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce store integration has new typography, colour, layout, and other premium options.

Sections: The section is used to divide website pages and posts into sections.

Disable Elements: Don’t like any part of the site such as the header, navigation, content title, and footer, and quickly remove with disabling elements.

Hooks: With the help of Hooks, you can add new layouts content throughout various areas in the theme.

Import/export: Easily export and import your settings from one to another WordPress site within a minute.

Winner: GeneratePress – As you can see, GeneratePress (GP Premium) has been fulfilled with mind-blowing features compared to StudioPress Genesis Framework. So, GP is the winner in features comparison.

Genesis Framework vs GeneratePress’s Pros. And Cons.

This section is all about teaching you the pros. & cons. of using GeneratePress and Genesis Framework.

Let’s dive in.

Genesis Framework Pros.

  • Lifetime usage
  • Respectable performance
  • Lifetime payment option available
  • SEO compatibility
  • Advanced layout options
  • Design and customizing options
  • Unlimited lifetime support & updates

Genesis Framework Cons.

  • No advanced customization
  • A bit expensive

GeneratePress Pros.

  • Unlimited websites allowed
  • 40% renewal discount for life
  • Child theme supported
  • Mobile responsive & SEO-friendly
  • 100% secured & stable
  • Extremely fast and lightweight
  • Unlimited plugin updates & support
  • Full access to the site library
  • Compatible with all WordPress plugins
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime payment option available

GeneratePress Cons.

  • No drawback founded

Winner: Genesis Framework – When it comes to pricing, a customer loves to take a product having a one-time payment option at a lower cost.Ā That’s why, in the pricing comparison, Genesis Framework wins the game.

Customization And Performance

Including customization and performance sections is an essential part of GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework tutorial.

This will help you to understand how fast these themes are and how you can play with these themes’ features.


StudioPress and GeneratePress are built considering the best speed and performance. Below is the loading speed test is taken via Pingdom tool.

generatepress speed test

Note: I had installed both themes on different WordPress applications using Bluehost Basic Plan hosting service.

As you can see, both themes loading speed is not bad at all, but GeneratePress can do it faster.

Winner: GeneratePress – Most of the well-optimized WordPress themes are still 250kb to 1MB. But with GP Premium plugin, GeneratePress entire theme size 30kb. As it mainly focuses on excellent performance and no code dependencies.


Both themes are primarily known for mobile responsiveness, light size, secured, and SEO friendly. But when it’s come to customization options, Genesis theme has a lack of customizing features.

Perhaps you can add more features with the help of several free plugins, such as:

  • Genesis Simple Edits
  • Genesis Simple Hooks
  • Genesis Custom Footers
  • Genesis Responsive Menu
  • Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

Attention: More plugins means more loading time. As a professional WordPress user, I don’t recommend you to use too many plugins.

On the other side, inside GeneratePress paid theme, you get tons of customization options. You can also disable theme the ones that you don’t use (A million thanks for creating this creative modular design).

As you can see in the above screenshot, I have disabled the features that don’t need, such as Spacing, Elements, Background, and WooCommerce.

This means GeneratePress wouldn’t load these addons or scripts, and my site will load even most fast.

Winner: GeneratePress – Obviously, I put GeneratePress at the top of customizing a WordPress website because it has inbuilt editing functions that you can’t get without installing extra plugins using Genesis Framework.

Pricing and Plans: GeneratePress vs Genesis

In terms of plans pricing and renewal cost, both themes have their own business model.

Let’s discuss…

Genesis Framework (StudioPress) Pricing

The Genesis Framework + Child Theme cost is a bit costly (starting from $360/year) because you will need a Framework & child theme.

genesis framework pricing

The cost is a one-time payment along with lifetime updates, unlimited website licenses, and support. But you will need a coding-free designer (Design Pallete Pro) for Genesis, which will cost you $49/year.

StudioPress also offers Pro-Plus Package at oneā€“time payment of $499.95. In this package, you will also get unlimited support, updates, and licenses for a lifetime.

Genesis Cost With WP Engine Hosting

WP Engine is yet another all-in-one WordPress hosting solution for beginners and entrepreneurs.

It offers free 10% off on monthly basis plans starting at $35 monthly and 3 months off when you prepay for a year (see here). This includes:

  • Genesis Framework
  • 35+ StudioPress Themes
  • 7.2 PHP Ready
  • Premium SSL Certificates
  • 24/7 chat support

If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting with high security, choosing WP Engine is the best decision.

GeneratePress Theme Pricing

GeneratePress is a free theme, and its paid version (GP Premium) costs $59/year (see my review on GP Premium pricing) for the first year, then a 40% renewal discount for life.

generatepress pricing

It allows you to use this theme + plugin on unlimited websites, either yours or clients. Plus, you will get 24/7 days of unlimited support from the experts.

Winner: GeneratePressĀ – When it comes to pricing, a customer love to take a product having a one-time payment option. That’s why, in this section, GeneratePressĀ wins the battle.

Money-Back Guarantee

Both themes offer 30 days refund policy. It means you can cancel your subscription from both sides within 30 days of the purchase date and get a full refund.

The money will proceed instantly and be credited into your bank account within 5 working days.Ā Remember, you can’t ask for a refund after 30 days of the purchase date on both products.

Winner: Both – Both themes have a similar refund policy and terms. So, there’s no actual winner or loser in such a situation.

Reddit Reviews On GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework

I know it depends but, I want to share real Reddit proof to improve your knowledge, of what users say about these themes.

generatepress vs genesis reddit

Winner: GeneratePress – As you have seen in Reddit screenshot, most users recommend GeneratePress over Genesis theme. It proves GeneratePress is the actual winner here.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some most asked questions related to GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework comparison.

Is GeneratePress same as Genesis?

Not really. GeneratePress is not just same as Genesis Framework by StudioPress but a far better WordPress theme in the market. Even I use this theme on WP Blogging 101 too.

Genesis vs GeneratePress: Which should I choose as a beginner?

Obviously GeneratePress. The GeneratePress is the most budget-friendly WordPress theme starting with just $59/year only. I am using it since January 2019 and never thought to replace it even once yet.

Do GeneratePress and Genesis Framework offer money-back guarantees?

Yes, GeneratePress and Genesis by StudioPress do offer 30 day money-back guarantees.

Genesis Framework vs GeneratePress Theme: The Winner Is

I hope you already know which one is good for your site with the help of this comparison. But if you had to make me pick ONE theme, I’d have to go with GeneratePress.

Because it is a lightweight, easy-to-use theme, having a well-priced and rock-solid choice for you for building powerful WordPress sites.

Besides, the developer offers a free version for a lifetime, which can help you analyze whether you should go for its premium plan.

Get GeneratePress Theme

In the last, I would love to know what are your reviews when it comes to GeneratePress vs Genesis Framework battle?

Is my recommendation good, bad, or something in between?

Kindly let me your thoughts and opinions via the comments section below.

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